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Apple iPhone 8 Plus - an updated line of top-class smartphones

Apple iPhone 8 Plus from the "apple" manufacturer has opened the world a new gadget with a clever combination of solid diagonals and impeccable ergonomics. The cost of a mobile device met all the expectations of even the most demanding users. The well-designed model boasts ample memory and a variety of colors in a robust case. The iPhone 8 Plus uses surgical glass to prevent fingerprints. The phone looks gorgeous in a case, and one should not forget about its compactness. The weight of the new Apple model is 202 grams, and in terms of dimensions, the length of the mobile device is 158.4 mm, the width is 78.1 mm.

Overall the features brief update iPhones plus 8 just tell us about the performance, which is peculiar and for all Apple gadgets. It is provided by a brand new A11 Bionic class microprocessor and iOS 11 operating system. The iPhone interface has been updated and refined. There is everything necessary for users to enjoy their communication with subscribers. This is achieved thanks to the support of 3G, 4G standards. It is interesting that the autonomy of the mobile device is at the highest level since the gadget in the talk mode can easily last up to 21 hours. To protect data in a smartphone, Apple developers have provided a finger scanner.

New generation display in iPhone 8 Plus

The maximum level of brightness and contrast of the projected display in the iPhone 8 Plus models is slightly higher than that of the version without a plus sign. The phone is equipped with a 5.5-inch screen with a resolution of 1080x1920 pixels. Thanks to the practical function of the True Tone mode, the color tone of the screen changes depending on the ambient light.

When playing movies, not only the contrast is impressive, but also the color quality. Users were able to appreciate the protection of the display, where there are absolutely no fingerprints left. If you look at the characteristics of a mobile device, then the pixel density here are 401 points.

Newest Focusing Camera in iPhone 8 Plus

No more bad shots with the iPhone 8 Plus. Apple's image signal processor is capable of recognizing people, movements, lighting brightness and many other details in the frame to maximize the photo before the owner of the gadget takes it.

From the images Live Photo, you can do a fun looped video. Also, the new capabilities of the device allow you to add the "Pendulum" option so that the actions are played back and forth over and over again. Also, it will not be difficult to turn the rays frozen in the sky into fireworks using the Long Exposure effect.

The flagship was equipped with a dual main module (12 Mp + 12 Mp), and the device also has optical image stabilization. One of the camcorders is wide-angle, and the other is equipped with a telephoto lens.

HD-camera Face Time The 7 megapixel, which is equipped with a mobile device from Apple, will allow you to easily create the most spectacular selfie. The functionality of the device now includes hybrid focusing. Also, Apple developers have improved the six-element lens and increased brightness. The front camera features a new Quad-LED flash. The lens is also protected with a sapphire crystal, which is an innovation that has brought the iPhone to a completely different, higher level.

If we consider the process of photographing, then capturing an object does not take much time. When recording multiple videos with a mobile device, files are quickly saved.

Interesting features and capabilities of the iPhone 8 Plus

iPhone 8 Plus model with a minimum of 64 GB of existing versions. This volume allows the smartphone owner to freely download many music tracks and several movies in HD quality. At the same time, there will be a lot of space for games and storing photos. For example, 1 GB can hold 250 photos, while 10 GB can hold approximately 2,500 photos. One music track will take 10 MB, therefore, 100 songs will require only 1 GB of mobile memory. In addition, modern capabilities allow you not to download music but listen to it online through special applications, which will require no more than 15 - 20 GB to download. Of course, users who download a lot of applications, movies, and photos.

The new version of Apple iPhone 8 Plus is optimal for the user who is not involved in professional video and photography, as well as for those who do not store numerous media files and applications in their memory. Since 64 GB will be enough for storage:

  • Many photographs;
  • Many audio files;
  • A couple of dozen applications;
  • Several movies.

Therefore, not every user should pay extra for the maximum amount of memory of 256 GB, but it is better to buy the 64 GB iPhone 8 Plus at a more affordable price.

Using this smartphone model, it is easy to communicate with other subscribers. By going to the general menu of the gadget, you will get quick access to mail and calendar. Here you can easily set the time and have a business notebook. To find the necessary information or applications, it is enough to go to the browser, where the user is provided with access to the Internet space. The main theme is well-thought-out by the developers. Another advantage of a mobile device is fast fingerprint scanning.

