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Used mobile phone Apple iPhone 7

 iPhone 7 Used: is it worth buying this model in 2021

With the release of new Apple iPhone models, older models are losing value. Today, the purchase of an iPhone 7 is available to everyone in Ukraine, as the cost of this smartphone has dropped to a record low. It is worth clarifying that the iPhone 7 can only be bought from a used version since Apple no longer releases new versions of this model. It used technique enjoys a rabid demand, it is just as reliable as a new, more affordable in price and the replacement of the body and the screen looks perfect on.

What are the dimensions of the iPhone 7?

The size of the iPhone 7 is 138.3x67.1x7.1 mm

Is there enough CPU performance in 2021?

Quite enough

What colors are iPhones 7 presented?

IPhones 7 are presented in 6 colors: Jet Black, Black, Silver, Gold, Rose Gold and Product Red.

What is the camera in the iPhone 7?

The main 12-megapixel camera has an aperture of f / 1.8 aperture.

How long can the iPhone 7 run offline?

In offline mode, the iPhone 7 can work up to 240 hours.