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Refurbished iPhone 7 Plus

 Should you buy a used iPhone 7 Plus smartphone in 2021?

Before than to think about what is worth whether to buy a boo iPhone 7 Plus is, we recommend to get acquainted with all the technical specifications and to read a detailed review of this model. It should be noted, that the model 7 Plus is different from the usual sevens for its size, more powerful battery, and better camera.

At the expense of the dimensions, the dimensions of this gadget are as follows:

  • Height - 138.3 mm;
  • Width - 58.6 mm;
  • Thickness - 7.6 mm.

At the expense of weight, it became heavier by exactly 50 grams for the seventh iPhone model. Used 7 Plus is available for purchase in such cases of memory, like:

  • 32 GB;
  • 128 GB;
  • 256 GB.

According to the color gamut, the company Apple developed this series in a very large color range, users can buy the iPhone 7 Plus in these varieties:

  • Rose Gold;
  • Gold;
  • Silver;
  • Black;
  • Jet Black;
  • Red (available for purchase from 128 and 256 GB).

One of the main differences between this smartphone from more early models is the camera. There is a built-in main 12 MP camera with two lenses, one of which is a telephoto lens.

How much does an iPhone 7 Plus cost in Ukraine?

As of 2021, the price of a used iPhone 7 Plus has dropped significantly. The point is that with the release of more new models of smartphones from the company Apple's, the old models are reduced in price.

Today, this smartphone is not very expensive, you can choose any of them on our website and see the price. It should be noted, that the price already included a free warranty period of 1 year and a complete set: box + charger device. Choosing between the different amounts of memory it should be noted that 32 GB is quite enough to complete the work if of course, you're not a fan to shoot long videos or do for a few hundred photos a day. In the end of all, in any case, you can purchase an additional amount of memory in the cloud storage of the iCloud.

How to buy an inexpensive iPhone 7 Plus?

We are sure, that everyone wants to buy an iPhone 7 Plus for a cheap price. To do this, in our Internet market, you can choose a purchase on credit and choose an installment plan for payments. In addition, in our store, there is a special section "Promotions" where you can buy an iPhone 7 Plus inexpensively.

Which iPhone 7 Plus is the most popular?

Today the most popular are models of iPhone 7 Plus in the color Silver to 32 GB. It was a silver color is elegant and suitable, both men and women. In addition, the amount of memory of 32 GB is quite enough for all the needs of an ordinary user.

Also, great popularity enjoyed the model in color e RED. The bright red color is available only in the memory 128 or 256 GB. By purchasing the iPhone seven plus in this color, you will receive a bright gadget that will emphasize your confidence and originality.

Should you buy an iPhone 7 Plus in 2021?

This device is definitely one of the best. A Camera with two lenses, a powerful battery, and operating system iOS, on which even a long time will go updating, make of him a great assistant in work and everyday affairs. Buying iPhone 7 Plus - is a good investment, which will bring you pleasure from the use of high-quality products. Choose the best used technique Apple's ICOOLA.

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What is the camera in the iPhone 7+?

The camera of the iPhone 7 Plus turned out really great, there are two built-in sensors of 12 MP. It should also be noted the "Portrait" mode, which by the way was first developed and built into this model.

Is it possible to immerse the iPhone 7+ under water?

The 7 Plus smartphone can be immersed in water for 30 minutes. Permissible depth of 1 meter. Note that the level of protection against water and dust is IP67. Note that in newer models such as the iPhone 11 Pro protection level is IP68.

What is the screen extension in the iPhone 7+?

Screen resolution - 1920x1080. The diagonal is 5.5 inches

What is the amount of RAM in the iPhone 7+?

It has three gigabytes of RAM and an Apple A10 Fusion chip

What are the advantages of the iPhone 7+?

iPhone 7 plus - an advanced model of a new level with the implemented technologies of the following generations: two cameras in one; super powerful and energy-saving battery; the most juicy screen; protection against splashes and dust.

Is it possible to return the iPhone 7 Plus after purchase?

Every day we work for you to get quality service and original never lock Apple iPhone 7 Plus. If you bought a fully functional smartphone from us and want to return it because it is too big, or you did not like the iOS operating system, then this is not possible... Each phone goes through several stages of testing, so the factory defect is not possible. All defects are covered by the warranty period. Thank you for understanding.