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Used mobile phone Apple iPhone 12 mini

Buy iPhone 12 Mini with a guarantee in ICOOLA

Apple fans, who are closely following the company's innovations, have already appreciated the flagship of 2020 - a compact smartphone iPhone 12 Mini that can be bought at ICOOLA. The size of this phone is reminiscent of Steve Jobs' iPhones. However, technically and functionally, the device, of course, fully meets the requirements of modern users. It is an almost exact copy of its "big brother" iPhone 12, only in a smaller version.

The compactness and advanced functionality of the new device is perfect for users who are used to using a smartphone with one hand. It is currently the smallest such gadget on the market and, unlike the similar-sized second-generation iPhone SE, has much higher autonomy. So, the novelty is perfect for users who appreciate the balance of dimensions and capabilities of technology and nostalgically remember the era of compact mobile devices Apple.

Is there an iPhone 12 Mini in ICOOLA?

To Friends, the iPhone 12 Mini smartphone will be a huge rarity in 2021. Yes, these models happen, but their number is limited and, as a rule, pre-orders for them already exist. If you want us to keep this model for you, please contact the manager and clarify all the details.

Why are iPhones so expensive?

Because these are the best smartphones in the world. Seriously. If you buy an iPhone, then understand its high cost, because this gadget can work for 10 years, 20 years, or even 30, and the only thing you have to replace is the battery!

Is there a warranty on iPhones?

Yes of course. ICOOLA - has its own, the largest service center for the restoration of Apple equipment in Western Ukraine, so it provides a warranty on all smartphones for free, for 1 year

Which Mini iPhone 12 models can be bought at ICOOLA?

Friends, you can buy an iPhone 12 Mini smartphone with 64, 128 and 256 GB of memory and in such colors as:

  • iPhone 12 Mini Green;
  • iPhone 12 Mini Black;
  • iPhone 12 Mini White;
  • iPhone 12 Mini Blue;
  • iPhone 12 Mini Red.

Warranty on all devices 1 year. Delivery across all Ukraine. Original. Choose the best, choose - ICOOLA