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Apple Store / Apple news / Is it worth gluing protective glass on the iPhone?
24 April 2021

Is it worth gluing protective glass on the iPhone?

How to choose the right protective glass or film for iPhone

Volodymyr Gybchakevich

The question "is it worth using protective glass on the iPhone?" Interested in probably all owners of equipment from Apple. There is only one answer: if after a few months of using a smartphone, its screen will look awful due to scratches, and you can easily buy a new phone - then the protection of the display is absolutely not needed.

Strange as it may sound, even microscopic dust particles can damage the appearance of the screen. Initially, microcracks are formed, which increase in size over time. This can happen even with very careful use of the iPhone. Minor damage occurs every time you pick up the gadget, place it on a table or other surface, or place it in your pocket. Dirty fingerprints or greasy stains also have a negative effect on the integrity of the screen. Therefore, all external influences on an unprotected phone over time lead to poor visibility of text and images, or to complete damage to the display.

glass on the iPhone1

ICOOLA has prepared for you tips on choosing a protective film or glass for Apple devices and their gluing.

Types of protective coating

The most popular types of protective coating on the screen of smartphones is tempered glass and special films. The difference between them is in cost, thickness and strength.

Protective glass

Although "glass" sounds like the most fragile of possible materials, but special production technologies make it as strong as possible. Usually two types of glass are made: lime-sodium and aluminosilicate. First, the base of the future product is cut, ground and heated to almost 700 degrees Celsius, and then sharply cooled by air. Such a long, expensive and complex production technology is aimed at ensuring that the glass can withstand the maximum load. Therefore, the screen will be resistant to scratches, mechanical or chemical damage. The main advantages of using glass for iPhones are:

  • strength, since its thickness is from 2 mm to 0.4 mm and consists of 4-7 layers: oleo phobic (repels water and dirt, prevents fingerprints), silicone (provides a secure fit to the phone screen, does not allow air bubbles), anti-gloss (improves image quality), protective (scratch prevention and abrasions), anti-explosion (holds glass particles together), etc.;
  • high level of hardness (9H);
  • durability;
  • improving the quality and color of the image on the screen;
  • does not affect the sensitivity of the display;
  • easy to glue;
  • protection against any damage, withstands even blows with a hammer or screwdriver.

glass on the iPhone2

The disadvantages of protective glass are the high cost compared to plastic films and the inconvenience of touching the screen, but you can quickly get used to it.

There are several types of protective glass coating, depending on the strength and purpose:

  • glossy and matte - increase strength, without affecting image quality and animation speed;
  • gradient and patterned - glued to the back of the iPhone and act as a protective cover. They cannot be attached to the screen due to opacity;
  • decorative - also attached to the body of the smartphone, not the screen. They are usually used for aesthetic pleasure, not for protection.

Choose a protective glass depending on the smartphone's personal preferences.

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Protective films

The traditional type of protection for smartphones, the advantages of which are:

  • low cost;
  • invisibility on the screen;
  • the ability to adjust (cut) to the size of the gadget, in particular with rounded edges.

The main disadvantages of the films are:

  • low strength, so scratches and cracks appear quickly;
  • low level of hardness, so it can crack;
  • it is difficult to stick a film without experience as bubbles appear;

glass on the iPhone3

Today there are 8 types of protective films on the market:

