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 Price for iPhone 11 in Ukraine: for how much can you buy a smartphone?

iPhone 11 is not a cheap smartphone. The new device appeared last year. Although it belongs to the budget line of the iPhone, there are many technical innovations. It is not much inferior to the flagship iPhone 11 Pro. So don't let the word budget scare you, the price of the iPhone 11 will not be affordable for everyone. The most advantageous offers exceed UAH 20,000. The high cost stops our compatriots from buying a novelty. If you do not have enough money to buy a new model, a reasonable decision would be to buy an iPhone 11 in the used version at a much lower price. Although the phone was in use, it can not be called worn. The maximum term is one year. Most likely, you will be offered a phone that was sold six months ago. He will be able to enjoy the perfect job for a very long time.

Why do people sell brand-new iPhones? Everyone has different reasons: one did not like the model, another - gave a new phone, the third bought an iPhone 11 Pro, the fourth just needs money. Is there a chance that the owner wants to get rid of the defective phone? Yes, such a possibility exists when buying through OLX, but not in our online store. Why? When we are offered an old phone, we conduct a full test. All defects and breakdowns are revealed. Faults are rectified. A worn-out battery is replaced with a new one.

As a result, we get a phone that is not inferior in its characteristics to what is sold in the store, but it is cheaper. The warranty we provide at the time of purchase is the best confirmation of this. As you can see, buying a cheap iPhone 11 in 64 GB, 128 GB, or 256 GB memory options is in perfect condition easily. It is enough to address in our shop.   

Buy iPhone 11: are its properties worth the price?

Buying an iPhone 11 is a good decision. Despite the fact that many technical innovations have been implemented here, such as a new processor, camera unit, it belongs to the budget line from Apple. So the amount that the sellers want for him is quite adequate.

Judge for yourself. We see before us a classic iPhone design. The buyer can choose one of six colors. In addition to the classic black and white, there are red, yellow, green, and purple. We recommend buying strict colors for those who go to work in a classic suit, we recommend bright, cheerful to everyone else. The phone is probably the best processor in the world - Apple A13 Bionic with a frequency of 2.65 GHz. And this is on the budget version! The eleventh iPhone will pull even the most difficult games. He will cope with any task. The battery has 3110 mAh, which is enough for a day or two of work, depending on the intensity of the load.

Two cameras take clear and bright pictures, one of which has an ultra-wide lens with an aperture of f / 2.3. The matrix, together with the operating system, is also responsible for the quality of the photo. You can not ignore the shortcomings. This is not so much a trick as slander from Apple. Maybe this is due to the fact that the phone belongs to the budget line? This means no OLED display and fast charging. The phone is definitely worth the money requested by the manufacturer.

Comparison of iPhone 11 with previous versions of smartphones from Apple

There are no significant changes in the design. The frame and inserts remained familiar. The most noticeable change is the dual camera unit. They are combined into a single unit that protrudes on the back. The texture of the panel has also changed. We got used to the matte surface of the iPhone, now we see a luxurious gloss.

Another noticeable change is the logo sign. If before it was at the top of the panel, now it has moved to the center. The iPhone 11 has a new, more powerful A13 processor. Tests have shown that it is much faster than its predecessor, A12, in terms of information processing speed. The amount of RAM has increased from 3 GB, in predecessors, to 4 GB. An interesting novelty was the U1 unit, which is used for navigation. It focuses on other devices. Wireless interfaces have also been updated. The amount of internal memory is available to users in versions, 64, 128, and 256 GB. As in previous models, there is no additional memory slot.

The new line has additional colors: green and purple. The manufacturers claim that the smartphone has stronger glass, improved dust, and moisture protection properties. The phone can be in the water for up to half an hour at a depth of two meters. Previous models could be immersed for a short time, the depth should not exceed one meter. We do not recommend conducting experiments. The manufacturer's warranty does not cover water ingress.

The phone got better cameras. In addition to the 12-megapixel wide-angle camera, there is another 12-megapixel ultra-wide-angle. The camera can take beautiful panoramic shots. 2 cameras 11 of the iPhone allow you to get quality pictures during the day. At night, the quality is a little worse, but the difference will be noticeable only to professional photographers.

