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11 January 2021

I wanted Android, but I bought an iPhone: why is iOS better?

Why iPhone is better than Android: Primarily thanks to the ecosystem, Siri, and iOS. Read an interesting article that will come in handy for those who choose a smartphone to buy!

Vladimir Gubchakevich

Very often, many people who want to buy a smartphone, coming to the store and using devices on Android and iOS, choose the second one to buy! For many who are not familiar with the iOS operating system, this statement is not clear, however, it is obvious to us, as specialists in this topic, that Android or iOS is better.

Apple managed to make their device so convenient that it takes a few minutes to use Android or iOS to finally make their choice in favor of the iPhone. Why is that? Let's understand in more detail!

iOS or Android: the benefits in the little things

For example, buying Android you will have to install all the necessary programs for a long time and tediously. For example, a good browser, since it is not there by default, and on iPhones there is an excellent and convenient Safari, which, according to users, is rated at a solid eight. In addition, all the applications necessary for the operation are immediately built in there, which cannot be said about the operating system of other models.

Let's talk about another element that many have never noticed. Your battery is discharged, if it's Android, then you have to put the gadget on charge, and then press the power button. In iOS, you simply charge the device and then it turns on automatically.

Glitches and viruses. This is no longer a trifle, but a serious question for Android OS developers. The level of protection there is a cut lower than in iOS. For example, by installing applications from the Play Market, you can easily catch a virus, but Apple did their best, there are no viruses in the App Store. In addition, no matter how hard you load your smartphone, there will be no glitches or slowdowns in the operation of the device, which cannot be said about other flagships.

iOS is capable of learning

It really is. Apple began to develop a method for self-learning of the device back in 2011, now it has become available to everyone who uses an iPhone based on the A11 chip (Model iPhone 8). The system for such training is called the Neural Engine. It is able to analyze and memorize user actions to further improve system performance.

Which is better Android or iOS: a huge advantage in the OS ecosystem

This is one of the biggest advantages iOS has over Android devices. What is the Apple ecosystem? This is a system for connecting all devices to each other. For example, you can connect your smartphone to a Mac, to an AppleWatch, a tablet, in one word, link all devices to each other. You can easily transfer information from one device to another. The Apple ecosystem is the most successful system of interconnected devices, roughly speaking - it's like a family that supports and exchanges information.

Another advantage of iOS is Siri voice assistant

It is the best assistant robot ever developed by humans. The share of Siri among artificial intelligence occupies more than 35% of the market, but this is not surprising, since it is distinguished by its versatility and quick response to commands. For example, you can use Siri to perform the following functions:

  • Set an alarm;
  • Search for information on the Internet;
  • Call;
  • Open any applications;
  • Customize iOS;
  • Send messages;
  • Make reminders;
  • Translate into English, Mandarin, German, Spanish, Italian. Unfortunately, so far Siri is only available in Russian, the Ukrainian version has not yet been developed.

In addition, this system can perform at least another 100 different functions. If we compare iOS and Android, then its Google Assistant, if it works in Russian, is already very bad. Siri - it looks flawless.

Constant iOS system updates

Apple is constantly working to improve its operating system. Updates to Ayos are received more often than Android. As of today, version 14.0 is available to users, in which usability has improved even more. For example, the dark theme appeared in smartphones only in iOS 13. It is worth clarifying that in the settings of your smartphone you can enable or disable the auto-update of the operating system.


Well, this is another very big trump card of iOS owners over Android. Just imagine that you are creating a document on your smartphone, in which case it appears immediately on your MacBook or tablet. The same happens with videos, photos, contacts.

If you have lost your iPhone, then just a few clicks on the buttons will help you completely restore all your data, albeit on another device, by the way, you can buy an iPhone at an affordable price on the ICOOLA website. And besides, with such a protection system, anyone who wants to steal your gadget will be powerless, since it is very easy to block it. But no one has yet been able to unlock someone else's iCloud.


IPhone owners no longer write regular sms messages as iMessage exists. This is a special system with which you can exchange messages between Apple devices. Aymesedzh works via Wi-Fi or 3G / 4G network. Another good reason why iOS is better than Android.

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