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 Best choice of used iPhone XS Max at ICOOLA

The need for regular updating of smartphones is dictated not only by the fashion for new iPhones. Phones at the expiration of time lose their ability to meet the growing user needs in the capabilities of the devices, creating the need to purchase new devices. Buying a used iPhone XS Max in ICOOLA allows for an acceptable price to become the owner of the coveted smartphone. The original branded device has a long service life, so even used iPhones will work for more than one year.

If you don't have enough funds for the new iPhone XS Max, then the ICOOLA store is always ready to help you. We offer exclusively original devices of excellent quality and at loyal prices.

Why is it better to choose a used iPhone XS Max than a new one?

Not everyone today has the opportunity to give big money for a new iPhone from Apple. Therefore, in some cases, the best solution would be to purchase a used iPhone XS Max, which provides the opportunity to get the original "apple" gadget at a much lower price.

Of course, you can save, if you buy a new fake iPhone. But, will you be sure of the quality of such a device? Company ICOOLA offers to make a choice in favor though and a used, but the original, and the reasons for this as follows:

  • Original Apple smartphones are characterized by a high degree of reliability and body strength;
  • "Apple" phone is characterized by the presence of protection and enhanced functionality;
  •  Used iPhone XS Max worth cheap, but this, he retains all the capabilities of the new gadget.
  • In the production of original Apple phones, only high-quality, safe materials and the latest unique technologies are used to ensure long service life.

If you are afraid of the occurrence of imperceptible once problems with secondhand smartphones, then the new devices also are problems. In order to reliably protect their customers from a variety of risks, associated with the operation of a second-hand iPhone company ICOOLA provides completely free for all former earlier in the use of phones Apple's one-year free warranty. Therefore, getting us to used iPhone XS Max, you can not worry about the quality and condition of the device, as in the case of which we promptly shall make a repair iPhone or his replacement.

Characteristics of the iPhone Xs Max

iPhone XS Max - the embodiment of today's functional capabilities and the latest developments of Apple. The list of characteristics and advantages of this gadget is very extensive and diverse. Here are just a few of the key features of the iPhone XC Max that have helped it gain such incredible popularity among users:

  1. Display the Super the Retina the OLED, transmits rich and clear images. Thanks to it, it provides incredible color reproduction and video playback in excellent quality. The OLED screen is supported by HDR technology and a wide color range. iPhone Xs Max belongs to Apple mobile devices that are equipped with the largest displays. Since the diagonal is 6.5 inches, and the pixel expansion is 2688x1242. A significant advantage is also in this model lies in the fact that the frame of the screen a minimum, thanks to which he has almost the same size, that and the front panel;
  2. Equipped with an innovative, efficient, and powerful 7nm A12 Bionic microprocessor. It features a six-core framework that provides fast execution of specified functional algorithms significantly more efficiently by 15% compared to version 11. In addition, the manufacturer has equipped the unit -developed eight-core system Neutral User Engine, capable of carryover, then 5 times longer operational tasks regarding the same previous chipset;
  3. The presence of a high standard of protective qualities IP68 - this option provides the gadget with reliable protection and resistance to external influences, namely to moisture. That is, a mobile device can withstand being in the water for up to half an hour;
  4. The technology of the Smart the HDR - the unit is equipped with a dual camera, which has a 12-megapixel resolution, ultra-sensitive sensors, and a wide range of modes for photographing. The combination of technical characteristics of video cameras features a microprocessor and support technology the Smart the HDR allows you to receive pictures with breathtaking detail, even under poor lighting conditions ;
  5. The Depth Control option allowed the iPhone Xs Max to bring photography in the "Portrait" mode to a qualitatively new level. The user can place accents on the photo at his discretion, as well as set the focus level and the depth of the background blur;
  6. The updated case of the iPhone Xs Max received a high-strength stainless steel frame, successfully complemented by elements of high-quality glass. The model is produced in three colors, which are refined glossy gleam, obtained through the use of technology of vacuum deposition;
  7. Improved function of Face ID, which works in iPhone XS Max is much faster and more productive than in previous models. This provides more rapid implementation of a telephone recognition of persons;
  8. Long autonomous operation - the total duration of the operation of the mobile device without recharging half of the day, if its use in normal mode without the active view of various social networks, web surfing, and operation for navigation;
  9. Dual-SIM support is a very important functional extension in iPhone XC Max;
  10. Charging the gadget is incredibly fast. Just how and model of cholesterol, it has the function of fast charging, which allows charging the rechargeable battery by half just only for half an hour.

iPhone XS Max - a top mobile device Apple of line XS. Other models it distinguishes enlarged screen with a diagonal, component record of 6.5 inches. This stylish and powerful gadget, able to successfully cope with any posed challenges - from shooting photos and videos, run intensive applications, and to solve various aspects, which are associated with massive databases of data.

