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icoola > blog > Candy Crush Saga: the game that almost killed the entire gaming industry
25 March 2021

Candy Crush Saga: the game that almost killed the entire gaming industry

Candy Crush Saga as a harbinger of the demise of the entire gaming industry: cause and effect.

Ольга Мунтян

Three in a row. Probably, this category of games is one of the most popular in various app stores. And this is not surprising at all. If you go back to the origins, in the distant zero, people sat at the computer and enjoyed these games. And it is not at all surprising that this genre has become incredibly popular among many users. And Candy Crush has become a phenomenon that has conquered many people around the world. The game was on Facebook and in all app stores. Developers received a huge amount of money, and large studios began to think about whether the world needed large projects, if it was possible to do "three in a row" puzzles.

Thus, the world might not have seen such a bestseller as Kingdom Come: Deliverance, because the main developer did not even know what Facebook was, let alone that he was aware of the gaming trends in it. But the crisis is over, the game is still alive, and she, for a minute, is almost 9 years old, and it's time to ask the question: was she really capable of killing the entire gaming industry?

What is Candy Crush Saga?

happy monster

Candy Crush is a trite match 3 puzzle game. No more no less. You have a board with a bunch of candies, and you need to match them so that three or more of the same candies line up. If there are more candies, then you get bonuses. There are a lot of such games now, and they have not become less popular. The game has a huge number of levels, they seem almost endless, sometimes they become incredibly difficult, which makes you sit and bother to go through them. How did she conquer such a number of people?

The main advantages of the game.

The game about colorful sweets that needs to be removed from the screen seems like some kind of absurdity. A real soap bubble that is about to burst, and only the most dedicated players to the genre will remain. However, it is not. The simplicity of the game is not a minus. This is her main plus. Simple, with a bright and colorful design, uncomplicated, without a plot, it attracts crowds of players. After all, these kinds of games are not made to spend whole evenings in them. Not. Candy Crush is played on public transport, during breaks, and during lunch breaks. Just stretch your fingers, stimulate your brain, and get back to business. A kind of game for a break.

Many people see it as similar to chess, because there is a huge variation of moves here, a random process of candy appearing on the board. And this is what people need. You won't be able to complete a story-driven blockbuster in a short twenty-minute tram ride. And an hour of lunchtime will not be a sufficient sacrifice for the sake of complete immersion in the game. Not. You need simplicity. And the game gives it. But at the same time, uncomplicatedness is combined with classic mechanics that do not get boring, and over and over again make you come back.

play in game

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What is the phenomenon of the game?

In addition to the fact that the game is simple and can lure people with its simplicity, there is also a factor of excitement. The game is incredibly tricky. Just a spoiler: it's almost impossible to highlight the cons. This is not a project of the kind that you can sit in and seriously highlight the disadvantages. The game can really be called gambling, and this in no way goes to her in some kind of vice. Often, some levels will be impossible to complete the first time. They are made so that a person can sit and think. And then it starts to lure him over and over again. At first, these are thoughts in the spirit of “I understood this level! Now I will go through it according to my strategy! " When this does not work out, the player is looking for a new tactic, and a new one. And then the element of excitement begins. He returns to this level again and again in order to pass it, because his thoughts are already in line with "Well, now you will definitely get lucky!" And it works.

And those who are not ready to endure the "mockery" of the game over his psyche will simply pay the developer a little money to get some kind of bonus, in the form of a bomb, or something else. And there are a lot of such players too. But the next few levels will be pretty simple, and no one will find it difficult to go through them. And then they will be able to feel like real masters, so that the subsequent complex locations will seem like a challenge to their professionalism. Simple but amazing system.

And in no case should you take it as a minus. This is the magic that works. Magic that brings pleasure to the game. This is a real miracle that makes you feel completely carefree and confident. This gives euphoria to the player.

Hate games. Is it valid?

white monster

But this game is also the target of a hate. Like many match 3 puzzles. Really. When the game is imputed that it has practically killed the gaming industry, when crowds of "casual" go to play it. How not to offend such a product? But even here we are faced with many inaccuracies.

People criticize the game for its setting (or rather its absence), for its visuals, mechanics, and so on. They cleverly parry the argument “If you don’t like it, then don’t play” with the phrase “Others are playing it, and this puts my favorite games at risk.” And if you start to figure it out, the user's favorite games will be ordinary clickers, which, in fact, are no different from a bright and candy game. No, there is a difference. In Candy Crush, you still have to think, because the moves are limited, and victory can slip out of your hands. You can't lose anything in clickers. It's just a free time killer.

In turn, a simple Facebook game is the same time killer, but it can bring genuine pleasure to someone who can once again pass a difficult and intricate level.

The audience of the game can also grab some criticism. They will be called such, at first glance, an insulting word like "casuals", because they are ready not only to waste time on "such", but also to invest money in it! Amazing. However, such users do not understand that the target audience of the game is people who are either in a hurry or do not want to delve into the world of video games with their heads. They want to spend time with pleasure. This is, in fact, the same bingo (popular in the West among the elderly), or bingo (which demanded great popularity in our country).

Why is Candy Crush so popular?

in game

The popularity of the game is due to the aforementioned target audience. It is logical that it will not work for children. They are already accustomed to various arcades in which it is not logic that is important, but the speed of reaction, which in no case can be considered criticism. You need to involve older people who are always in turmoil. For example, people who are at work for a very long time, often have to travel by public transport, do not want to feel tired because they have to react quickly in some arcade. They want to relax and stay awake. Relax, but usefully. And now Candy Crush comes to the rescue.

Or an elderly relative got a smartphone, which he really wants to understand. Need to make the most of the features and entertain him? Then Candy Crush will come to the rescue too. In it, you just need to think about the move and slide your finger. No extra movements needed. Just an opportunity to relax and unwind using a new device.

But what can I say, even students, quite young people, when they go to study, work, often play "three in a row", because it just does not bother them once again. As well as everyone around.

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And is Candy Crush worth all this attention? All these discussions?

sack with candies

To answer whether such a game is worth such a storm of discussion, indignation, criticism and emotions, it is not enough to think in terms of "this is bad" and "this is good." We need to look wider. On the one hand, in terms of creativity and personality, the game did not bring anything new. Again, this isn't a bad thing, it's just a given. This is a common game that aims to hook many people so that they can relax, unwind, and have fun. On the other hand, it gave the opportunity to play to those people who are very far from the gaming industry. Thus, "casuals" who are not demanding on games, which are important for the very same simplicity and unpretentiousness. And why is this not wonderful?

Was the gaming industry under threat? Yes. Is Candy Crush to blame for this? Not. The studios are to blame for seeing the huge revenues from the game and the advertising that is present in it. Those who see in the game not creativity, but earnings are to blame. This game is just a prime example of how a game can explode the market at the expense of the audience. How a game can attract so many people that many blockbusters never dreamed of. This is how she is phenomenal. Similar games have been before, have been and will be after Candy Crush Saga. And that's not a bad thing. It's great that people can find what they like.

And Candy Crush is for a lot of people. She will continue to be extremely popular. And she will continue to bring pleasure to her target audience. She's neither good nor bad. This is a game for people, and it will continue to satisfy their needs for a calm and peaceful pastime.

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