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 iPhone 11 Pro: buy a used smartphone in ICOOLA

Many users dream of buying an iPhone 11 Pro, but its cost is as high as the quality of Apple smartphones. To become the owner of the original iPhone, it is not necessary to save money for years to buy a gadget. You can simply buy a used iPhone 11 Pro.  

This practice is widespread around the world: using a smartphone for six months, a year or two, users change old devices to new ones. After all, fashion is changing rapidly, and years-tested iPhones from past lines continue to work, maintaining optimal performance for several years. The ICOOLA company offers to buy at a reasonable price in Ukraine second-hand iPhone 11 Pro. We have the most favorable terms of cooperation and a wide range of Apple models.

How to buy a used Apple iPhone 11 Pro mobile phone in ICOOLA?

Before buying a used iPhone, you need to think carefully about where and from whom to buy it. Otherwise, you can waste time and money. Deciding to buy a mobile device out of hand without a warranty on the operation, you can easily fall victim to scams. Therefore, the best solution is to use a proven and reliable option - to contact the services of ICOOLA. You can make a purchase from us in a way convenient for you:    

  • Visit our store in Lviv at 25 Kotsyubynskoho Street.
  • Place an order on the ICOOLA website, which presents a large catalog with different models - just select a smartphone and add it to the "Cart", or call our manager.

What is the price of a used iPhone 11 Pro smartphone in Ukraine?

Thanks to the ICOOLA store, all middle-income citizens of Ukraine have the opportunity to buy a used iPhone 11 Pro on favorable terms. We have the most reasonable prices for original devices from the famous brand. You can see for yourself by visiting the ICOOLA website, where each smartphone has specifications, descriptions, and prices. At the same time, we do not include a one-year warranty on the operation of the smartphone in the price, as we provide it to our customers absolutely free of charge. Also, the prices for used iPhone 11 Pro and other old smartphones are lower than our competitors.    

What are the parameters of the iPhone 11 Pro? Will the smartphone be relevant in the coming years? 

Model 11 Pro will not lose its relevance for a long time due to its characteristics:

  • An incredible 5.8-inch display called Super Retina XDR. Here is a traditional OLED, which has been upgraded: increased contrast and added support for HDR. This allows you to get beautiful and realistic images. Moreover, on the new screen, the images are not able to burn out even under the influence of direct UV rays, including at a wide refractive angle. Color rendering does not change and remains at a high-quality level;     
  • Best performance - The iPhone 11 Pro has such a powerful filling that not every device owner will have time to get acquainted with the full software of the gadget. But if your activity requires more visual content, then you will be able to appreciate all the beauty of a high-performance device. The 6-core A13 Bionic is the most powerful and productive microprocessor of its generation;  
  • Excellent autonomy - for a long time the main claim of fans of the "apple brand" to Apple gadgets was the autonomy of mobile devices. The 11 Pro managed to avoid rapid discharge of the battery and continue its operation, compared with previous modifications, at least for 1 hour. Tests have shown that the mobile device is able to withstand more than 48 hours of battery life when used in normal mode.  

The most powerful and ultra-modern microprocessor, the best camcorder on the market, unique stylish design, and a high level of autonomy - the main reasons why the 11 Pro model in the coming years will not lose its popularity. Even its minor flaws are likely to go unnoticed by most users. Therefore, do not miss the opportunity to buy at a fair price on the site ICOOLA used iPhone 11 Pro.  

The benefits you will get by buying an iPhone 11 Pro in ICOOLA

When you place an order to buy a used iPhone 11 Pro in the ICOOLA store, you get a lot of benefits, because we offer only original Apple mobile devices, equipped with all the components and accessories. Before implementation, all old smartphones are repeatedly tested and evaluated by professionals of our company. 

We sell fully prepared devices at a real cost. Using the services of ICOOLA, you get a guarantee: 

  • Qualities - our store sells old Apple smartphones in excellent condition, and we also provide a free warranty card for them, which is valid for 1 year;
  • The best price in Ukraine - in ICOOLA for the original genuine Apple mobile devices used, the lowest price in the country;
  • Prompt delivery with the help of Nova Poshta services (in Lviv you can pick up a smartphone yourself in the ICOOLA store);
  • Providing qualified advice on the characteristics of iPhones and their choice.

