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22 December 2020

Why choose a newer iPhone to buy?

Want to buy an iPhone, but hesitate to choose a model? We recommend buying newer versions, as you will receive many benefits. What exactly - you can learn about it by reading this article!

Volodymyr Gubchakevich

Many of you may think, "Why should I buy a more expensive iPhone, if I can buy an earlier series of these smartphones cheaper, it's also Apple." Looking at the statistics, you can see that at the moment the most popular choice among buyers are time-tested models iPhone 7 and iPhone 8, because due to their age they are rapidly losing value and become available to most potential buyers in Ukraine.

However, most customers do not think about why these iPhones lose in price? The release of new models usually reduces this figure, but not so much. The main reason that affects the cost is obsolescence. After all, these phones are based on the Bionic A11 processor, and all modern programs and applications are primarily developed for the Bionic A14 processor and only then adapt to older models.

Therefore, it is not surprising that one program works differently on different iPhones. Another important factor is the official support of Apple. You should be aware that over time the company will stop releasing system security updates, then new firmware for older smartphone models. Quite a few applications require a new version of iOS, and you also need to think about this, because it is possible that your favorite application will stop working on an outdated version of the OS.

The logical solution to this situation in our opinion is to buy "budget" iPhones of the new generation, such as: iPhone X, iPhone XR and iPhone SE 2. Price range Used models of these smartphones is quite affordable and given their age, we can say that they have quite adequate cost for the hardware stuffing of data. These models will be relevant on the market for at least 3-4 years, and older models will be relevant no longer than one or two years, for example, the same iPhones 6, 6 Plus or 6s. It is possible that the update of iOS 14 was the latest for older smartphones. You constantly have to think about it ... When will the last update be released on my device?

And so, if you are convinced by these arguments and you are already thinking about buying a newer model, then you will have a question: "Which model to choose?". Here are some arguments for each of these models.

iPhone X

The advantage of this model is a dual lens camera. This gives you more shooting modes, especially in "Portrait", because it is thanks to the two modules that it works on any subject, unlike the XR model, in which it will work only on people. Although the DxOMark rating gives this model only 97 points, in contrast to the XR and SE 2 which have 101 points each, the photo quality of all devices is at a high level.

iPhone XR

Advantages of this model: a large variety of body colors and good autonomy. If you give someone this iPhone, believe me, it will be much nicer to get a yellow or red phone than a banal white or black. Thanks to good optimization, the XR battery holds the charge better than the X.

iPhone SE 2

Since this model is the latest, in 2021, the second-hand version of these gadgets is just beginning to appear. IPhone SE 2 runs on a processor from Apple - Bionic A13. This processor is also used in premium models - 11, 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max, which means that updates to it will be released for a very long time.

The choice of memory depends largely on the budget, but this point is also worth considering. If, for example, you are fond of photography, it is unknown whether 64 GB will be enough for it. Today, the price difference between 64 and 128 memory is small and you'd better overpay this small amount to be 100% sure that this amount of memory will be enough. After all, you can use iCloud cloud storage anyway ... So before you buy, be sure to think about everything and do not make hasty purchases, which you will regret after a while.

In any case, choosing an iPhone - you get high-quality gadgets that will always work 100%.

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