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Why is it worth buying an iPhone 12 from ICOOLA?

Smartphones from the reputable California company Apple regularly cause a furor in the smartphone market. Devoted fans of techno corporation gadgets closely monitor every update of your favorite iPhone and consider it an honor to get a new version of the device. So is it worth buying a used iPhone? Of course, if you follow your prestige - then yes!

Acquisition of iPhone 12: why in ICOOLA?

Smartphones of the reputable Californian company Apple regularly make a splash in the smartphone market. Dedicated fans of the tech-corporation's gadgets closely follow every update of their beloved iPhone and consider it almost a matter of honor to acquire the latest version of the device. And choosing it from us, you will choose the best used iPhone.

Should you buy an iPhone 12?

The launch of the flagship iPhone 12 in October 2020 was another turning point in the company's history. After all, this is the first Apple smartphone to be equipped with a super-powerful new generation A14 processor. But this is not the only advantage of this version of the device. Let's take a closer look at it and decide whether it's worth getting this promising new product.

IPhone 12 specifications and features

A new variation of the famous device from Apple has delighted fans with an attractive design and a list of interesting technological solutions.

Device design and weight

The iPhone 12 with its appearance, especially its characteristic rounded corners, strongly resembles the classic 10-year-old models well-known to consumers. Also, a glass back panel, rather large lenses of the main cameras and a very noticeable "bang" with a front camera, Face ID and a speaker on the front side of the device added a certain exclusivity to the device.

The new gadget is lighter and thinner than its predecessor, the iPhone 11. All thanks to a smaller battery and a narrower frame of the new smartphone. The weight of the novelty is 164 grams, and the thickness is only 7.4 mm. With these looks, iPhone 12 fits easily into your pocket and fits comfortably in the palm of your hand.

The phone has also been improved in terms of security. The side of the last iPhone made of high-quality aluminum and ceramic particles in the front panel glass will “take the blow”, protecting the device from unnecessary injuries.

Screen and sound

The iPhone 12 features a 6.1-inch OLED display. At the same time, its resolution is much higher than that of its predecessors - 2532 × 1170, and the pixel frequency is 460 units per inch. The clarity of the image on the screen has improved significantly, but the refresh rate remains the same - 60 Hz.

The display is characterized by wide viewing angles, so that even when the screen is tilted, there is hardly any change in the picture tone. Among other things, the screen features high contrast, HDR support and anti-glare protection. The device perfectly adjusts the screen brightness and color saturation to the ambient light level thanks to True Tone technology.

As for the sound equipment of the gadget, this time the manufacturer decided to completely erase the fact of the existence of wired headphones from the consciousness of consumers. In this version of the device it is simply impossible to connect them: there is no mini-jack and even an adapter for headphones with Lightning – 3.5 mm. There are no wired headphones in the phone package either.

The quality of the sound transmitted via Bluetooth to AirPods is ensured by the AAC profile. The LDAC and aptX audio codecs are unfortunately not supported here. But even without them, it's a sin to complain about the sound quality.

Stereo speakers, main and spoken, provide a high level of sound transmission, maintaining the credibility of the manufacturer with their quality work.

Performance and memory

The "engine" of this version of the smartphone is a new generation processor - Apple A14 Bionic. It consists of 6 processor cores, a 4-core Apple GPU system, which is responsible for graphics, and a 16-core Neural Engine, which takes over the work with neural networks.

The performance of the new processor, as well as its energy efficiency, are undeniably high. Even a significant load on the device does not affect the frame rate and temperature of the smartphone in any way.

The volume of the device's RAM is 4 GB, that is, the same as that of the 11 version of the smartphone. Flash memory is offered at the user's choice - 64, 128 or 256 GB. There is no memory card slot in this version of the iPhone either. Therefore, experts advise focusing on the last two variations with a large memory reserve.


The back panel of the smartphone is equipped with two cameras - main and wide-angle, 12 megapixels each. However, they differ in the size of light-sensitive sensors: on the main one - 1.4 microns, and on the wide-angle one - 1 micron. Another significant difference between the cameras is the equipment of the main camera with phase detection autofocus. There is no such "bonus" in the wide-angle one.

Thanks to improved Smart HDR 3 technology, the balance of shadows and colors in the photo is much more pleasing to the eye. Now you can shoot in night mode not only with the main camera, but also with a wide-angle camera. The award-winning Deep Fusion technology is here too, delivering even clearer, clearer images.

What about videos? There is both digital stabilization and the ability to shoot 4K at 60 frames per second. Do not forget about the HDR mode, though only with 30 frames per second.

The front camera is also 12MP with fixed focus. It allows you to shoot with a maximum (12 megapixel) and narrowed (7 megapixel) viewing angles, as well as in night mode.

Operating system

Well, long live iOS 14! How long have we been waiting for you. The system pleased users with several interesting widgets, as well as two new methods for classifying applications. Among the "buns" of the updated system and the ability to view video in the "picture in picture" mode, and even a fresh version of the interface of the virtual assistant Siri.

