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Refurbished iPhone 6

 Why buy a used iPhone 6 from the ICOOLA online store?

Original used iPhone 6 models in excellent condition are the best alternative to new devices when there is a desire to buy a status smartphone from a famous American brand, but there is not enough money for it. Apple gadgets presented in the ICOOLA catalog in terms of functionality and quality of work are no different from brand new devices. We sell iPhones in original boxes and with all accessories.

Low prices and high quality are our main advantages

The cost of used mobile devices, including the iPhone 6 in the ICOOLA store, is more than affordable, and there is also a free 1-year smartphone service warranty. We set fair prices without intermediary markups, so anyone with an average income can buy a used Apple smartphone from us.

You can see the prices for all mobile devices of the "apple brand" in the catalog of our website. Here, on each product card, there are technical specifications, equipment and exact cost. On the ICOOLA portal, you will be pleasantly surprised by the low prices of used Apple gadgets.

What is the condition of the used iPhone 6 in our store?

You can rest assured of the quality of our used smartphones, as we sell used Apple mobile devices, including the iPhone Six, in exceptionally perfect condition. We guarantee that the devices are equipped with rechargeable batteries with a capacity of more than 87%, so their performance does not decrease, and the occurrence of various unforeseen problems is excluded.

IPhone Six specs: will the model still be relevant?

Stylish and lightweight, iPhone 6 is a great addition to the image of modern and business people. Also, this particular Apple model will not lose its relevance for a long time due to its technical characteristics:

  • the smartphone is created in the optimal design variant - the case made of high-strength aluminum has a smooth transition to the screen module made of high-strength glass. The assembly is at the highest level, so the impression of a single whole mobile structure can be created. IPhone Six is ​​a beautiful and practical phone, which is one of its advantages;
  • the screen of the gadget has a 4.7-inch diagonal. Its performance is simply amazing, as the display is capable of reproducing sixteen million colors. If any of the smartphones has a full range of colors, it is the iPhone 6. The Apple manufacturer slightly increased the screen size, which allowed the iPhone Six to become the first among Apple mobile devices with a larger diagonal;
  • the color of the case can be selected by the user depending on his own preferences. The iPhone 6 lineup features gray, silver, gold and white models. In the ICOOLA catalog you can inexpensively buy a second-hand iPhone 6 in any color scheme;
  • the main video camera of the device has optical stabilization, which makes it possible to eliminate blurring of photographs when the object is moving or if the photographer's hand trembles. Also, videos captured by the iPhone Six are high quality, clear and incredibly rich. This is provided by an 8-megapixel sensor. Due to the use of innovative technologies by the manufacturer when creating the device, the smartphone camcorder is able to create bright, clear and contrasting photographs. Therefore, users who like to capture pleasant moments can use the iPhone Six not only as a means of mobile communication, but also as a camera that is always at hand;
  • powerful and "long-playing" rechargeable battery, after a full charge, is designed for fourteen hours of continuous phone calls. Also, for surfing the Internet, the iPhone 6 is well suited, since its charge will last for 10 - 11 hours;
  • IPhone Six is ​​equipped with the iOS 12 operating system - the platform is stable and reliable. The OS here is very responsive, functional, simple and convenient for any user. The hardware configuration is based on a 64-bit microprocessor. The gadget easily copes with a variety of applications, including heavy ones. A small drawback of the sixth model can be considered a possible low performance when launching and playing some games;
  • the amount of RAM in the iPhone 6 is a little: one gigabyte, and it is also complemented by the built-in memory, which, depending on the model, varies from sixteen to one hundred twenty-eight gigabytes;
  • The antenna added by the manufacturer has improved signal reception, so the iPhone Six has become one of the best mobile devices in terms of reception quality.

iPhone 6 - smartphone, which always want to take in hand. It is famous for its convenience and stylish design, therefore it has been a real favorite in the mobile device market for a long time . The model is distinguished by both external flawless characteristics and internal ones , which makes the smartphone really smart !

Brand Apple has already stopped producing the model iPhone 6 c 2016 the year . Today it is possible to buy the former in the use of the version . The ICOOLA store sells such phones at the most reasonable prices in Ukraine . We sell original smart phones in excellent condition and almost nothing not differ from the new gadgets . We have complete equipment , including free warranty card.

Guarantee, delivery and complete set of the smartphone!

