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 IPhone 10 (X) smartphone: price, characteristics and gadget review in 2022

Looking at the iPhone X in 2022, it is safe to say that it is one of Apple's best gadgets, primarily due to its excellent iOS operating system, the performance of which is simply impressive. Using Apple technology, you will not see any glitches or slowdowns, no matter how many applications or programs you have open at the same time, the A 11 Bionic processor is able to cope with any load. Even the most powerful games or programs just fly. And at the expense of all other aspects, we can safely say, this gadget has something to surprise you. What exactly?

Apple iPhone X, what is the price of this smartphone in 2022?

Today, the iPhone can be purchased for $ 367 and up. It should be noted that with the release of newer models of smartphones from Apple, the price of older one's decreases. If you take into account iPhones 10, then this series of phones will be relevant for more than 5 years. The device has a great 12MP camera, a powerful battery with a capacity of 2716 mAh, and a stylish glass case in two colors Space Gray and Silver.

Note that the model was released on September 12, 2017, it was released with phones such as 8 and 8 Plus. One of the main differences of X is the new type of gadget unlock, called Face ID. The developers decided to take away the standard method of unlocking the phone with a fingerprint. Now for the owner to unlock, just bring the iPhone 10 to the face. Thanks to this innovation, we managed to expand the screen, almost losing the framework.

Where to buy a cheap iPhone X in Ukraine?

Every buyer wants to buy a quality and original iPhone X cheaply, although the price has dropped, it is still quite expensive, as it is a respectable premium smartphone. Note that you can click the store to buy iPhones and 10 in Ukraine at inexpensive prices is very difficult. Because most of the apple store either significantly inflate the price or sell low-quality gadgets without a guarantee. We, as the company ICOOLA, provide a year of free warranty for all our products, because we are 100% sure of its quality.

In addition, by buying from us you will receive a complete set in the form of an original box and charger. For regular customers, we promise cool gifts and bonuses in the form of discounts on future purchases.   Choose ICOOLA and get quality that is hard to find elsewhere.

What are the characteristics of the iPhone 10 (X)?

Owners of iPhones 10 get not just a smartphone, but a real mini- PC that is able to cope with any task. First, let's talk about the camera, what are its feature and technical characteristics.

The main camera of the iPhone X has the following parameters:

  • Main camera - 12 MP + 12 with dual optical stabilization;
  • Aperture - F / 1.8;
  • Maximum video recording expansion - 3840x2160 (frequency 60);
  • A protected lens with special sapphire crystal;
  • Additional camera specifications - geotags, photo series, live photos, face recognition, HDR, automatic photo and video stabilization, "Portrait" mode, 64 MP panorama, noise reduction, Slow-Motion.

Front camera:

  1. Front camera - 7 MP;
  2. Video recording with 1080p extension;
  3. Screen flash;
  4. Recognition of objects and faces;
  5. Optical stabilization.
  6. Technical characteristics of stuffing and other:
  7. Processor - A11 Bionic;
  8. Number of cores - 6 (two highly efficient and two energy-efficient);
  9. Varieties of internal memory - 64 GB and 256 GB;
  10. RAM - 3GB;
  11. Operating system - iOS 13 ;
  12. Housing type - glass and metal;
  13. Battery - lithium-ion 2716 mAh;
  14. HxWxT - 143.6x70.9x7.7;
  15. Protection against water and dust - IP67;

Apple iPhone X is a powerful, convenient, and high-performance gadget, which is one of the 10 most popular smartphones in Ukraine as of 2022. By choosing to buy it, you have chosen a quality that is appreciated by fans of Apple technology.

What really keeps the batteries in iPhone 10 ( X )?

To be honest, the battery charge for this model is enough for a full working day. As we have already said, there is a built-in lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 2716 mAh. For comparison, the iPhone 8, which was introduced in the same year, received a battery with a capacity of only 1821 mAh, which is less.

As you know from the official website of Apple, the charge is enough for:

  • 12 hours of work on the Internet;
  • 13 hours of video viewing;
  • 60 hours of audio playback;
  • 21 hours of talk time.

Although in reality, the numbers are much smaller, we, as experts in the field of iPhone, can say that the device is enough for a full working day. Still, Apple is close to getting their smartphones more powerful batteries.

How is the delivery and warranty and what is the complete set of the gadget?

Delivery of goods is due to the New Mail (or any other at the request of the customer). The goods are sent from the moment of ordering the goods. If you have purchased any product before 16:00, shipping is on the day of the order. Each purchased iPhone comes with a USB and power supply. In addition, you will receive a warranty card for a period of 1 year. The warranty conditions are described in the relevant section on our website.

Conclusions: is it worth buying an iPhone X

If you take stock of the iPhone 10, it and the gadget has something to surprise you. Users finally got the frameless display they've been waiting for more than 10 years. The device is designed for those people who love to take quality photos. In its control and built all the necessary applications, allowing you to start work on this gadget from the first minutes of activation.

If you choose the iPhone X, you can buy it in our online market, as a loan, and by paying the full amount at once. We send the goods by cash on delivery or through Nova Poshta, so you can assess the whole ideality of your purchase by testing the gadget in the Nova Poshta branch.

In addition, you can come and buy a smartphone in our showroom, in Lviv, on Kotsyubynskoho Street 25. Thank you for choosing the eco-brand ICOOLA.

Refurbished iPhone X: what are the benefits of a refurbished iPhone 10?

This model is definitely a revolutionary character, as many new technologies have been introduced in this series. The refurbished iPhone X got a frameless display, Face ID, OLED image transfer technology and much more. Refurbished iPhone 10 is a smartphone that could replace cosmetic parts, but it has retained its original originality. Over the years, Aykula has developed innovative restoration methods using advanced technology and the most experienced repair engineers, with 3 years of experience. So choosing us to buy this model, you will receive a phone 40% lower in price, with a complete set and a free 1 year warranty. In addition, you do not harm the environment, because when you restore the phone, a huge amount of electronic waste is not released into nature, which is produced during the production of the new flagship Apple.

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What is the discount on the iPhone X?

You will get a good discount if you buy two phones.

What is the price of the iPhone X?

As of today, the iPhone 10 costs around 480-500 dollars, but with the release of new models there is a gradual decline in prices.

Is the iPhone X relevant in 2022?

This iPhone model will easily download all programs and difficult games, and the operating system will be updated for more than a year.

What is the camera on the iPhone X?

In the top ten, the main camera is 12 megapixel with an aperture of f / 1.8, the auxiliary camera also has 12 megapixels but with a different aperture of f / 2.4. 

Why buy an iPhone X at Icoola?

Revolutionary new design, powerful A11 Bionic Face ID processor, easy to use - all for the best price in the best online smartphone store - Icoola.

What level of moisture protection does the iPhone X have?

iPhone X has a level of protection against moisture and dust IP67, where the first digit is the level of protection against dust, the second against water. The model successfully passed all tests and lasted underwater for up to 30 minutes. ICOOLA does not recommend checking your device for water resistance.

Used iPhone 10 - how is the delivery of goods at the time of purchase?

If you bought an iPhone 10 bu on our website, you can get the product in the following ways:

  • Come in person to our store and pick up your phone in Lviv, on the street. Kotsyubynskoho 25;
  • Specify the Nova Poshta branch and receive your gadget by cash on delivery.

In full payment for the goods via Way For Pay or payment in installments from MonoBank delivery of goods is free!

iPhone X 64gb used or 256gb: how much memory should I choose?

For comfortable use, it is enough to choose the iPhone X 64gb used. This volume is enough to hold more than 15,000 photos taken with a 12 MP camera.