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Apple Store / Apple news / Interesting facts from the biography of Steve Jobs
16 December 2020

Interesting facts from the biography of Steve Jobs

We all know who Steve Jobs is and what a huge contribution he has made to the development of smartphones. However, few people know what great difficulties this man went through to create what we love so much, namely Apple.

Vladimir Gubchakevich

The birth of a genius

When Steve Jobs was born, his parents were still in graduate school. This happened on February 24, 1955 in San Francisco (USA, California). The natural father of the future Apple creator was Syrian, and his mother was German, who was afraid of the anger of her parents because she was dating a Muslim. The mother began to look for a foster family even before the birth of her son and gave him to other parents, who were able to raise a genius in him.   

New parents, Clara and Paul Jobs raised their son in love and prosperity. Paul worked two jobs and the family saved on whatever they could to get Steve to graduate. Let's just say that while his parents worked, Steve was raised by the street. It was 70-80 years, America, the hippie subculture was in full bloom of its revolution, and John Lennon sounded on every corner of the United States. It was at this time that Albert Hoffman came up with a new drug called LSD.

Young Steve Jobs

From the official biography on Wikipedia, it is known that it was at this time that Steve began to use drugs, especially LSD, which was legal at the time. It is no exception that it was this that became a revolutionary change in his life. Steve became a vegetarian, became interested in Buddhism and subsequently began going to Krishnaids.  

He wanted to know who his blood parents were? Of course, this desire woke up in him at an early age. The acquaintance seemed not entirely successful, since the relationship with his mother, who once passed him into a foster family, did not work out, however, someone who has already fallen in love with Steve is his own sister, whom he met as an adult. The fact is that his parents, after abandoning Steve, gave birth to another child, a girl - Mona Simpson (future writer). Subsequently, the unfortunate father left this child as well. When the girl grew up, she was the first to meet her own father, and here we learn an interesting paradox. Her own father, who, by the way, was a successful owner of several cafes, when he met her, boasted to his daughter that Steve Jobs himself (who by that time was already quite famous) had come to him, completely unaware that it was his son.    

Did Jobs despise his own parents? Maybe yes! However, here, too, a cunning cycle of events, which is popularly called karma, played a cruel joke with Steve. He himself, when he was a hipster, walked up an illegitimate daughter, whom he later did not recognize. Apple's creator even refused to take a positive DNA test. However, later, he nevertheless realized what mistake he had made and sincerely repented to his mother and daughter Lisa. His apology was the release of a new computer, which he named after his daughter - Apple Liza.   

How did Steve Jobs create Apple?

If Jobs was an ardent hippie and outright rebel, then his best friend and partner Steve Wozniak was Jobs' complete protege. They are both Steves, however Wozniak is 5 years younger and in our opinion, much smarter in the field of technology and invention. 

He was born into a wonderful family, his father was an engineer, moreover, he worked in the Lockheed rocket program and began to educate the future genius, teaching his knowledge. At the age of 4, Wozniak was already familiar with engineering and inventions. According to Steve Wozniak, it is known that a book by Irwin Beach called "The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner" made a huge impact on him . After graduating from university, at the age of 25, Wozniak joined Helwett-Packard, which at that time was a leader in the development of pocket calculators and software. It was during this time that he met the future partner and founder of Apple. Jobs made a strong impression on the young Wozniak with his ideas and easy attitude to money. As Steve Wozniak put it in an interview:      

We started by developing the Blue Box, special devices that allowed users to communicate by sending special signals to the telephone line to establish connections on long-distance lines. Then I developed Pong on 28 different chips, and Jobs saw it, took it to Atari, and then went to work for them. 

Then the guys, working in the garage, created a new and interesting game called BrealOut (modern Tetris). Steve Jobs was commissioned to develop this game. Young partners developed it in 4 days. It is known that Jobs received $ 5,000 for it, which was a huge amount at the time, and Wozniak gave only 350 of it, since they agreed that the development cost $ 700. Perhaps Jobs knew where to invest these funds better than Wozniak, and if he had not deceived his friend by lying about the amount of the contract, then Apple would not have taken place as we know it today. Who knows...

Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak

On April 1, 1976, the Apple company was created, which soon developed their first computer, the price of which was $ 666.66. Later, Tim Cook joined the team and was hired by Jobs to help. Since then, Apple has been rapidly gaining popularity and within 2 years the inventors managed to conclude contracts worth millions of dollars. 

Today, Apple is valued at $ 1.3 billion and has released the latest iPhone 12 series in 2020. Tim Cook is CEO. Apple products are distinguished by great reliability and software. Jobs has always emphasized that a gadget should be beautiful not only outside, but also inside. Even after his death, his ideas inspire and motivate employees of the company to this day.  

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