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 Used Apple iPhone XS smartphone: is it worth buying this gadget?

Any fans of Apple technology are looking forward to the release of new Apple iPhone models. This is a presentable brand of smartphones, the popularity of which has long gone beyond its limits. Every year, Apple, mainly in September, presents a new phone model. On account of the iPhone XS, the world saw it on September 12, 2018, along with the budget XR. What surprised the world about this model? The new type of Bionic A12 processor, camera, support for two SIM cards, and a new level of protection against water and dust IP68. In addition, this is the first model of smartphone from Apple, which is proposed to be purchased with 512 GB of memory, which has not been before.

Why buy a used iPhone XS?

Buying an iPhone XS used, you get the same quality as when buying a brand new gadget. The fact that the iPhone version of X Used Es - mainly showcases models or those smartphones, in which used ly replaced and any cosmetic material that does not affect gadgets.

Many iPhone experts say that these smartphones should be purchased only in a refurbished form. The fact that Apple is trying to create a perpetual cycle of recycling and recovery gadgets roughly iPhone - this gadget, in which any parts and easily replaced, so managed to achieve almost "eternal smartphone." For example, many people still have 4 or 5 working models, the performance of which is no worse than new phones. If, after all, you are still wondering which smartphone to choose second-hand or new, we invite you to our showroom in Lviv, at 25 Kotsyubynskoho Street, where you can personally make sure that the restored equipment is really perfect, and the difference between used and new - only in price.

How much is the iPhone XS in the ICOOLA online market?

The price of the iPhone XS in our online store is one of the lowest in Ukraine. We managed to achieve this figure due to the fact that we try to make Apple technology available to every Ukrainian.

In addition, unlike other online stores, we offer a free warranty for 12 months. If something happens to your device during this period through our fault, we will correct this failure as soon as possible. If you bought the phone in another city, you can send it for repair by Nova Poshta.

What colors can you buy a used iPhone XS?

We offer this model in three types of colors:

  • Silver (Silver) ;
  • Space Gray (Space Gray) ;
  • Gold (Gold).

During the presentation, Tim Cook said that the glass body of this phone is one of the strongest in the entire line of Apple iPhone, in addition, it is very resistant to scratches. However, no matter how strong the case, we recommend using a protective cover.

How to buy a cheap iPhone XS?

To buy an iPhone HS on our website, you need to place an order by selecting the required model. Then click on the buy button and fill out the contact form. Once you have done this, you will be contacted by our manager, who will confirm the order by phone.

If you want to buy a cheaper iPhone XS, we will be happy to help you with this issue. In the section of the promotion from time to time, there are models that are much cheaper. Also, anyone can buy equipment on credit, breaking the payment into several parts.

Let's talk about iPhone camera features and XS?

It is worth noting that this smartphone has a great camera and features that can definitely surprise you. Let's list the main characteristics of the camera:

  • Main camera - 12 MP;
  • Two lenses, one of which is a telephoto lens, the other is a widescreen one;
  • Maximum photo expansion - 4000x3000;
  • Zoom - 2x;
  • Video recording in 4K format;
  • Focal length - 26mm;
  • Digital stabilization;
  • Front camera - 7 MP, with a maximum resolution of 3264x2448.

Due to other technical characteristics of the iPhone XS, everything is also at an excellent level:

  1. Screen - OLED;
  2. Extension - 2436x1125 pixels;
  3. Screen size - 5.8 inches;
  4. Dimensions ( HxWxD ) - 143.6x70.9x7.7mm;
  5. The weight of the device is 177 grams;
  6. Processor - Apple A12 Bionic ;
  7. Operating system - iOS 12;
  8. Number of cores - 6;
  9. The amount of RAM - 4GB;
  10. Battery - 2658;
  11. Level of protection against water and dust IP-68;
  12. SIM card type - Nano;
  13. The size of the built-in memory - 64, 256, 512GB;

If you draw a parallel with the iPhone X, you can see increased protection against water and dust, an increased amount of RAM, a completely new type of processor, and much more.

Conclusions: is it worth buying a used iPhone XS in 2021?

If you take into account the relevance of the second-hand iPhone XS in 2021, this gadget is definitely among the 10 most popular in Ukraine. Comparing it with the new 11 series (Pro, Pro Max), only the camera has undergone drastic changes, all other technical characteristics are almost at the same level, and the price is much lower. Buying an iPhone X, you get not just a gadget, but a real mini-laptop that is capable of powerful tasks and performs all tasks with a bang. Thank you for choosing ICOOLA!

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What is the camera on the iPhone XS?

The iPhone XS camera consists of two 12-megapixel modules. One of which is wide-angle and the other is a telephoto module. Apertures of these modules: wide - ƒ / 1.8 and telephoto - ƒ / 2.4

Where can I buy a used iPhone XS?

You can buy an iPhone XS in the Icoola online store.

In what colors is the iPhone XS available ?

iPhone XS is available in three colors: silver, gold and gray space

Does the iPhone XS support two SIM cards?

So supports. IPhone XS is available in two versions with DualSim and eSim. 

What is the amount of RAM in the iPhone XS?

The iPhone XS has 4 GB of RAM