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Used mobile phone Apple iPhone 11 Pro

 iPhone 11 Pro: buy a used smartphone in ICOOLA

Many users dream of buying an iPhone 11 Pro, but its cost is as high as the quality of Apple smartphones. To become the owner of the original iPhone, it is not necessary to save money for years to buy a gadget. You can simply buy a used iPhone 11 Pro.  

This practice is widespread around the world: using a smartphone for six months, a year or two, users change old devices to new ones. After all, fashion is changing rapidly, and years-tested iPhones from past lines continue to work, maintaining optimal performance for several years. The ICOOLA company offers to buy at a reasonable price in Ukraine second-hand iPhone 11 Pro. We have the most favorable terms of cooperation and a wide range of Apple models.

What are the iPhone 11 Pro chips?

iPhone 11 Pro is a revolutionary model with a built-in triple camera and night mode. First, the smartphone is valued for the fact that it received a wide-angle lens that can shoot with a viewing angle - 180 degrees.

How much memory is on the iPhone 11 Pro?

The following capacities of 64, 128, 256, 512 GB are available

What is the price of the iPhone 11 Pro?

Prices for the iPhone 11 Pro start from UAH 24,253

Where can I buy a used iPhone 11 Pro?

IPhones 11 Pro are available for sale in the online store Icoola.  

What is the warranty in Icoola on the iPhone 11 Pro?

The Icoola online store has a 1-year warranty on the iPhone 11 Pro