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Refurbished iPhone 11 Pro Max

 Pick the best used iPhone 11 Pro Max at ICOOLA

Many modern users are fans of smartphones of the world-famous Apple brand. But, unfortunately, not everyone has the opportunity to buy a new iPhone. There is only one way out of the situation - buy a used gadget from ICOOLA, for example, the iPhone 11 Pro Max. With us, you can save several hundred dollars and get a used Apple mobile device in excellent condition. In addition, we provide a 1-year warranty free of charge.

Used iPhone 11 Pro Max: specifications and features of the gadget

iPhone 11 Pro Max is the representative of the most powerful and advanced iPhones from Apple. In it, the "apple producer" has applied numerous complex technological innovations, useful for both professionals and ordinary users. The model is equipped with a unique system of 3 video cameras, which surpasses the previously created analogs in terms of technical characteristics. Thanks to this, users have access to ample opportunities for creativity and powerful options for editing photos and videos. The novelty received the brightest and most innovative screen - Super Retina XDR, and the model also differs:

  • High performance - the unrivaled speed of execution of a variety of tasks is ensured by equipping with the fast, state-of-the-art A13 Bionic microprocessor. The chipset has 20% higher computing and graphics performance compared to the previous A12, and it also allows you to reduce the power consumption of the device. The processor power and functionality smoothly reproduce the gaming graphics. Apple's A13 Bionic microprocessor sets new standards in energy efficiency and performance for mobile devices;
  • Long autonomous operating time - the rechargeable battery can freely withstand 1 day in autonomous mode and can be charged in just half an hour by 50%;
  • 6.5-inch display - On the iPhone 11 Pro Max, videos and games look true to life with rich colors and incredible blacks. At the same time, when viewing HDR content, the backlight brightness increases by one and a half times, which makes special effects look even more impressive;
  • Visual capabilities - the updated screen looks much better than previous models. Numerous testing of the gadget has proven that the maximum display brightness can reach 800 nits outdoors. It is worth buying a used iPhone 11 Pro Max from ICOOLA only for the reason that the screen has wide viewing angles, and it also supports a wide color gamut, fixes touch perception, and guarantees a high resolution;
  • Sound Features - Model owners get powerful stereo speakers, noise-canceling microphones, noise level control, and spatial sound distribution. iPhone 11 Pro Max is without exaggeration ideal for watching movies, listening to music tracks, and playing games with loud sound;
  • Triple rear 12MP video camera, where each sensor is dedicated to a specific task. The first one serves as the main one, the second one allows you to create wide-format shots, and the third one is tele- and photographic lens. Due to the application of such innovative technology in a mobile device, photographs are obtained in detail;
  • Equipped with the most reliable face authentication technology - Face ID, which is 30% faster in iPhone 11 Pro Max. Other feature enhancements include usability, long-range triggering, and wide-angle support;
  • Support for Gigabit Class LTE up to 1.6 Gbps and Wi-Fi 6, which provide the fastest possible download of content;
  • The ability to use two SIM cards simultaneously, which eliminates the need to use two mobile gadgets.
  • 11 Pro Max is the most uncompromising iPhone of 2019. An incredibly impressive body, huge OLED display, and simply amazing capabilities of a camcorder are combined with the high performance of Apple's innovative A13 Bionic microprocessor. All-new machine learning capabilities open up access to the rich functionality of App Store apps.
  • The body of the mobile device is protected by frosted glass, which is Apple's first experience with such a material. The frame is made of high-strength surgical steel with a special treatment, and the front part is covered with an innovative ultra-strong glass. Photos, videos, games, and apps look much more realistic and colorful on the huge display than on other Apple iPhones, and HDR content is certainly capable of causing a wow effect for every user.

Camcorder 11 Pro Max not only allows you to create masterpieces, but it is itself. The 4x zoom head unit allows you to capture high-quality photos, stunning portraits and spectacular landscapes, and the smartphone is perfect for recording high-quality sound movies.

What's in the box when buying an iPhone 11 Pro Max at ICOOLA?

While the previous flagship model is available in a wide variety of color options, the iPhone 11 Pro Max is made by Apple in a more familiar color palette for us. The apple brand offers a choice of devices in:

  1. dark;
  2. light;
  3. gold;
  4. new dark green color.

It was in the last color that the gadget became the most popular, since it looks quite fresh and original for Apple, and it is this shade that allows you to immediately understand that you have the iPhone 11 Pro Max in your hands. This mobile device model is offered in different memory options - 64, 256 and 512 GB. On the ICOOLA website, you can buy any of these options in a used excellent condition and with a complete set, which includes:

  • Power Supply.
  • USB cable.
  • 1-year warranty card.

