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Review of used iPhone SE 2016 release!

The most popular and demanded in the whole world and in Ukraine are the smartphones of the Apple iPhone manufacturer. The brand never ceases to provide customers with improved new models that are characterized by high quality, performance and functionality. They have a corresponding price, so not every Ukrainian can afford to buy a smartphone from the apple brand.

ICOOLA offers an alternative option - to buy inexpensively and in excellent condition SE iPhone used in 2016. The model perfectly combines the design of the iPhone 5s and the functionality of the 6s. You can buy a used SE iPhone by visiting our store located at the address: Lviv, Kotsyubynskogo Street, 25. Also, we suggest making a purchase using our website, where you can place an order through the "Basket" or by phone.

Buy or not buy iPhone SE 2016

You shouldn't even think for a long time about whether or not to purchase a second-hand SE iPhone 2016 release. Since, the advantages of such a purchase are obvious:

  1. Low price - by purchasing a used iPhone, you can save 20-50% of the amount required for a new smartphone.
  2. Purchase of a used SE iPhone , which is no worse than new. Moreover, there are quite a few situations when the phone was used very little, and they sell it because of the desire to buy a newer model from Apple .
  3. Practice has shown that smartphones of the "apple brand", subject to the rules of operation, serve for a long time and without interruption. Therefore, even a second-hand iPhone can last more than one year.
  4. If you wish, after some time you can resell the previously purchased used SE iPhone , and you will practically not lose anything, since you can sell it 5% cheaper than you bought, or even for the same cost.

In order not to have problems with a used iPhone, you should not tempt fate and acquire it from your hands. This option is permissible only if you know the owner of the smartphone well and are confident in his integrity. Better not take risks and contact a reliable company ICOOLA. We have the best prices for used SE iPhones from 2016. Therefore, you will not overpay and become the owner of a used phone in perfect condition without risks.

Warranties from our store when buying an iPhone CE

When buying a fairly used SE iPhone , every buyer wants to be 100% sure that the smartphone:

  • has high quality;
  • not damaged and has no faults;
  • has a long-term warranty.

The Ukrainian company ICOOLA provides its customers with a full free 1 year warranty for all used smartphone models, including used SE iPhone 2016 release. Therefore, you can safely make a purchase without fear that the gadget will break and you will lose your money. After purchasing a used iPhone CE in our store, you can, within one year, under warranty, in case of failure for reasons beyond your control, return the smartphone and exchange it for another, repair it for free or receive a refund.

Prices for this phone

Realizing various models of used iPhones, ICOOLA has the opportunity to offer used SE iPhone 2016 at the best prices in Lviv and Ukraine! You can see the exact cost of a smartphone on the ICOOLA website. At the same time, unlike competing companies, the price does not include a guarantee, since we provide it free of charge.

Here you can not only buy a cheap used second-hand iPhone CE by visiting our store personally, but also receive it by New Mail in any branch of Ukraine.

The Benefits You Get If You Want To Buy iPhone SE

The release of Apple iPhone CE in 2016 was received with enthusiasm by the majority of connoisseurs of the “apple brand”, but there were also those who were skeptical about this model. The first ones admired the manufacturer's concern for consumers, since this model is easily operated with one hand, which is impossible in the case of gadgets that have displays with large diagonals.

The latter argued that the SE iPhone is an unsuccessful attempt to reissue the 5s model, which is doomed to fail. In their opinion, the future lies only with smartphones with large displays. But, several years after the release of the iPhone CE, it turned out that those users who initially liked the compact smartphone were right. It is for this reason that this 4-inch Apple model remains one of the best-selling in the world to this day. At the same time, the small size compared to the usual smartphones has become the main feature of the SE iPhone . After all, it can be easily and fully operated with one hand, which is convenient when in transport, during work and in many other cases.

If, in addition to the compact size, we consider other advantages of the SE iPhone 2016 release, then we can highlight the following:

