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Apple Store / Apple news / Which iPhones will be relevant in 2022?
04 February 2021

Which iPhones will be relevant in 2022?

By 2021, there are already a large number of smartphones from Apple on sale

Katerina Antonyuk

By 2022, there are already a large number of smartphones from Apple on sale, and we are talking not only about the new products of 2020, which the company made happy in the fall.

Almost every model continues to be relevant. All of this is due to the constant and continuous service of iPhones. The company is developing updates not only for models released in recent years, but also for all others. Thus, if the user has an old version of the gadget, when switching to a new device, he will not have any difficulties, since the update is the same for two phones.

At the same time, the company conducts constant testing, this helps even the oldest generation to work well on the new update. So, for example, the iPhone 6 and even the first generation SE model can be upgraded to version 14.

But there is some bad news. IPhone 5 users may not be updated this year. Since there is information that after the release of iOS 15, support for these smartphones will stop. This is probably why the 12th generation has a gadget that is similar to the iPhone 5. We are talking about the iPhone 12 mini. And that is why the price for it can be reduced.

Models to look out for in 2022

In the fall of 2022, a new line of smartphones from Apple will be released. There are no details yet what it will be, since all information is kept secret. Therefore, the iPhone 12 will remain popular throughout this year. But it is worth considering that 7 smartphones are available for sale on the company's official website at once. It's no secret that iPhones are very popular in the secondary market.

So, for example, new gadgets can be found in the iPhone 11, Pro and 11 Pro Max versions, in addition there are Xs, Xs Max. Therefore, the choice can be made from as many as 11 models. But, it is important to determine the parameters to understand which of the smartphones is the best.

The first and probably the most important point is the period of support for updates of a particular model. If we consider gadgets, starting with iOS, then we can conclude that device optimization has begun to be performed much faster, for which the company should be separately thanked. Important selection criteria for many users remain such moments as the color of the device, its size, and the amount of memory. They also look at the color rendition, and if a smartphone is needed to create high-quality photographs, then they pay attention to the main camera.

Should you buy the iPhone XR

Users who have previously used the iPhone 8 Plus would like to see a new bezel-less model, so they released the 6.5-inch version of the iPhone Xs Max. But, all the frames are present, just not so large in comparison with the previous version.

Work without recharging is as much as 15 hours, iPhone Xs - 14. If you choose between these models, there is a difference not only in price, but also in functionality.

Cinnamon sounds, which, in independence, are based on a different model, the quality will depend on the food, so as a criterion for transformations by rocks. So for customers who have chosen between the iPhone Xs Max and iPhone Xs, it is necessary to have a lot of respect for the size of the screen, which is more in the first version, and also for those who have an hour of autonomous robots in the first version change for 1 year. If you turn on the iPhone XR in the vibration, then you can improve the autonomy.

Vibrating model, I will respect those budgetary options that will be a great hour of autonomous robotics, but you can’t miss such functionality, like in more expensive smartphones. For a zychaychny koristuvach such a telephone would be quite enough.

If you want to vibrate between iPhone X, iPhone 11, or iPhone XR, then it’s vrahuvati, but it’s the last option. Winning for 3 years or more, and if it is for 11 generations, then for a year. It is also necessary to have a new smartphone for your business. So, for example, if the gadget is needed for igor, then the iPhone XR with its 3 GB may not be enough. Ale, varto vrahovuvati and positive moments. The sound should be heard and clean. Є FaceID hijacker, as a rule, without hanging or any other problematic moments. The operational system has been upgraded to the very last version and so it will be. A Danish smartphone can be reached at a reasonable price for this year. Krym tsyogo, if koristuvach fear for improvement, then it is worthwhile. Servicing trivatime yak minimum until 2023 rock.

Should you buy the iPhone XS и XS Max

Many people believe that in 2022, the iPhone XS and XS Max are the most profitable smartphones in terms of pricing in the first place. Until some time, the best-selling models were smartphones of the seventh and eighth generation, but today everything has changed and the iPhone XS is mostly different from them.

If we compare the cost of the same iPhone XS and iPhone 7, then the difference is about 30%. But, if the user chooses the first option, then get a lot more. This is primarily due to the fact that after a year or two, the "seven" can go to rest, but the XS will still remain "cheerful" for a long time. So the beautiful OLED screen, 4GB of RAM, wireless charging and Apple's renowned support for years to come make this smartphone a contender.

For fans of compact devices, the iPhone XS is the perfect choice. It can work autonomously for quite a long time. The smartphone will be a good option for those who like to play games. This model has a higher level of water resistance. But, it is worth considering that deliberate immersion of the phone in water will not help to refund money for repairs, since this is not a warranty case. Both the iPhone XS and XS Max have specially optical zoom. The front camera is the same for all models released in 2018. But, there is a possibility that the user will no longer be able to find the iPhone XS and XS Max in a new state. And it will be possible to purchase only on the secondary market.

Should you pay attention to the new 2019 iPhone 11, 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max?

In the 2019 line, the body is familiar and smartphones of convenient sizes have been created. So, for example, if you choose between the 11th generation and thus the iPhone XR, then you need to consider how necessary such a function as optical zoom is.

Among the main characteristics of new products in 2019 are:

  • In the video viewing mode, the user gets additional time, namely 1 hour in the iPhone 11;
    The 11 model has a variant with a storage capacity of 256 GB, while the iPhone XR differs in that the maximum figure is only 128 GB;
  • The iPhone 11 has a powerful processor, as well as a good margin of model speed and relevance (this number is +1 to the maximum life of the model);
  • There are two cameras that can work in night time mode - and this is a completely new technology for creating photography in low light. In addition, even the flash is brighter;
  • The moisture protection in the 11th generation is quite good, but it is not recommended to check this moment, since this is not a warranty case and if the gadget breaks down, it will have to be repaired at its own expense;
  • If a user is looking for a bezel-less smartphone from Apple, then it is still relevant. But, given the sales and popularity of the iPhone 11, then this criterion is not decisive;
  • The new smartphone also received a unique function for the transmission of sound quality. It is useful for those users who need good sound quality.

Should you buy the next generation iPhone SE in 2022?

The iPhone SE is also a great addition to the lineup. It has the following advantages:

  • There is no night mode function here, but the pictures are good enough in the daytime;
  • The device has a fairly compact size and will be relevant for another 4 years;
  • The battery life is the same here as in the 8th generation;
  • The front-facing camera works quite well on the iPhone 11.

Which smartphone to buy from the iPhone 12 line and is it worth doing?

In 2020, smartphones have already been released for the 12th generation, and these models are considered the most relevant. The body and design of the iPhone 12 looks more interesting. The edges are much thinner and the edges more straight. The back of the case looks efficient and leaves almost no prints. But, the glossy glasses of the iPhone 12 and 12 mini versions leave prints.

If the user does not know why he needs LiDAR, then it is better to choose the iPhone 12. At the same time, the minimum amount of memory is enough for an ordinary user. If a smartphone is purchased to create a large number of photographs, then it is better to pay attention to the options for a device with a large storage capacity.

The choice of the iPhone 12 Pro Max is necessary for those users who are fans of large screens. And an additional 3 hours of battery life will come in handy. If the buyer needs a small gadget that does not differ in functionality from other devices, then the choice should be made in favor of the iPhone 12 mini.

These are the models that will be relevant in 2022. Before purchasing a smartphone, you need to study the detailed information for each device. This will help you determine which iPhone is right for you. Some additional functions do not play such a big role in the user's life, but there are those that will definitely make it easier to manage the device.

Also, if you are interested in Apple technology, check out this article.

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