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Used mobile phone Apple iPhone 7 Plus

 Should you buy a used iPhone 7 Plus smartphone in 2021?

Before than to think about what is worth whether to buy a boo iPhone 7 Plus is, we recommend to get acquainted with all the technical specifications and to read a detailed review of this model. It should be noted, that the model 7 Plus is different from the usual sevens for its size, more powerful battery, and better camera.

What is the camera in the iPhone 7+?

The camera turned out really great, it is easy and pleasant to shoot, there are no complicated settings, you can successfully use different programs.

Is it possible to immerse the iPhone 7+ under water?

The manufacturer guarantees that the smartphone will easily survive a short immersion under water to a depth of one meter without losing functionality.

What is the screen extension in the iPhone 7+?

Screen resolution - 1920x1080

What is the amount of RAM in the iPhone 7+?

Three gigabytes of RAM.

What are the advantages of the iPhone 7+?

iPhone 7 plus - an advanced model of a new level with the implemented technologies of the following generations: two cameras in one; super powerful and energy-saving battery; the most juicy screen; protection against splashes and dust.