What makes the iPhone 11 Pro better than the iPhone XR?

The absolute regularity is the fact that the new iPhone model is always better than the previous one. Let's take a closer look at how much the iPhone 11 Pro has improved compared to the iPhone XR: 

  • The appearance of the model in the new glass - the manufacturer Apple in the release of 11 Pro used an innovative high-strength glass that covers the front and back of the mobile device. This allows the gadget to withstand strong shocks;
  • Expansion of color solutions - the new model is available in 6 colors. Apple has globally updated the palette, replacing coral and blue with options in green and purple. There are also 4 colors that were used in the release of the iPhone XR: red, white, deep black, and yellow. But, they got new shades - not as juicy as before.   
  • Improved protection against moisture - if the iPhone XR fully complied with IP67, the 11 Pro model is IP68 certified. Therefore, in the new device protection against moisture hit has reached a level much higher. That is, the mobile device is able to be at a depth of two meters for thirty minutes.  
  • Improved Face ID - Another innovation is the improved face scanner. This option works 30% faster than the previous one and is able to quickly recognize faces at an even greater angle. 
  • Better sound - the iPhone XR audio side is very good, but in the 11 Pro model, it is even better. This is ensured by the advent of Dolby Atmos. In addition, the Apple brand used Spatial Audio. It's a kind of surround sound, creating a certain field around the mobile device.     
  • The updated camcorder - one of the main features of the iPhone 11 Pro from the iPhone XR - is the emergence of a dual camera, and the previous model is equipped with one module. Here, the "apple manufacturer" has a new wide-angle camera, which allows for high-speed high-quality photo and video shooting. Also, the device has added effects when shooting portraits in the appropriate mode, plus there is an option to shoot at night and fast recording.   
  • Updated microprocessor - in 11 Pro instead of the A12 Bionic microprocessor is installed a more powerful and with an improved graphics accelerator A13 Bionic from Apple. It is twenty percent more efficient and productive, which opens up new features for users of the device. 
  • Improved Wi-Fi - the 11 Pro, unlike the XR, supports Wi-Fi 6, which is very fast.
  • Longer operating time - iPhone 11 Pro, unlike its predecessor iPhone XR, can work autonomously in normal mode for 1 hour longer. This is one of the main advantages of the model. 
  • The new model, unlike its predecessor, was equipped with a power supply for quick recharging of the mobile device.

In addition to improvements in the 11 Pro model, there are parameters that coincide with the characteristics of the XR. First of all, the two modifications have the same overall dimensions of the body and a fairly large weight. However, due to the change in the design of the cameras in the models, the same covers cannot be used on them. The screen has not changed in size and has a 5.8-inch diagonal. The True Tone option and the well-known LCD matrix are preserved. As in the XR, in the model 11 Pro memory is sold in 3 versions: 64, 256, and 512 GB.      

The features and parameters of the iPhone 11 Pro give users the freedom to be creative. The camera can create high-quality classic portrait photos, wide-angle panoramas, and photos with double magnification. Also, the gadget allows you to record videos in 4K60r format. When planning a frequent shooting, you should consider a model that has 512 GB of memory, and other tasks will cope well with 64 or 256 GB devices. On the ICOOLA website, you will find all modifications of the used iPhone 11 Pro in excellent condition and at the most democratic prices in Ukraine. Choose the color and amount of memory of your smartphone and explore its new features. If you have questions about the characteristics of iPhones or their cost, you can always ask them online or by phone to our consultants.

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What are the iPhone 11 Pro chips?

iPhone 11 Pro is a revolutionary model with a built-in triple camera and night mode. First, the smartphone is valued for the fact that it received a wide-angle lens that can shoot with a viewing angle - 180 degrees.

How much memory is on the iPhone 11 Pro?

The following capacities of 64, 128, 256, 512 GB are available

What is the price of the iPhone 11 Pro?

Prices for the iPhone 11 Pro start from UAH 24,253

Where can I buy a used iPhone 11 Pro?

IPhones 11 Pro are available for sale in the online store Icoola.