Price for used iPhone 11 Pro Max 

At ICOOLA, the price of a used iPhone 11 Pro Max is lower than that of competing companies. In addition, unlike other stores, we provide a free one-year warranty for the operation of the smartphone. The cost of original Apple mobile devices is real and without markups, therefore it is available for many citizens. You can find out the exact price on the official ICOOLA website. To do this, select a used iPhone 11 Pro Max model in our catalog and see the exact cost and characteristics in its card. Also, to clarify the price, you can call our managers.

Phablet characteristics

The iPhone 11 Pro Max stands out noticeably against the background of lines with other Apple modifications, both with high build quality and an innovative operating system, a pleasant display and decent video cameras. Its key benefits are:

  • Realistic color rendering of the screen;
  • High performance and multitasking;
  • Thought-out operating system to the smallest detail;
  • High-quality assembly and component materials;
  • Gorgeous triple camera;
  • Brand popularity.

Features of the iPhone 11 Pro Max

iPhone 11 Pro Max is also highly durable and carefully designed. The gadget, despite the fact that it has a glass body, perfectly withstands falls from a height, various shocks and even water is not capable of harming it, which is ensured thanks to the IP68 protective standard. Among the main features of the model are:

  • a triple camera located on the back;
  • the absence of the long-familiar Home button;
  • thinner bezels than previous Apple versions;
  • the perfect back cover of the device, which does not leave fingerprints and dirt;
  • improved options for editing photographs in the Camera and Photo applications - the toolkits have become more convenient and functional. With their use, it became possible to customize portrait lighting by adjusting the positions and intensity of the light source for objects in the frame.

Why choose the ICOOLA store?

ICOOLA sells used Apple smartphones in excellent quality, including the iPhone 11 Pro Max. We do not sell worn-out and refurbished devices, as well as broken, broken, or drowned and repaired devices. All our products are original and:

  1. tested for compliance with existing standards;
  2. fully completed and in working order;
  3. it has a decent appearance, which is in no way inferior to new models;
  4. tested by our professional and experienced engineers.

In addition to high quality and very affordable prices for originally used iPhone 11 Pro Max, we provide our customers with:

  • A free 1-year warranty is a unique offer since not all sellers of previously used equipment are ready to provide such a long period of warranty service.
  • Original kits for all Apple brand smartphones - before being put up for sale, all the equipment that has already been used undergoes a thorough pre-sale preparation and testing for operability.
  • Possibility of buying a smartphone in a stationary store in Lviv, on the street. Kotsyubinskogo, 25, and we also offer to place an order online on our website.
  • Fast delivery across all Ukraine by the Nova Poshta" service.
  • Prompt and qualified advice.

ICOOLA - the best quality used Apple smartphones at a loyal price with a one-year free warranty service!

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What is the warranty on the iPhone 11 Pro Max?

Online store ICOOLA has a 1-year warranty on the iPhone 11 Pro Max. This warranty covers any problems with the phone through the seller's fault. Note that the user can purchase an extended warranty by contacting the online operator.

Why buy an iPhone 11 Pro Max at Icoola?

There are many reasons for this, as we are the best in the field of trade, repair and restoration of Apple equipment. Our advantages are:

  1. 1-year warranty on all models of refurbished iPhones;
  2. We sell only genuine high quality iPhones, without defects;
  3. For every iPhone sold, we plant a tree;
  4. You get a complete set and original Ecophone branded box.

First and foremost, you choose not just a company that sells the iPhone, but a renewable company that cares about the future and reduces e-waste on the planet.

How long can the iPhone 11 Pro Max run on a single charge?
  • Standby time 360 hours;
  • Working time for music playback 80 hours;
  • Video playback time 20 hours;

Note that the smartphone works great all day without recharging, even with active use. The iPhone 12 Pro Mac can boast of such a battery.

In what colors is the iPhone 11 Pro Max available?

These models are available in four colors:

  • Gold;
  • Midnight-Green;
  • Silver;
  • Space Gray.

Note that any smartphone sells in perfect condition. Minimal abrasions or scratches are possible, but all functions are working.

Is it possible to shoot video underwater on the iPhone 11 Pro Max?

Smartphones with protection class IP68 have powerful protection against dust, dirt and sand. The smartphone can withstand immersion to a depth of 1.5 m underwater for up to 30 minutes. Although, even Apple does not recommend immersing your gadget underwater and does not provide a warranty for repairs in such cases.