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 Best iPhone SE 2 (2020) on ICOOLA

Apple's iPhone SE 2 (2020) is considered the best compact smartphone in the world. The model is very fast and easy to use, waterproof, with fast wireless charging and an excellent camera. The novelty is ideal for those who have long tired of using a large, heavy and inconvenient phablet, but do not want to part with the high performance of the gadget.

ICOOLA offers to buy iPhone SE 2 (2020) in Ukraine on the most favorable terms. Our smartphone is inexpensive, and moreover, we provide a free 1-year warranty. Therefore, cooperation with our store will save you from many possible risks. Just visit the ICOOLA website, choose the iPhone SE 2 (2020) model that matches the color and memory capacity , and place your order. Our managers will promptly answer all your questions regarding the selection of a smartphone and its purchase.

Review of features and benefits of iPhone SE 2 (2020)

The new smartphone model from Apple - iPhone CE 2 is endowed with flagship features and is made in a classic beautiful design. The model is an improved representative of the SE line. The key advantage of the novelty is the budget price, while the device is equipped with a compact 4.7-inch screen, a high-performance microprocessor and a single video camera. Other advantageous features of the iPhone SE 2 (2020) are:

  • simplicity and beauty of the gadget - thanks to the successful combination of the aluminum case and glass panels on the front and back of the device, a reliable base is created for the ideal mobile phone. Beautiful design, minimalism and the use of only the best materials are the key to the popularity of the iPhone CE 2;
  • Retina HD display - the screen has an optimal size of 4.7 inches, due to which the overall ergonomics of the iPhone SE 2 is at a high level;
  • the return of the "Home" button - a favorite and convenient option for many users has returned to its original place and is still equipped with a high-quality fingerprint scanner;
  • protection against dust and moisture penetration - by opting for the iPhone CE 2, you become the owner of a mobile phone that is not afraid of water. The model has successfully passed tests for submersion in water to a depth of one meter up to half an hour, and also nothing prevented it from working in a dusty environment;
  • brightness and a variety of saturated colors - you can choose the iPhone SE 2 in the color that most impresses: red, white and black. All options have one thing in common - attractiveness and consistent style;
  • intelligence of a smartphone - the presence of the 3rd generation Neural Engine technology significantly increases the system performance and its speed. With its help, the image is saved in maximum quality and its smoothness is improved.

Camera, battery and performance of the iPhone CE 2

The main camera of the iPhone CE 2 (2020) is represented by one lens with a resolution of 12 megapixels , which is enough to create high quality photos. The smartphone module has optical image stabilization and the following functions:

  • a portrait image that allows you to create stunning portraits against blurred backgrounds;
  • Smart HDR, which detects a human face in the frame and automatically adjusts the lighting;
  • the "depth" option - controls the degree of background blur during shooting or after it ends;
  • Advanced illumination functions with six settings that allow you to adjust the image for the perfect photo.

If we consider the video characteristics of the iPhone SE 2 (2020), then they can be used to shoot in 4K resolution at a frequency of sixty frames per second, as well as 1080 r. - up to 240 frames per second. In the first case, the device covers the elements by more than 4 times. The quicktake function helps you record video while taking a photo. You can record in stereo for original movies. Also, the iPhone SE 2 is equipped with a selfie camera with a resolution of 7 megapixel and the option for portrait mode.

Despite the fact that the rechargeable battery in the iPhone CE 2 has a modest capacity, which is slightly more than 1800 mAh , the smartphone uses it quite well. The model operates without recharging from 1 to 2 days, as well as up to 13 hours of continuous video playback. Charging here is fast enough and absolutely not tiresome for the owner of the iPhone SE 2. Just 30 minutes is enough to replenish the battery capacity up to 50%.

Responsibility for the performance of the iPhone CE 2 (2020) and the speed of the device rests with the 6-core A13 Bionic processor . The ideal combination of a powerful chipset and a graphics accelerator ensures the device can successfully cope with any user tasks in the form of:

  • multitasking;
  • editing video materials;
  • launching large and resource-intensive applications.

The iPhone SE 2 operates on the iOs 13 platform . The user is given the right to access all updates that improve security to improve the capabilities of the device and some of its functions. The system has the functions of a photo, night mode and a voice assistant Siri .

The RAM indicator in this model is 3 GB, which is enough for the system's performance, and the built-in storage is offered in three variations:

  • 64 GB;
  • 128 GB;
  • 256 GB.

Apple's iPhone SE 2 is a very fast, waterproof device with a great video camera, induction charging, wireless connectivity and all the benefits of iOS . So many advantages are enclosed in a small, lightweight body with a display that is easy to operate with one hand.

Price for iPhone CE 2 in Icoola

You can find out how much the iPhone SE 2 (2020) costs on the ICOOLA website. The availability of our prices will pleasantly surprise you, since we work directly with the manufacturer, and you will not have to overpay for intermediary services. Therefore, the cost of iPhone CE 2 (2020) on the ICOOLA website is significantly lower than in other Ukrainian competitive stores.