  1. Design - iPhone SE belongs to the most beautiful smartphones on the market. Because, the gadget has well-defined edges and minimalist style. Apple manufacturers have managed to create a phone that fits perfectly with both sports and business suits. The model is available in four colors: "rose gold", "space gray", "gold" and "silver".
  2. Ergonomics - iPhone SE allows you to forget about all the problems associated with the ergonomics of a mobile device. It is compact, lightweight and easy to use.
  3. Camera - unlike the iPhone 6c, the video camera is one piece with the body and does not protrude on the lid. The model is equipped with a 12 megapixel rear camera. The device is endowed with support for 4k video - the user can record and edit high-definition videos directly on the smartphone. Due to the high resolution in the editing process, you can work with an approximation of the angle. Lovers of frequent use of the front camera will appreciate the Retina Flash option . The display of the gadget is able to briefly become 3 times brighter, perfectly performing the function of a flash. IPhone CE supports True Tone technology, due to which the system can use information about the illumination of the environment to set the desired color temperature. The video camera of the device is capable of recording at two hundred and forty frames per second at 720 r.
  4. Performance - The device is very fast. Applications on it open without delay and can be stored in memory for a long time. Its operating speed is not worse than that of its predecessor 6s. The gadget does an excellent job of multitasking and does not overload when switching, and the browser allows you to keep more open tabs. Thanks to the A9 microprocessor, the iPhone CE is up to 70% more powerful than its predecessors. In practical use, this is reflected in the fact that games, applications, and many other tasks are handled efficiently. Moreover, the small display provides a tremendous boost in gaming performance. This also applies to the web browser, watching videos, working with text and other tasks.
  5. Autonomy and Networking - Dedicated processors were originally designed to conserve battery power when motion tracking was enabled. With the advent of the iPhone CE model, its capabilities were able to reach a new level, if earlier the "Hello Siri " command was recognized exclusively with the power cable turned on, then this function is constantly supported by a special M9 processor. That is, if there is a need for frequent use of Siri iPhone SE, then it can be called using an ordinary voice command, for which an Internet connection is sufficient. When surfing online and playing videos on a single charge, the device can work for about 13 hours.
  6. Memory - the device operates with 2 GB of RAM. The smartphone has a high speed, does not freeze, perfectly and wonderfully copes with many open tabs in the browser.
  7. Sound - the gadget is equipped with the Cirrus Logic audio codec , which provides clear and crisp sound, even when using a variety of headphones.
  8. Communication - the smartphone successfully supports all communication standards Bluetooth , NFC and Wi-Fi , as well as 4G LTE, which has the function of combining two bands.
  9. Battery - The iPhone CE is equipped with a 1624 mAh battery , thanks to it and the equipment of the gadget with modern and energy-efficient components, the phone operates without recharging for 1.5 - 2 days. In practice, it was this model that proved that it was able to work much longer than previous gadgets with twice the battery capacity of the Apple company.
  10. Video - the device allows you to record videos in 4K resolution at thirty frames per second. Smoothness is sixty or one hundred twenty frames per second. In addition, the owners of the iPhone CE are given the opportunity to record video with even greater smoothness (240 frames), the only thing that is required for this is to reduce the resolution to 720 p.

The iPhone CE has a lot of advantages and remains relevant for many users. Its purchase is advisable for those who would like to change the 5S model, but do not want to purchase a bulky device. The model has the same quality and performance as the 6S, but with a nicer, lighter and more comfortable body. Practice has proven that this is one of the best small smartphones on the market today.

But, do not overpay big money for iPhones, but rather turn to the help of ICOOLA and buy a used SE iPhone 2016 in excellent condition at a profit . We are responsible for the quality and performance of the smartphone, therefore we provide our customers with a free 1 year warranty. We provide prompt dispatch of iPhone CE by New Mail to any city of Ukraine.

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In what colors are the iPhones SE available?

Cupertino's designers presented a novelty in several colors, space gray (Space Gray), gold (Gold), rose gold (Rose Gold) and the most popular among others - silver (Silver).

What is the diagonal of the screen in the iPhone SE?

This is a four-inch Retina widescreen touch screen with IPS matrix.

What is the processor in the iPhone SE?

The Apple iPhone SE has a 64-bit microprocessor with two computing cores.

What kit when buying an iPhone SE?

In addition to the smartphone, in the box you will find a charger, USB cable, documentation and warranty for the whole year.

What is the condition of the used iPhone SE?

If you decide to buy a 2016 iPhone SE in used condition, you will get a quality smartphone in perfect condition. Note that the phone may have minimal abrasion or battery drain. Everything else is the perfect gadget.

How to buy iPhone SE cheap?

To buy iPhone SE cheap, add your smartphone to your cart and wait for manager feedback. We are sure that the price of this phone will be able to satisfy you

iPhone SE is waterproof?

Although Apple claims that the iPhone SE has good protection against water, but still it is waterproof. When testing this smartphone for water resistance, it lasted only 10 minutes under water. Note that users should not take risks and push this model underwater ...

Phone SE smartphone autonomy?

Although the iPhone SE is old, the small screen and low power consumption allow this model to work autonomously for a long time. With a new battery, it can last more than 5-6 hours with active use!

What is the RAM in the iPhone SE?

IPhone SE RAM is 2 GB. This is quite a lot, because the gadget was released in 2016.

iPhone SE 16gb used or 32gb: which memory capacity to choose?

Frankly, in today's world 16gb is too little. For comfortable use and storage of several thousand photos, you should choose iPhone SE 32gb used, in addition, the difference in price between 16 and 32 GB is small, so we recommend choosing a larger capacity.