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Why is it worth buying an iPhone used in Lviv in the Apple store - ICOOLA?

Friends, today, we want to tell you that buying an iPhone used is much better than buying a new Apple smartphone. The acquisition of a new gadget of the well-known Californian brand Apple can significantly hit the pocket of anyone who appreciates high-tech mobile devices. If you do not have significant financial resources, and you still really want to get the coveted smartphone, you should buy a second-hand iPhone in our Apple store, which is located in Lviv, on 25 Kotsyubinsky Street.

Our eco-friendly company ICOOLA has a large selection of affordable and high quality original used iPhones. We offer only devices, the technical condition of which has been confirmed by our experts, and the perfection of which is simply at its best. In addition, if you choose us to buy a smartphone, we are guaranteed to plant 1 tree for each unit of Apple technology sold.

The benefits that you get if you decide to buy an iPhone used in Lviv?

To buy a used iPhone seems to many to be a good idea, mainly due to its significantly lower cost. Indeed, the savings are sometimes up to 40% of the price of a brand new device. However, the price is far from the only reason to buy a used iPhone in Lviv. This solution has a number of other advantages that not everyone knows about.

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How to buy an iPhone from ICOOLA?

Everything is very simple. To buy a second-hand iPhone in our company, you should choose the most convenient method of purchase:

  • Call 0-800-602-250;
  • Make an order on the site, specifying your details, and wait for a call back from our manager;
  • Come in person to our Apple store in Lviv, at 25 Kotsyubynskoho Street;
  • Contact us at INSTAGRAM, Viber or Telegram.
Is there a warranty on iPhones?

Of course, all equipment you purchase from ICOOLA is covered by a 1-year warranty. Moreover, even if you have applied for repairs and we have replaced some of the spare parts, we will provide a warranty for this part for a period of 1 year!

How quickly will you receive your iPhone after purchase?

As soon as you have placed an order on our website, our courier will be sent to the post office at the same time so that you can receive your iPhone as soon as possible. Note that you can personally track where your parcel is located by the Nova Poshta invoice number!

Is this a completely original iPhone?

Of course, Apple equipment sold at ICOOLA has been restored exclusively with original spare parts!

Is it possible to return the smartphone after purchase?

Friends, every gadget that is recovered in ICOOLA goes through three levels of testing, so if you bought and received a perfectly working gadget that meets all the ordered criteria, unfortunately to return it back, for the reason "because I changed my mind" will not work. Every day we strive to create the perfect brand and perfect quality, so we want the same attitude of the client to us. Thank you for understanding...

And what about the configuration?

The complete set at us is the following:

  1. Warranty card for 1 year;
  2. Actually the smartphone itself;
  3. USB cable and charging unit;
  4. Ecophone box (branded box from ICOOLA);
  5. Insert with a mission.
Is ICOOLA really planting a tree for a sold iPhone?

Yes, our company is committed to planting a tree for every iPhone sold, as we are directly involved in the environment by restoring electronics.