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Apple Store / Apple news / Five new breakthrough smartphones in 2020!
26 March 2021

Five new breakthrough smartphones in 2020!

Review of the 5 most attractive smartphones for 2020


1.Apple iPhone SE.

People have been waiting for the release of this inexpensive smartphone for a long time. It is considered to be one of the smallest phones on the market.

iPhone se

  • design the phone is identical to the iPhone 8. Therefore, this is a good option for those who like the "classic" version.
  • body Made of durable glass and aluminum. The entire front panel is black.

This compact smartphone is available in the following colors: black, white and red. Most people prefer red because it not only looks good, but also gives an opportunity to help people. After all, Apple has been helping fight HIV and AIDS for 14 years with (RED).

The smartphone has a classic Home button. After all, many people are still supporters of Touch ID, because it is a reliable, simple and secure function for entering a password to unlock an iPhone, sign in to applications and pay with Apple Pay.

iPhone SE has the fastest and most powerful A13 Bionic processor and the best single-lens camera Apple has ever built for stunning photos and videos.

There is also a portrait mode feature. Thanks to such a high-quality camera, you can shoot video at a high level with stereo sound and kinematic stabilization.

front camera iPhone SE

The first generation iPhone SE was hugely popular, with its unique compact design and incredible performance at an affordable price. And the second generation iPhone SE is built on the same principles, but with improved features.

iPhone SE 2020 will provide users with access to a wide ecosystem of products, services and accessories.

iOS 13 on this smartphone is a great example of how hardware and software work together, something that's only possible on the iPhone.

Should you buy the second generation iPhone SE?

If you are still using an iPhone 6 or 6 Plus, then these smartphones do not have the ability to update to iOS 13. These smartphones do not boast the performance and high features of the iPhone SE. Moreover, the price of a new smartphone is low.

Therefore, it is a great option to get a compact, budget and quality phone.

2.Apple iPhone 12 mini.

Lots of people have been waiting for this phone. There is a drawback regarding the configuration of this smartphone - it is the lack of a power supply and headphones. In the package, you will only see a USB Type-C to Lightning cable and a set of documentation. 

iPhone 12 mini

iPhone 12 mini has the same design as iPhone 12: thin bezels, flat sides, and ceramic glass. This is a very good design for such a compact phone. Thanks to the flat sides, the smartphone fits well in the hand and does not slip. The corners of the body do not cut the hands and are neatly finished.

Smartphone color variations:

  • the black
  • white
  • red
  • blue
  • green

The smartphone is protected from dust and moisture. It can even be washed under a stream of water, and rain and snow will definitely not harm it. Apple says the iPhone 12 mini can be submerged in water up to 6.5 meters for up to 30 minutes. But it's better not to risk it, because the warranty does not apply due to water leaking into the case.

Due to its small size, the weight of the smartphone is 136 grams. iPhone 12 mini can fit in your pocket without any problems. The gadget has a full range of wireless interfaces.

Camera iPhone 12 mini is completely identical to iPhone 12. That is, it can be considered that this is one of the best cameras on the smartphone market.

The front camera of the phone takes beautiful selfies. It is also possible to record video in 4K format at 60 fps.

With regard to the battery, when performing energy-consuming functions (watching a movie, playing games, downloading applications), the charge is quickly lost.

With normal use of this smartphone, the charge will last up to 7 hours a day. This means that you need to recharge your phone during the day.

Should you buy the iPhone 12 mini?

The iPhone 12 mini is a great alternative for those looking for a compact and modern phone. It's light, thin, very fast, and has a great camera. The only problem is not the best battery performance.

But, if you love watching videos or movies, then it's better to do it on a larger screen, such as the iPhone 12.

3.Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max - for heavy and serious tasks.

This phone is very large in size. Due to the flat glass and the new shape, the body has become thinner.

iPhone 12 Pro Max

Apple is not at all shy about such a gigantic iPhone 12 Pro Max. But this is not for everyone. It may seem to some people that this phone model is a kind of transitional link between smartphones and tablets.

The back matte glass is attractive, scratch-resistant and anti-fingerprint. IPhone 12 Pro Max weighs 226g.

The smartphone has a powerful processor - A14 Bionic. At the moment, he is the leader in the world of mobile devices.

The camera module in the 12 Pro Max is so big because it has a few differences:

  1. wide camera sensor is enlarged;
  2. telephoto lens changed;
  3. a new wide camera stabilization mechanism has been installed.

iPhone 12 Pro Max is capable of capturing more detail and is not afraid of the dark.

comparison of pictures of iPhone 12 Pro and 12 Pro Max

All cameras work with Deep Fusion, which helps improve the clarity of photos by editing data from all objects at the same time.

Many users of this smartphone like the fact that the battery has a lot of battery life. iPhone 12 Pro Max works 24 hours!

Should you buy the iPhone 12 Pro Max?

A huge screen, long battery life and a professional camera - this is a smartphone for people who need the highest level of all phone functions. And the main thing is that the size suits you!

4.Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra...

This smartphone has all modern technologies, a seven-inch screen and a very large battery.

Design the phone is calm enough. The disadvantage is that the black module with cameras bulges out. But for some, this will not be a problem in appearance.

Sumsung galaxy S20

The back case is quickly covered with fingerprints. But it is the glass of the panel that does not slide in hands.

The Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra uses an ultrasonic in-display fingerprint scanner. And another way to unlock a smartphone is a face recognition system that works on the basis of the front camera.

The camera control interface is convenient and concise.

During the day, the main camera takes high-quality photos with good detail and a wide dynamic range.

At night and in poor lighting conditions, the main camera offers automatic shooting: night mode or maximum resolution.

The smartphone has external stereo speakers, thanks to which everything is heard loudly and voluminously, which allows not only to comfortably watch videos without headphones, but also to include musical compositions during the noise.

In terms of battery capacity, the smartphone can work for 9 hours without recharging. This is considered the best result of Samsung.

Should you buy the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra?

If you prefer Android smartphones, this is a good option. Simple and attractive design, high quality camera, loud stereo speakers and large battery capacity. But the phone isn't cheap.

5.Samsung Galaxy Note 11 series.

A lot of people were expecting this phone because the stylus promised to be very powerful. Users want an improved camera and a crisp screen.

Sumsung Galaxy note 11

S Pen was a real discovery for the Note series of smartphones. A neat stylus that can be inserted into the body of the phone is very convenient.

  • Also a decent camera for your phone is provided, but this is not a professional level.
  • Average battery capacity.
  • Affordable and pleasant price.

Should you buy the Samsung Galaxy Note 11 series?

If you like Android and want to get a good smartphone at a low price, then this smartphone is a good option. All functions are for full use, but you need to understand that you will not get the maximum high performance.

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