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Camera repair
Any cracks and splinters on the camera can lead to unpleasant consequences. If a part hits the lens, the camera will stop focusing and the photo quality will deteriorate significantly.
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Solving problems with the Internet and network
Don't worry if your internet connection doesn't work or your smartphone doesn't see the sim card-we'll fix it!
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Diagnostics and repair of internal iPhone breakdowns
ICOOLA specialists are ready to perform repairs of varying complexity. We are ready to take on even the most difficult cases.
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Repair iPhones that do not turn on
It is difficult to find out the cause of such a fault yourself, and the lack of certain skills and knowledge can completely damage the device.
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Battery recovery
Is the iPhone draining fast? It's time to replace your battery with a new one at ICOOLA.
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Repair of sunken iPhones
IPhone is safe to clean only with special equipment. If you contact the service in time - the probability of a successful recovery without damaging important components of the smartphone - is quite high.
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Repair of broken screens
Cracks on the screen are a direct path of moisture inside. Contact with water cannot be avoided. Moisture is even in the air. Through the microcracks, it begins to seep inside and gets into important parts that can cause more serious damage.
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Repair of cases
Appearance damage is not the only problem that a user may face after hitting the phone. In addition, internal components and the system may fail.
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Most popular types of breakdowns

You can choose to break your iPhone by reading the cost and detailed information about it, or use the quick form right now

Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max 64GB Gold
₴ 22899 ₴ 25447
Apple iPhone 7 256GB Rose Gold
₴ 5499 ₴ 6099
Apple iPhone X 256GB Space Gray
₴ 11299 ₴ 12197
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You take your smartphone and get a 1-year warranty on the repaired part


The mission of our company is the most effective contribution to nature conservation.

Therefore, we are engaged in the repair and restoration of Apple equipment, which allows us to provide a chance to reuse smartphones that should have been thrown away. We remove several kilograms of electrical waste from nature every day.

We are also committed to planting one tree for each phone you buy from us.

Thanks to you, we planted
4185 trees
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The planet was saved from
tons of garbage
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Why buy a used iPhone only at ICOOLA?

ICOOLA is a leading company for the sale and repair of original iPhones. We have been working in the market for more than 6 years and during this time we have become one of the best Apple service centers in Ukraine. Our company has more than 30 leading specialists who are able to manage any task of repairing iPhones in the shortest possible time. Excellent service, the highest quality products and specialists who think in the first place about clients!

What products can i buy in the online store ICOOLA?

In our online store, you can buy any used or refurbished iPhone models!

What is the warranty on the purchased iPhone?

Yes, for every used Apple iPhone you buy, you get a 12-month free warranty!

What benefits will you get by contacting ICOOLA?

By contacting us, you will receive high-quality Apple iPhone repair services with a one-year warranty for replaced parts. Plus, you can get any iPhone model in perfect condition. Fast delivery, low prices, and high quality are what make us the best.

What are the opening hours and where is our service located?

We are located in Lviv at 25 Kotsyubynskogo Street. Our service center and store are open from 10:00 to 19:00 from Monday to Friday (Saturday-Sunday by phone). You can contact us by phone at 063-626-11-94 or visit the indicated address at any convenient time.

What types of breakdowns can we repair?

We are capable of repairing even a hopeless device, from the iPhone 5s to the latest Apple gadgets!