In the new phone, the display remains the same, there are no special changes. The Face ID screen unlock system started working 30 percent faster. The manufacturer claims that the viewing angles have become larger, although visually it is invisible. The battery capacity has also increased. The iPhone 11 began to work one hour longer than its predecessors. Among other differences, we note the appearance of a high-speed modem and stereo speakers. As you can see, the changes are not so small. These are a new, more powerful processor, dual camera unit, improved protection, stereo sound, a new shooting mode at night, and much more.

Gadget settings: camera, battery, functionality

One of the most impressive innovations was the camera. Here are two of them. Both at 12 MP. One ordinary, the other ultra-wide. This is the main highlight of the gadget, because of the price of the iPhone 11 in Ukraine for fans does not matter, they are willing to pay any amount for such a device. The ultra-wide-angle camera is designed to capture panoramic landscapes. The quality of photos and videos is excellent. Apple, as always, at the height. Switching between cameras is almost imperceptible, in this regard, Apple is ahead of almost all competitors.

The front camera is now also taking up more space. Finally, she learned to shoot video in 4K format. Another innovation is the slow-motion mode. iPhone 11 has received night shooting mode. It takes great pictures in low light, small details appear, the image becomes juicy, rich. Unfortunately, the ultra-wide-angle camera has not learned to take good pictures in poor lighting.

Improved in 11 versions of the smartphone from Apple and the battery. She began to work for an hour longer. Although, don't worry too much. The charge is enough for two days, provided moderate use. During active operation, the charge will be enough for the day, in the evening you will have to put the smartphone to recharge. Tests show that in video viewing mode, the charge is enough for 17 hours.

The phone received a classic iPhone design. There are still quite thick frames on the edges of the screen, which look clearly outdated. The brightness remains the same, it is enough to clearly see the image on the screen, even on the sunniest day.

The lack of an OLED display is controversial. Some people think that the lack of OLED in phones of this level is a serious omission, some do not see much difference. We believe that ultra-clearness is not mandatory at all. The display on the iPhone 11 is quite enough to comfortably use the features. For the average user who does not have the experienced eye of a graphic designer, the difference is almost imperceptible. The only thing missing here is the normal HDR. But this is not a global claim.

The new model has become a little lighter, by 14 grams. Many like the size of the display, 6.1 inches. This is a compromise between a compact 5.8 and a 6.5-inch "shovel". In general, the phone looks balanced, comfortable in the hand. The eleventh model implements a long press system. If you had an iPhone before, you'll have to suffer until you get used to it.

The way of editing the text has also changed. If earlier, to make adjustments to the text, you could press anywhere on the keyboard, now you have to move the slider, it's not very convenient. To remove the message, it used to be enough to move it down, now it should be clamped for a second, and then removed. So some users find the new control system not very convenient. iPhone 11 is the latest phone in the budget line of Apple smartphones. It is impossible to say that there are a lot of technical innovations, but there are certainly interesting solutions, so the iPhone 11 is available at a price that is quite high, but its characteristics fully justify their cost.

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Are there used iPhones 11 in Icoola?

IPhones 11 are available for sale in the online store Icoola.

In what colors is the iPhone 11 available?

The iPhone 11 is available in white, black, yellow, red, light purple and mint. 

What is the autonomy of the iPhone 11?

Standby time 360 ​​hours.

Working Time When Playing Music 65 hours.

Working Time When Playing Video 17 hours.

Where can I buy an iPhone 11?

You can buy an iPhone 11 in the Icoola online store.

What is the warranty in Icoola on the iPhone 11?

In the online store Aikula warranty for iPhone 11 one year

Why is the refurbished iPhone 11 so popular?

Note that one of the best smartphones today is - refurbished iPhone 11. It is this model that combines unique features and is more affordable, if you compare this series with its more powerful counterparts (11 Pro, 11 Pro Max). In addition, the trend of recovery is gaining popularity, as corporations have begun to think about the impact of new smartphones on the environment and are increasingly paying attention to the restoration of the old, rather than creating a new one.