The cost of the iPhone SE 2 depends on the amount of memory, respectively, the more it is, the more expensive the gadget will cost you. In our catalog, prices and detailed specifications are presented for each model. In addition, we provide a free one-year warranty. Also, our managers are always ready to advise you about the cost.

Conclusions: is the iPhone SE 2 (2020) a good buy ?

There are 10 main reasons why buying an iPhone SE 2 (2020) will be uniquely successful:

  1. The availability of the gadget in the anti-crisis line of iPhones - the cost of a smartphone is the most acceptable in comparison with the latest models released by Apple. This device can be an excellent choice as the first iPhone for a child, the device is also relevant for those users who do not have the funds to purchase the latest models.
  2. Optimal value for money - iPhone SE 2 (2020) is worth its money because it features impeccable build quality, excellent cameras, wide functionality and power.
  3. Compact smartphone for calls - not all users need phones that can do everything. The majority continues to use a mobile phone exclusively for making calls, sending SMS and minimally using other features of the gadget. For such people, the iPhone SE 2 (2020) has an absolute advantage: it is a famous brand with a certain image component and a compact size that allows you to operate the phone with one hand.
  4. Unique screen - the display not only gives a picture of impeccable quality, but also quickly responds to gestures, which ensures high speed and simplicity of smartphone control.
  5. Stylish and clean design is one of the most popular reasons to buy the iPhone SE 2.
  6. Security - to save the user's personal data in the iPhone CE 2, Face ID, iTouch ID and other reliable technologies are provided .
  7. IP67 Water Resistant - iPhone SE 2 compares favorably with many market models by being fully water resistant . This gadget option is relevant for users who like to talk on the phone in the bathroom or go hiking.
  8. The presence of 2 powerful cores in the iPhone CE guarantees the ability to use various applications - games, watching videos, processing photos, as well as performing other tasks at high speed.
  9. Providing the latest and fastest microprocessor from Apple - a small display diagonal and low resolution does not require a particularly high chipset performance. But, the manufacturer Apple did not save, and installed the latest generation microprocessor in the iPhone SE 2 - A13 Bionic . This gave more performance with similar technical characteristics to competing smartphones, and also allows significantly less power consumption and more comfortable interaction with the phone.
  10. The only smartphone in existence for conservative users - if you are more accustomed to the comfortable small size of the device, and would not like to change anything, then the iPhone SE 2 is perfect for you. This is the best phone for users who slowly get used to everything new and stay true to their habits.

Visit our store at the address: Lviv, st. Kotsyubinskogo, 25 and test the iPhone SE 2 yourself, our professional consultants are always ready to tell you in detail about each model, as well as help with the settings. If there is no time or opportunity for shopping, you can buy an iPhone CE 2 inexpensively on the ICOOLA website with delivery by Nova Poshta to any region of Ukraine.

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Which processor in SE 2020?

On the iPhone SE 2020 processor Apple A13

Which camera is installed in the iPhone SE 2020?

It has a single camera module, 12-megapixel, with an aperture of f / 1.8 aperture. Thanks to the powerful A13 processor that processes photos, the image quality is at such a high level.

What is the display diagonal of the iPhone SE 2020?

The diagonal of the display on the iPhone SE 2020 is 4.7 inches

Are iPhone SE 2 available for sale at ICOOLA.UA?

Yes, of course, this model is available, and you can buy it by placing an order on our website or by calling 0 800 602 250 (Free). Note that you can purchase this gadget in the following colors:

  • Black;
  • Red;
  • White.

And also with 64 GB of memory, 128 GB, 256 GB. Upon purchase, you will receive a 1-year free warranty.

What is the warranty on the iPhone SE 2020?

This model has a 1-year free warranty. Note that if during the warranty period, something happened to the device through the fault of the manufacturer, we will fix any problems for free.

How much is the iPhone SE 2 in Ukraine?

If you are interested in how much the iPhone SE 2 costs, you can see the prices in the relevant section on our website. Depending on how much memory you are interested in, the price is formed. Here you can buy smartphones SE 2 in the following variations:

  • iPhone SE 2 64 GB - $353;
  • iPhone SE 2 128 GB - $398;
  • iPhone SE 2 256 GB - $465.

Note that this is the lowest price for these smartphones in Lviv, as we have the largest Apple service center in Western Ukraine and are able to form the price according to the lowest parameters.

What equipment when buying an iPhone SE 2?

If you decide to buy an iPhone SE 2, you will receive a complete set, namely:

  • Original ECOPHONE box from our company;
  • Actually the smartphone itself;
  • Charger;
  • Warranty card for 1 year.

Note that we renew it, which means that all our efforts are focused on the circular economy and sustainable development.

Is the restored iPhone SE 2 completely original?

Yes, when restoring the iPhone SE 2, we use only original spare parts. We do not use copy/counterfeit in any way, which could violate the authenticity of the smartphone. All models have an IMEI, which you can check on the official Apple website.

How is the SE 2 iPhone different from the iPhone 8?

First, the iPhone SE 2 differs from the eighth model a much more powerful Apple 13 Bionic processor, a better camera and battery.