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Refurbished iPhone 12 Pro Max

Is it worth buying an iPhone 12 Pro Max?

iPhone 12 Pro Mac appeared only in October 2020, so the flagship is already available in a restored state. Very often the owners of the devices break them or just sell them, so the device falls into our hands, into the hands of craftsmen who restore them to perfect condition.

The brand new iPhone 12 Pro is very expensive. For most Ukrainians, even with an average income, the amount is sky-high. If you want to have the most perfect phone in the world, but your budget is limited, you can save. The way out is simple - buy an iPhone 12 Pro Max used.

The price of a refurbished smartphone will be much lower than a new one. The figure can be lower by 10, 20 or 30%. Buy a used iPhone Pro Max - this is how to get a MEGA DISCOUNT in the store.

There are fears that the previous owner may sell the phone, which was damaged by falling into the water, shock, prolonged exposure to cold or sun. Yes, this possibility could not be ruled out, but provided that you bought a phone in a consignment shop. In ICOOLA such a possibility is excluded. This is due to the fact that all our phones are restored by professional craftsmen and assembled in accordance with the standards, so the restored smartphone is no worse than a brand new one.

In the restored smartphone, the breakdowns are eliminated, the failed parts are replaced with new ones. We know that the condition of the phones we sell is perfect, which is why we give a one-year warranty on all iPhone 12 Pro Max that you buy in our store. Here you can buy phones in excellent condition, the price of which will be much lower than in the store.

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How is the iPhone 12 Pro Max delivered and is it a new device?

Friends, the iPhone 12 Pro Max smartphone is delivered by cash on delivery by Nova Poshta or any other post office in Ukraine. Note that this model has been restored, which means that it is the same as the new one.

What is the configuration when buying an iPhone 12 Pro Maс?

If you bought an iPhone 12 Pro Mac in ICOOLA.UA, you will receive a charger, an Ecophone box, a warranty card and instructions.

Can I return the device after purchase?

Friends, we always go to meet our customers, because we want to become the best in the field of electronics recovery. If you bought a working device and want to return it just because you're tired of using it - unfortunately, this is not possible. Upon receipt, the gadget undergoes three levels of testing, so the lack is almost impossible. If it so happens that your iPhone 12 Pro Max has some hidden defects, we will fix all the problems or exchange it for a similar model.

Is there a warranty on the iPhone 12 Pro Mac?

Yes of course. ICOOLA provides a 1-year warranty on each refurbished smartphone. It should be noted that it is free. It is also possible to purchase an extended warranty from the manager.