When you buy a used iPhone 6 from ICOOLA, you get many benefits and benefits. First of all, this is an excellent price, which is significantly lower than that of competing companies. Second, there is a free, long-term 1-year warranty. Other advantages of cooperation with us include:

  • the possibility of making a purchase in our stationary store in Lviv (st. Kotsyubynskogo, 25), on the website through the "Basket" or by calling our manager by phone;
  • sale of used iPhones in perfect condition;
  • the most expeditious processing and dispatch of orders, since all products presented in the ICOOLA catalog are always in stock;
  • Before shipment, each mobile device is thoroughly checked by our experienced and professional specialists, therefore we guarantee the technical serviceability of the phones and their impeccable appearance;
  • complete set of goods, including the used iPhone 6 smartphone itself , a charger and a warranty card for a year;
  • prompt delivery by the "New Mail" service throughout Ukraine;
  • professional advice from experienced managers on the selection and characteristics of each iPhone model;
  • providing the opportunity to choose a payment method convenient for the client - cash on delivery, cash or bank transfer;
  • the most favorable conditions for making purchases, since we follow new trends and are ready to make interesting offers to our clients;
  • an extensive range of Apple smartphones, which are always in stock in our store;
  • constantly updated ICOOLA catalog;
  • numerous positive reviews from our clients;
  • Safe conditions for purchasing exclusively original Apple mobile devices;
  • the action of various discounts and promotions.

Please contact ICOOLA, we are always ready to accept your order for the purchase of a used iPhone Six in any color scheme. Also, our managers will tell you in detail about the characteristics of the mobile device and about all the nuances of ordering.

Conclusions: how long will the smartphone still be relevant?

You should not give up the purchase, which was in use by the iPhone 6, because it has not yet lost its relevance and is in many ways not inferior even to the flagships. According to experts, the smartphone will not lose its popularity among users, even for a single year. This is due to the following reasons:

  1. The equipment, although not of the latest generation, is of excellent quality with a video camera, which still produces excellent shots. Of course, this means daytime shooting. Also, if it seems to you that the photos turned out with insufficiently saturated colors, then you can use the additional software of the iPhone 6.
  2. Apple continues to update the operating system iOS 12 installed in the iPhone 6 - "Apple brand", despite the development of iOS 13 still continues to work on improving the previous version.
  3. Sufficiently high speed of work - many owners of the iPhone 6 are quite satisfied with its rather rather large speed of action. It also continues to promptly open capacious applications, does an excellent job of simultaneously opening a large number of tabs, does not "slow down" or "freeze". Also, the model is well suited for many games and everyday tasks.
  4. Good display - iPhone 6 is the lightest of its line. It fits comfortably in the palm of your hand and can be comfortably operated with one hand. The 4.7-inch screen has a decent resolution, the picture on it looks bright enough and moderately contrasting. The gadget is easy to read.

If you are not interested in the features of iOS 13 and are able to come to terms with the lack of a night mode, then the iPhone 6 may well suit you.

In terms of value for money, the iPhone 6 is the most popular smartphone among all Apple models and lines. Therefore, it is highly likely that it will be in demand for a very long time. We are waiting for your orders on the ICOOLA website! We guarantee you will remain completely satisfied with the result of cooperation with our company!

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What is the battery capacity of the iPhone 6?

The iPhone 6 has a lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 1810 mAh

Where can I buy a used iPhone 6?

You can buy an iPhone 6 in the Icoola online store, where you can place an order for the gadget. The purchase is also available on credit

What is the processor in the iPhone 6?

The Apple iPhone 6 gold 16 gb has a 2-core A8 chip with a frequency of 1.4 GHz.

What is the amount of RAM in the iPhone 6?

The amount of RAM is 1 GB and the frequency is 1.4 GHz. Note that this is enough for powerful programs and games. The latest versions of the iPhone received 6 GB of RAM.

What is included in the iPhone 6?

Standard equipment: telephone; USB cable; charger; 1 year warranty; operating instructions

In what variations are the iPhone 6 available?

You can buy this model in Space Gray, Gold, Silver and choose the following 16GB, 32GB, 64GB memory. 128GB. Note that ICOOLA has the largest range of refurbished Apple phones, so you can choose any of them.

Is there NFC in the iPhone 6?

No, unfortunately the iPhone 6 does not have NFC. This feature appeared a little later and it is available in models 6s and above!

Does the iPhone 6 have a fingerprint scanner?

Yes, the iPhone 6 has a fingerprint scanner and you can use it, securely protecting your gadget with both a screen password and a fingerprint scanner!

Does it make sense to buy an iPhone 6?

Frankly, it makes no sense to buy an iPhone 6 in 2021-2022 for yourself, if you want a powerful, modern smartphone, no. Of course, if this smartphone is chosen for a child or for those who want to try a smartphone from this series for the first time - this is a great choice!

Does iPhone 6 support 4g smartphone?

Yes, the iPhone 6 supports 4g. Go to the iOS settings and in the communication section enable support opposite the LTE mark!