Looking at the interface of the device, you can see that all the necessary data on network activity and communication signals are displayed in the upper area. Software such as a browser or mail can be moved around. If you need to call a friend, you can use the services of Siri's assistant, who perfectly recognizes speech. This option will be useful if you need to quickly find out the weather forecast or check your mail. Summarizing all the information on the 8 Plus smartphone, we can highlight:

  1. A high level of performance and autonomy, which is responsible for the innovative six-core A11 Bionic chipset;
  2. The convenience of the interface;
  3. High quality protected main and front cameras;
  4. A wide range of functionalities;
  5. Intellectual assistant;
  6. Smooth work with applications;
  7. Certified in accordance with the IP67 standard, which ensures complete protection of the device against moisture and dust penetration into the case;
  8. A fingerprint scanner, which is built into the touch button under the screen of the gadget;
  9. The high-speed performance provided by bulk RAM;
  10. Powerful 2675 mAh battery supporting fast charging;
  11. 5.5-inch display equipped with curved protective glass at the edges;
  12. Reduced side display bezels and antenna strips compared to the previous version;
  13. Ergonomics and practicality in operation, despite the increased size of the model.

The iPhone 8 Plus is for those users who want to get the maximum set of innovative solutions in a single device. Thus, the back panel made of high-strength glass is not only a stylish design element but also allows you to support wireless charging of the phone. Fast charging is also available on the smartphone. Thanks to the powerful A11 Bionic microprocessor, it became possible to increase the speed of the device by twenty percent, while simultaneously reducing the energy consumption of the device.

Refurbished iPhone 8 Plus, the benefits of buying a ref phone in ICOOLA.UA

First of all, the iPhone 8 Plus refurbished at ICOOLA.UA is an original smartphone that has passed 3 levels of testing and has the same characteristics as the new gadget, but is much better, because it has a number of the following advantages:

  • 40% more affordable than a new phone;
  • Has a complete set;
  • 1 year warranty, as when buying a new phone;
  • Environmental friendliness - when restoring such a refurbished iPhone 8 Plus, a huge pile of garbage was not thrown into nature.

We boldly declare that the gadgets we restore are perfect, because they have passed 3 levels of testing and meet all quality standards.

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What is the autonomy of the iPhone 8+?

The entire Apple iPhone 8 Plus line has a 2689 mAh battery. When the battery is fully charged, the operating time is: in talk mode - up to 21 hours; when playing music - up to 60 hours; when watching movies and videos - up to 14 hours;

Where can I buy an iPhone 8+?

Note that you can buy inexpensive iPhones 8 Plus on our online store Icoola.

What is the warranty on the iPhone 8+?

We provide a one-year warranty on all our products.

In what colors is the iPhone 8+ available?

The phone is available in the following colors: red; gold; gray; silver

What is the processor on the iPhone 8+?

The iPhone 8 has an Apple A11 processor

What features does the iPhone 8 Plus have?

The oleo phobic coating now protects the gadget from greasy marks on both sides, both the screen and the back cover. You can also charge your phone with wireless charging and high-speed charging. In addition, the device has powerful protection against water and dust, louder stereo speakers, improved color reproduction and a dual 12-megapixel camera.

What year is the iPhone 8 Plus released?

Apple developed this model on September 17, 2017. Although this device was released a long time ago, it is still popular today.

What is the screen size of the iPhone 8 Plus?

The screen size is 5.5 inches. Extension - 1920x1080.

Buy iPhone 8 Plus at ICOOLA: what benefits will you get?

We are, first, a qualitatively restored iPhone 8 Plus, as our service center is the largest in Western Ukraine, so you can rest assured about the quality of the smartphone. In any case, we provide a free warranty for 1 year.

Which amount of memory to choose: iPhone 8 Plus 64gb used or 256gb?

For comfortable use it will be enough to buy an iPhone 8 Plus 64gb used, however, if you really like to take a lot of pictures and want to choose a model with a huge amount of memory, we recommend that you pay attention to 256gb.