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 iPhone 7 Used: is it worth buying this model in 2022

With the release of new Apple iPhone models, older models are losing value. Today, the purchase of an iPhone 7 is available to everyone in Ukraine, as the cost of this smartphone has dropped to a record low. It is worth clarifying that the iPhone 7 can only be bought from a used version since Apple no longer releases new versions of this model. It used technique enjoys a rabid demand, it is just as reliable as a new, more affordable in price and the replacement of the body and the screen looks perfect on.

How long will this device be relevant? The answer is yes, and yes again. It is the seventh iPhone that, as of 2021, is one of the most popular smartphones. Updates iOS will come out on the mobile phone, at least 5 years and, in fact - it is one of the best smartphones in the price/quality ratio.

Choosing our shop to buy bu Apple iPhone 7 in Lviv, you will get a number of advantages, namely:

  • Free 1-year warranty         
  • Charger and original box;
  • High-quality smartphone.         

It is the eco-company ICOOLA that is a well-known brand that offers only original gadgets that are available to everyone.

What price boo iPhone 7 in Lviv?

You will be very surprised to learn how much the iPhone 7 costs, as this gadget with its excellent characteristics is affordable for everyone. By visiting our ICOOLA store in the city of Lviv on the street. Kotsyubinsky 25, you can buy an iPhone 7 at the best price.

First of all, Apple's iPhone 7 bought by those who are not chasing powerful specifications and seeks to obtain a high quality, tough, powerful gadget, the ability of the first to deal with any tasks. This model has been the sales leader for over 2 years, and even today it is difficult to name a more popular phone to buy in Ukraine.

iPhone 7 Specifications?

If we look “under the hood” of this device, we will see that its technical characteristics are sufficient for any, even the most difficult tasks.

Let's note the main ones:

  • Communication standards - GSM 900/1800/1900, 4G, LTE, 3G;         
  • Device weight - 138 g         
  • Dimensions - 67.1x138.3x7.2 mm;         
  • Main camera - 12 MP;         
  • Front camera - 7 MP;         
  • SIM type - Nano ;         
  • RAM - 2 GB, Apple 10 Fusion processor ;         
  • Varieties of built-in memory: 32GB, 128GB, 256GB;         
  • Body colors - Rose Gold, Gold, Space Gray, Red, Black, Jet Black, Silver;         
  • Body material - 7000 series aluminum;         
  • Screen resolution - 1334x750;         
  • Diagonal - 4.7;         
  • Accumulator 1960 mAh;         
  • Charging type - Lightning.         

As you can see, the RAM is quite enough for powerful games or heavy programs. As for the camera, it is capable of performing the functions of a good camera, the photos are of high quality and convey the full spectrum of colors.

It should also be noted that the battery is enough to work with the device for the whole day. With the active use of a smartphone, the battery capacity may drop, but this will happen no earlier than after 1 year of using the gadget. If, nevertheless, your battery has lost its original power, then replacing the battery with an iPhone 7 is available in our service center at a low price and your gadget will again keep it going all day.

Why buy a used iPhone 7?

That company is Apple's, is positioning its product as a commodity eternal recycling created in such a way that each the of parts can have been replaced by a new one, though without causing harm to the gadget. If you decide to buy an iPhone 7 in Lviv, then you made the right choice and you will receive a wonderful gadget with excellent characteristics.

Does the boo iPhone 7 look great? Yes! Eco Brand ICOOLA offers to buy iPhone 7 used only in perfect condition never lock, in which all functions are working. In addition, if you are worried that your smartphone will work for a long time and properly, then we can assure you that each buyer receives a free 1-year warranty. If during this period, that something happens to your gadget through our fault, we will fix the floor as soon as possible in error.

Where to buy in Lviv Used iPhone 7?

If you do decide to buy an iPhone 7 used, we are waiting for you in our showroom in the city of Lviv, the street Kotsyubyns'kogo 25. Here, you can test any number of the device you want to buy to make sure it is really ORIGINAL and ideal.

Note that we ship our products to any corner of our beautiful country so that you can order a used iPhone with the help of Nova Poshta to any corner of Ukraine.

Choose the eco-brand ICOOLA and get high- quality Apple appliances, the quality of which will pleasantly surprise you. We are confident that, by choosing for me iPhone, you'll be 100% satisfied with what the whole world enjoys. Thank you for choosing ICOOLA!

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What are the dimensions of the iPhone 7?

This phone is very compact, it is extremely convenient to operate with one hand. The height of the case is - 13.83 cm, the width of the case is - 6.71 cm, thickness 0.71 cm. The weight of the device is 188 grams.

Is there enough performance for the iPhone 7 - Apple A10 Fusion in 2022?

Enough, the Apple A10 Fusion processor installed in the iPhone 7 is a powerful chip that can handle any load. There is a built-in 4-core graphics processor with a frequency of 2340 MHz.

What colors are iPhones 7 presented?

iPhone 7 is presented in 6 colors: Jet Black, Black, Silver, Gold, Rose Gold and Product Red. Note that the most interesting color in this series is red, because it was in this model that it was presented for the first time.

What is the camera in the iPhone 7?

This device has a built-in main camera iSight 12 MP. It has 2x optical zoom and is able to take quality pictures even in the evening and at night. The 7 MP front camera should also be praised.

How long can the iPhone 7 run offline?

It all depends on the capacity of the battery: that is, whether it is new or not. Note that the company ICOOLA offers customers only serviceability above 87%. Such batteries can work offline for up to 240 hours. With active use of the charge is enough for 1 working day.