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iPhone 6s - a few words about the smartphone

The iPhone 6s is definitely a legendary Apple smartphone. This legend is definitely worth telling a few words about him. So, he was presented in September 2015 and immediately became a legend, literally, everyone wanted him. After all, this is the first iPhone in which the Cupertino-based company abandoned the small screen and installed a breakthrough at that time - a 4.7 "display.

At the beginning of 2021, unfortunately, it is no longer possible to find this phone in a new state, but there are companies, among which the top positions are occupied by the company - ICOOLA, engaged in the recovery of these devices and returning them to their appearance as new. That is, by purchasing a restored smartphone from the ICOOLA service center, you will receive a completely new device.

Why is it necessary to buy a used iPhone 6s?

First of all, the main factor in buying a used iPhone 6s is its proven reliability over the years. Having started to release it 6 years ago, this phone works great to this day. The aluminum body makes it well protected from drops and will not need to be carried to repair iPhones.

The affordable price of the used iPhone 6s makes it an excellent first smartphone for a child, a spare phone, and just a great choice, as it has all the things that need to be good in order to be comfortable to use: namely, battery life, a good display, and a quality camera.

Technical characteristics of the smartphone used by Apple iPhone 6s?

The phone is powered by the Apple A9 processor with a clock speed of 1.85 GHz and believe me, it has something to surprise you. Despite the fact that this processor was developed several years ago, it still copes with all the tasks that a phone faces. The amount of RAM is 2 GB, and there are several options for permanent memory, namely:Г

  • Used Apple iPhone 6s 16 GB;
  • Used Apple iPhone 6s 32 GB;
  • Used Apple iPhone 6s 64 GB;
  • Used Apple iPhone 6s 128 GB.

Other specifications:

  • Screen size 4.7 ";
  • The screen expansion is 1334x750 pixels;
  • Main camera - 12 Mp, front - 5 Mp;
  • Battery capacity - 1715 mAh;
  • SIM type - Nano;
  • Touch ID to provide secure authentication;
  • Body colors - Gold, Silver, Space Gray, and Rose Gold.

Despite the fact that the battery capacity is only 1715 mAh, good optimization of the smartphone and the installed new battery of our company ICOOLA will ensure good and long-term performance of which will last for the whole day.

What is the price for iPhone 6s in Ukraine?

The price of a used iPhone 6s in Ukraine has become available to everyone. Therefore, today almost anyone can afford it. The more expensive version of the iPhone 6s 128 GB hovers around $ 170, while the cheapest version, the iPhone 6s 16 GB, can be purchased for $ 150 or less. Also, in many stores, the cost varies from the bundle, if you want to buy this phone with a box, then most of the stores will take into account its cost separately, and only in the ICOOLA store the cost of the smartphone will not change and you will receive for the lowest cost except for the iPhone 6c itself: a box and a charger device.

Where in Lviv to buy an iPhone 6s with a guarantee?

It is very easy to buy an iPhone 6s in Lviv with a guarantee. You just need to visit our ICOOLA store which is located on the street. Kotsyubinsky 25, buy a smartphone and get a one-year (!) Warranty for it for free.

Don't live in Lviv? This is not a problem, because thanks to the ICOOLA online store, you also have the opportunity to get a free warranty on the purchased phone. To do this, you just need to place an order on our website and wait for a phone number. Taking the phone from Nova Poshta, the warranty card will be included with the phone.

What are the benefits of buying from ICOOLA? Buying from us you are guaranteed to receive high-quality Apple equipment, a free warranty, fast delivery. First of all, we value trust from people, so we try our best on our part to provide you with only positive emotions in cooperation with us.

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What is the camera in the iPhone 6s?

The iPhone 6s has a 12 MP main camera, which is protected by sapphire glass. Note that the camera of this device has an aperture of f/2.2, a hybrid infrared filter and special 5-lens optics.

How much RAM does the iPhone 6s have?

This smartphone has 2 gigabytes of RAM.

What is the screen extension in the iPhone 6s?

Resolution 1334x750 or 326 pixels per inch. Note that the diagonal of the display is comfortable for the eyes, and the device fits perfectly in the hand. One finger is enough to control the gadget.

The main features of the iPhone 6s?

Powerful processor, great screen, new camcorder.

What is the price of the iPhone 6s?

The price of the iPhone 6s starts from 4,299 UAH. Note that this price already includes a free warranty for 12 months, the original branded box from the ICOOLA and equipment!

What is included and what gifts will you receive with the iPhone 6s?

Friends, everyone who buys an iPhone 6s from ICOOLA will receive an original Ecophone recycled box as a gift. It also includes an insert with the mission of our company, a charger (cable and USB), and a warranty card. Note that as a gift you can get a quality 10D protective glass.

In what condition will I get a refurbished Apple iPhone 6 s?

You will get a 100% perfect smartphone in which all functions work flawlessly. Our service center employs engineers with many years of experience, so the repair and restoration of the smartphone is in the hands of professional craftsmen. The condition of each device is perfect or close to ideal. Minimal scratches and minimal battery wear are allowed.