The cost of the iPhone XC Max is absolutely justified - it will become your reliable ally for many years. The flagship model is aimed at successful users who are not used to compromise. Advanced microprocessor, double vertical video camera, display with a resolution of high-definition and nontrivial relation of the parties allows a new way to look at the world of smartphones Apple! The model will be an excellent choice and will open up new user possibilities for you.

Pros of buying an iPhone XS Max in ICOOLA

Purchasing a used iPhone XS Max from ICOOLA has many benefits for our customers:

  • Reducing the cost of buying a new device;
  • Getting a high-quality fashionable gadget that is fully equipped and has a decent appearance;
  • The ability to use a popular all over the world smartphone for leisure, solving household and work issues, without spending a lot of money ;
  • On the ICOOLA website, only those devices are sold that are obtained by legal means and have passed several verification stages. All used iPhone XS Max models presented in our catalog are accompanied by a free one-year warranty and are fully functional, and they also have no obvious defects and breakdowns;

By buying a used smartphone in the ICOOLA store, you become the owner of a reliable and proven device. Also, we provide:

  1. Qualified consultations, which allow receiving full information about the interest model, as well as recommendations for its operation;
  2. Decent service;
  3. Discounts;
  4. The best prices in the entire Ukrainian market;
  5. Fast dispatch of goods ;
  6. Delivery to all community points of Ukraine with the help of the transport company "Nova Poshta".

Buy Used iPhone XS Max can be incorporate ICOOLA store, located at the address: Lviv, str. Kotsyubinsky, 25. Also, you can place an order on our website with delivery to any corner of Ukraine. To do this, call us or fill out a short online application form.

Prices for used XS Max smartphones

The main advantage of cooperation with the company ICOOLA - the best ratio of price and quality. Excellent, almost new / used iPhone XS Max we offer at cost, which is fully accessible for people with a statistical average level of income.

The availability and high quality of components, as well as the authenticity of all used models of Apple smartphones, have been checked and confirmed by professional ICOOLA specialists. Therefore, taking the decision of buying used iPhone XS Max on our website, you can be 100% sure, that it is the original device. Most of the models are practically no different from the new ones. Moreover, their cost is several times lower. See the exact price to interest Apple smartphone can be on the cards for each product in the catalog ICOOLA. Moreover, the price of iPhones does not include a one-year warranty, as we provide it completely free of charge. This time our company profitably differs from competitors.

In some species can purchase iPhone XS Max, and that comes in the kit?

ICOOLA on-site inexpensively former earlier in using iPhone XS Max can be purchased in the following colors:

  • gold;
  • silvery;
  • gray space.

Also, the models differ in the amount of memory and gadgets for 64, 256, and 512 gigabytes are sold. We offer devices in an exceptionally complete package: power supply, USB cable, and a free warranty card valid for 1 year.

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What is the screen diagonal on the iPhone XS Max?

Home screen with a diagonal of 6.5 "inches, a resolution of 1242x2688 pixels, which provide 458 PPI 

What is the autonomy of the iPhone XS Max?

The battery capacity is 3174 mAh, and this is enough for the iPhone to allow the owner to use the phone all day without recharging.

What is the warranty on the iPhone XS Max?

We provide a one-year free warranty on all our products.

What is the processor on the iPhone XS Max?

iPhone XS Max is equipped with a new A12 Bionic processor, Apple GPU graphics 

Is the iPhone XS Max worth buying after all?

If you really love the big screen and great camera, buying the XS Max will make you happy

Which iPhone is better xr or xs max?

If we draw a parallel between these two models, we can safely say that in some respects the iPhone XS Max is better, namely:

  • 1 GB more RAM;
  • Two main camera lenses instead of one;
  • More powerful battery 3174 against 2942.

Contrary to these three points, the iPhone XR has something that can not surpass the XS Max - it is a wide range of colors.

Which iPhone XS Max to choose: Black, White or Gold?

This smartphone is presentable in any color, but we advise you to pay attention to gold and white.

iPhone XS Max 256 refurbished how to order a smartphone?

In order to order iPhone XS Max 256 you can call the toll-free number listed on our website. In addition, you can place an order by adding the product to the cart or come to our store at 25 Kotsyubynskoho Street in Lviv.

iPhone 10 XS Max used - how old will iOS be updated and updated?

It is safe to say that the iPhone 10 XS Max will be updated for more than 5 years. The model was released relatively recently, in 2018, so it will lose its relevance oh how soon!