  • Glossy - the most popular. The film is not visible on the screen, it improves the quality of the image and is not felt when touched. Fingerprints are clearly visible on it. Also, a disadvantage is the short service life due to the formation of scratches and cracks;
  • matte - reduce the glare from the sun's rays on the screen. They have inconspicuous fingerprints, the picture on the screen looks dull and grainy, the film itself is clearly visible; when you touch it with your fingers, you feel roughness;
  • mixed - combine the characteristics of glossy and matte. The film does not distort the image on the screen, protects well from damage, it does not show fingerprints;
  • antibacterial - thanks to a special coating to destroy microorganisms that get on the display. In appearance similar to glossy. However, such a film wears out quickly, so it should be often replaced with a new one;
  • polyurethane - much more resistant to scratches than glossy and matte. The film may turn yellow and turn the color of the phone cover over time. The air bubbles that fall under it disappear over time;
  • mirrors - serve as a mirror when the device is locked. However, such a film reduces the image quality and may change the colors of the display;
  • Anti spy ware - useful for users who want to hide screen images from others. If you look at the smartphone directly - everything is visible, and if at an angle - only the screen glow is visible. This is convenient for those who travel on public transport or are often in public places.
  • Vinyl - they can be glued to the screen and the back of the smartphone. Quite strong and resistant to damage. It is impossible to get rid of air bubbles trapped under the film.

How to glue glass to an iPhone

Any inexperienced user can stick protective glass on the phone. However, if you are worried about the quality of work, it is better to contact a special service center.

glass on the iPhone4

For gluing glass you need:

  • wash your hands thoroughly with soap;
  • clean the smartphone screen from dust and dirt with special wipes that come with the glass (first wet and then dry);
  • remove the protective glass from the package and remove the film from it;
  • holding the opposite edges to put the glass on the screen, trying to align relative to the edges;
  • provide to the center, as a result of which the peripheral parts will stick themselves;
  • wipe the glass with a clean dry cloth;
  • if you can't glue exactly, you can try again.

Hydrogel films on the iPhone

Recently, more and more Apple appliances with bent edges are being presented. The protective cover for such smartphones is not easy to make due to the unusual shape. This problem is solved by a wonderful novelty on the market - hydrogel film. It is less rigid in composition and more elastic than ordinary films.

Hydrogel film is a polymer that can repel water and prevent it from entering the smartphone display. Due to the unusual chemical structure, the film can self-repair with minor damage, so its service life is longer than other films.

The cost of a hydrogel film is higher than usual. But glass is still more expensive.

Hydrogel film is quite easy to glue yourself. The set includes additional films that fix the hydrogel on the phone, they can be peeled off later. If air bubbles appear, they disappear over time, or the film can be spread with a plastic card in the kit or any other card.

An interesting feature of the film is that it does not reflect light, so you can clearly see the image on the screen, even in heavy sunlight. The disadvantage of this film is that it will not protect the smartphone from falling and serious mechanical damage.

Hydrogel film can be glued not only on the screen, but also on the back panel as a decoration. They are created in different colors and with different patterns.

How to choose a protective glass for iPhone

The type of protective glass is chosen depending on preferences and desired characteristics. If you need protection from mechanical damage - you should choose glossy or frosted glass, but if the appearance of the iPhone is important - then a gradient or decorative.

glass on the iPhone5

The highest quality glass is from Gorilla Glass, Dragon Tail and GT Advanced Technologies.

Neither the protective glass nor the film give a 100% guarantee of protection against a broken smartphone screen in the event of a fall. However, they minimize the amount of damage. Therefore, to spend a few tens of hryvnias to protect an iPhone or a few hundred to repair or replace its parts is your choice.

Is it worth overpaying for coverage

There is a significant difference in price between protective films and tempered glass. However, the cost is justified. Glass is more durable, easy to glue, almost without air bubbles, protects against cracks in the screen when falling. But the films are more diverse, and they are inconspicuous on the display. Therefore, each type of protection has its advantages and disadvantages. User-only selection.

iPhone screen repair in Lviv

Any new iPhone should be protected from mechanical damage by gluing a protective coating. This can be done for a small fee at specialized service centers in your city. In Lviv, you can glue glass or film in stores of equipment or accessories for smartphones.

If you need to repair the display or completely replace it - contact the Apple service center for iPhone repair in Lviv. The ICOOLA company guarantees qualitatively executed work for a short time with a guarantee for 1 year. Come to us or send your smartphone by New Mail!

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