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Used mobile phone Apple iPhone 7

 iPhone 7 Used: is it worth buying this model in 2021

With the release of new Apple iPhone models, older models are losing value. Today, the purchase of an iPhone 7 is available to everyone in Ukraine, as the cost of this smartphone has dropped to a record low. It is worth clarifying that the iPhone 7 can only be bought from a used version since Apple no longer releases new versions of this model. It used technique enjoys a rabid demand, it is just as reliable as a new, more affordable in price and the replacement of the body and the screen looks perfect on.

What are the dimensions of the iPhone 7?

This phone is very compact, it is extremely convenient to operate with one hand. The height of the case is - 13.83 cm, the width of the case is - 6.71 cm, thickness 0.71 cm. The weight of the device is 188 grams.

Is there enough performance for the iPhone 7 - Apple A10 Fusion in 2021?

Enough, the Apple A10 Fusion processor installed in the iPhone 7 is a powerful chip that can handle any load. There is a built-in 4-core graphics processor with a frequency of 2340 MHz.

What colors are iPhones 7 presented?

iPhone 7 is presented in 6 colors: Jet Black, Black, Silver, Gold, Rose Gold and Product Red. Note that the most interesting color in this series is red, because it was in this model that it was presented for the first time.

What is the camera in the iPhone 7?

This device has a built-in main camera iSight 12 MP. It has 2x optical zoom and is able to take quality pictures even in the evening and at night. The 7 MP front camera should also be praised.

How long can the iPhone 7 run offline?

It all depends on the capacity of the battery: that is, whether it is new or not. Note that the company ICOOLA offers customers only serviceability above 87%. Such batteries can work offline for up to 240 hours. With active use of the charge is enough for 1 working day.