In total, the new OP runs more smoothly due to a significant number of interface updates and improvements in the work of some programs.

Support for wireless networks

In the new model, the manufacturer is actively focusing on 5G support as the most promising option at the moment. The smartphone supports the LTE data transfer protocol, so the work in 4G networks is also at its best. The device is equipped with a network module supporting Wi-Fi 6, Bluetooth 5.0 and NFC, which is mainly used for contactless payments.

Battery life

Despite the reduced battery capacity, in comparison with the previous iPhone model, only 10.7 Wh, the autonomy of the device did not suffer from this at all. OLED screen together with True Tone technology helps to significantly reduce energy consumption. But moderate power consumption is associated primarily with the optimized system and hardware platform of the device. The phone can last for at least 7-8 hours without recharging, even with active use.

Why buy an iPhone 12?

Choosing a smartphone from Apple's extensive lineup, users are often lost and stumped. The list of advantages of the gadget will help to significantly facilitate the choice, thanks to which the buyer will be able to assess whether the new gadget will be able to satisfy all his needs. So why should you opt for the iPhone 12?

Benefits of iPhone 12:

  • updated design with flat edges;
  • thinner body and light weight of the device;
  • OLED display with impressive color reproduction and viewing angles;
  • the new generation Apple A14 Bionic processor, which has nearly twice the performance of earlier versions;
  • cameras and advanced photography and video technologies;
  • increased protection against shock and moisture ingress.

With such superior performance, it is just a matter of time for an Apple fan to acquire a flagship.

What is the best iPhone 12 to buy?

If you've already decided on the model of your new device, it's time to find out what other characteristics of the iPhone 12 you should pay attention to during the buying process.

Not the last place in the process of choosing a specific instance is occupied by the flash memory of a smartphone. Since the device does not allow the use of memory cards, the question becomes an edge. The manufacturer offers three variations of the phone: 64, 128 and 256 gigabytes. However, users who have already tried the iPhone 12 in action do not recommend purchasing a device with 64 GB flash memory. Indeed, in fact, only about 46 GB will be available for use. In this case, the majority of the data will have to be stored on iCloud. And this option is not to everyone's liking.

Another aspect when choosing a smartphone can be the color scheme. The range of shades of this version of the device consists of classic black and white, dark blue, bright red and mint. We advise customers who are accustomed to using the device without a case to pay attention to the choice of color. The back panel of the phone, made of glass, is rather easily soiled. Imprints easily appear on it and various small damages are more visible. However, by choosing a lighter, or even white, device color, you will save yourself from such a problem.

Why choose ICOOLA to buy iPhone 12?

If at the moment you cannot afford a new copy, or you prefer to frequently change smartphones, purchasing an iPhone 12 will be the ideal option for you.

ICOOLA offers a wide selection of used Apple smartphones at the lowest prices in Ukraine. With us you can always be sure of the quality of the purchased products. ICOOLA has been officially working in the field of sales and service of Apple technology for over 6 years. During this time, we have gained many regular customers who trust only us with the issue of choosing and repairing their gadgets.

Buying an iPhone 12 used in ICOOLA, you can count on perfect condition and long-term trouble-free operation of your device. After all, a satisfied customer is our main priority!

IPhone 12 - the price of a used gadget in Kiev?

The price of a used smartphone from the famous American company Apple can vary greatly. Usually, the price is influenced by the condition and origin of the proposed device, the presence of breakdowns or the manner of its use by the previous owner. Therefore, the choice of a used smartphone should be approached very carefully and only trusted sellers should be trusted.

The ICOOLA store is ready to offer the most affordable price in Kiev for a used iPhone 12 in excellent condition. By contacting our managers, you will receive a full consultation and confirmation of the quality of the phone offered to you.

Your gadget will be simply impossible to distinguish from a brand new copy, and the price and quality of service by ICOOLA specialists will leave you an indelible impression!

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What is the price of the iPhone 12?

The price of the iPhone 12 in the renewable company ICOOLA depends on the amount of memory of the device. You can choose this phone in the following variations and at the following price:

  • iPhone 12 64GB - $860;
  • iPhone 12 128GB - $958;
  • iPhone 12 256GB - $1065.

Complete with a charger and a 1-year warranty.

Is the iPhone 12 available in used (restored) version?

Of course, this gadget is available in our store in the used version. So, if you want to buy this smartphone in a refurbished version, please contact our manager at 0 800 602 250 and find out if this model is available.

Is it possible to buy an iPhone 12 in bulk at ICOOLA?

Yes of course. You can buy iPhone in bulk, as ICOOLA is the largest distributor of refurbished iPhones in Ukraine. We have our own Apple service center and restore gadgets ourselves.

What is the configuration when buying an iPhone 12 in ICOOLA?

We provide a complete set - a charger, warranty and original box Ecophone from ICOOLA.