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Apple Store / Apple news / What will the iPhone 13 cases be, and what can we understand with their help?
13 September 2021

What will the iPhone 13 cases be, and what can we understand with their help?

What do we know from inside information about cases and glasses for iPhone 13?

Olha Muntean

The release of a new device from Apple is an event that every lover of apple products is waiting for. For this reason, any insider, even one that seems rather insignificant, is perceived with due excitement, because with the help of even a tiny insider, you can already at least sketch out the outlines of a new device, which many are looking forward to.

many phones

And, it would seem, an insider concerning covers and glasses, what does he have to offer? Yes, this is exactly how an ordinary user might think, to whom just give that photographs of the device itself from all angles, but from all sides. But such a "leak" may allow us to find out what kind of device we should expect this year.

What will the covers and glasses be?

As far as glass is concerned, we can notice certain changes. They will have a special notch, which is made for the new speaker (more on that later). In general, it makes no sense to focus on them.

As for the covers, we managed to see some interesting models. There are as simple transparent models, the same, but with MagSafe support. Among other things, you can also find real "luxury" leather cases that look great on a new device.

iphone cases

Also, most likely, we should expect quite unpretentious, bright and budget versions of covers, to which many are already accustomed, because it is not beneficial to anyone to limit all the potential to banal transparent and luxury leather.

What becomes clear on the basis of insiders?

Yes, glasses and covers. This is exactly the information that users received not from the classics, from insiders, but from manufacturers of accessories. However, having it, you can take a nice walk and get everything we need to know about the device. And, even more so, photos of accessories are backed up by photos of the device, which allows us to see exactly what the new iPhone will be like.

It's worth starting with information about glasses. With its help, we can find out what awaits us with regard to the screen. And here everything is quite interesting. Firstly, it becomes obvious that the very bangs, which at first seemed a controversial moment, and then sharply turned into something commonplace for users, will become smaller. Whether it's good news or bad news, it's up to you to add more screen space to your content. Also, there will now be a special cutout on the glasses, because the speaker will move up. Quite good too.

As for the covers, everything is also interesting here. With their help, we were able to see what for many some users is the main reason for buying an apple device, namely a camera. And she was not spared by the changes. There are two cameras, and they are located horizontally. The camera modules are also enlarged, which is quite interesting. The appearance of the module may seem quite ordinary, which is why we can not wait for the next portion of memes from enthusiasts. Most likely, this is even bad, because, one way or another, memes were quite a good marketing ploy.

new iphones

As for the technical characteristics, namely the size of the display. It will differ from previous versions and will be 6.7 inches for the Pro Max version of the device, 6.1 inches for the iPhone 13 and Pro versions, and 5.4 inches for the iPhone 13 mini. In this regard, everything is quite simple.

Why believe these leaks?

It would seem that there are insiders, quite verified even, whose messages practically did not let us down. Why should we trust a company that manufactures cases?

Of course, yes, it is worth noting that any leaks should be treated with due skepticism, because they may either not correspond to reality, or are made in order to attract attention to your person, or to the brand. However, here too there are logical grounds to believe the leaks.

multicolor cases

First, everything remains obvious and logical. The leaks match the words of many reputable insiders, which gives them some credibility.

Secondly, you need to understand that companies that produce accessories receive drawings much earlier than the device is presented. This is due to the fact that accessories need to be produced by the time the iPhones go on sale, so that users can purchase high-quality and beautiful protection for their smartphones. For this reason, we can watch this leak with a little enthusiasm and look forward to the new device.

What rumors are connected to case leaks?

First, it should be noted that the size of the display, exactly like the increase in the camera module, has already been announced by some insiders, as a result of which we can trust some leaks. The only problem is that the name of the new iPhone may well not have the number 13 in the title! Such is the news. This is due to the fact that consumers do not really like the number 13, which is why Apple will have to get out of it. So, it is quite possible that we will immediately see the iPhone 14, or else, it is worth waiting for the expansion of the line of 12 iPhones.

We also advise you to browse through more messages from all your favorite insiders in search of information. After all, if there are coincidences that we were able to verify on our own, then we should pay attention to other leaks.

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