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Apple Store / Apple news / Why the iPhone does not see AirPods and how to fix it: top tips
30 June 2021

Why the iPhone does not see AirPods and how to fix it: top tips

What to do if AirPods wireless headphones won't connect to iPhone and why smartphone may not recognize them

Olha Muntean

Anyone who uses Apple wireless headphones knows how easy it is to connect to an iPhone. So, the user does not need to spend a lot of time and effort, because AirPods will connect to the smartphone almost instantly. Users note that over several years of operation, there are actually only a few cases when wireless headphones were not connected automatically. And even then, the banal removal of them from the phone and reconnection helped to fix the problem. We can safely say that over the years of its existence, AirPods have shown that they are ready to work seamlessly with any Apple device, as well as with gadgets from other manufacturers.

human AirPods

However, if everything is so rosy, then why does the problem arise that the iPhone does not see AirPods, and many are looking for how to fix it? This article will help you sort out the problem. We will tell you how to proceed if the smartphone does not see the headphones, or if one of the headphones does not work, which happens very rarely. These tips will work for any generation of AirPods, including the very first.

Reasons why AirPods won't connect to iPhone

There can be several reasons why wireless headphones won't connect to your smartphone. But, first, try to simply untie AirPods from the iPhone and reset the settings on them. If this does not help to solve the problem, pay attention to other possible problems:

  • Your AirPods may be running low;

ВЂ бан Sometimes a banal reboot of the smartphone can help;

  • Check for the latest software update;
  • Check if the Bluetooth function on the smartphone is turned on;
  • Turn on / off airplane mode;
  • Check the performance of AirPods on other gadgets;
  • Check that your wireless headphones are original, as now on the market you can come across many Chinese copies that are as similar as possible to headphones from Apple.

mac AirPods

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How to connect AirPods to iPhone for the first time or after formatting

To connect AirPods to an iPhone for the first time, you just need to unlock your smartphone and open the case with wireless headphones. At the same time, make sure that the indicator on the case lights up white, and if nothing flashes, just press the button for a couple of seconds. Further, a notification should be displayed on your smartphone, where you will be prompted to connect wireless AirPods. Click on the "Connect" item.

After that, the indicator on the case turns green, and the smartphone displays information about the connected AirPods, such as the charge level of accessories and case.

not see AirPods

By clicking the "Finish" button, you can safely use AirPods for their intended purpose. In the future, they will be able to connect to the smartphone on their own after you take them out of the case and insert them into your ears.

AirPods won't connect to iPhone - what to do?

It happens that the iPhone does not see AirPods, or the headphones do not want to connect automatically after connection. It is also impossible not to note errors of a different kind, when the user receives a message about "connection failure" or "these are not your AirPods."

Some simple actions can help get rid of these errors:

  • Remove AirPods from the list of connections in Bluetooth / forget device;
  • Reset AirPods and try connecting again.

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How to unlink AirPods from iPhone

In fact, the only solution to the problem is to uninstall AirPods on iPhone and reset AirPods. And if these methods do not help you, then with a probability of 90 percent the cause of the breakdown is mechanical.

menu AirPods

First, you need to remove the AirPods in the settings. To do this, go to the main settings menu and select "Bluetooth". There should be an “i” mark next to the AirPods, which you need to click. After that, select "Forget this device" and confirm your actions.

The second step is to reset your AirPods. On all versions of AirPods, this procedure is exactly the same.

  • You need to put the two earpieces in their places in the case;
  • Keep the case open and press the button continuously for 15 seconds;
  • After the indicator on the case lights up orange 4 times, the settings will be reset and the button can no longer be pressed.
  • Try to reconnect your wireless headphones to your iPhone as described above.

AirPods don't automatically connect to iPhone

If you've followed the AirPods pairing process with your smartphone, but when you put the AirPods in your ears, they won't connect, don't worry. First, see if they are charged. Next, turn off and then turn on Bluetooth on your phone. Ultimately, you can try restarting your smartphone.

menu AirPods phone

If these methods did not work and the AirPods still do not connect to the smartphone, try resetting the settings and “forgetting the headphones”, and then re-conducting the connection process as described above.

Gives an error "not your AirPods"

When you opened the case with AirPods, brought them to your smartphone and saw the line "not your AirPods" or "AirPods are not connected to this iPhone", then the case may be as follows:

  • The notification appeared at the moment when the user tried to connect AirPods that are tied to another smartphone;
  • The notification appeared at the moment when the user tried to connect AirPods that were tied to his iPhone, but were once removed in the settings without the headphone reset process.

You can cope with this problem in a matter of minutes, you just need to carry out the process of resetting the headphones, as described earlier.

One AirPods does not work - what to do

It's quite rare that one of the AirPods doesn't work. However, if this did happen, then the inoperative earpiece is often to blame. All users of Apple wireless headphones know how these accessories do not tolerate any hint of moisture or even more water, and this can cause damage.

lying AirPods

If one AirPods does not work for you, although you did the reset process, but this did not solve the problem, then there is only one way out - buying new headphones or one earphone. Repairs can be more expensive, or in much the same way as buying new ones.

In general, practice shows that any problems with AirPods that could not be solved by resetting and reconnecting are mechanical damage. In any case, try the above steps, and also test the wireless headphones on other devices. If the reason is still mechanical, then there is only one way out - to run to the service center.

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