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Apple Store / Apple news / Who can't do without a MacBook
19 May 2021

Who can't do without a MacBook

Is it worth buying an Apple MacBook? In fact, it just depends on your choice and taste. But it is still useful to know all the pros and cons of the MacBook to make the right choice. We offer you an overview of the main characteristics and performance features of the MacBook, which gave its developers from Apple.

Irina Rychkova

One of the hottest discussions on computer issues arises on the topic of "PC vs. Mac", the controversy about what is still better does not subside to this day, as people continue to make new arguments in favor of one option or another. Is there only one right position, or does it all depend solely on personal preference? To answer this question and decide for yourself whether to buy a MacBook, you can only get acquainted with the characteristics and performance features that have given this device its developers from Apple.

Why you should switch to a Mac

Many professionals choose a Mac because some of the tools they need to work are only available on this platform, such as programmers whose job is to create programs and applications for macOS or iOS.

Why buy a Mac

The MacBook operating system provides the user with the best ecosystem on the market, as its main advantage is the close integration between different devices from Apple. For example, MacBook owners can connect it to an iPhone or Apple Watch and thus unlock the device automatically, make or receive cell phone calls without using the phone itself. If necessary, if you have an Apple TV, you can transfer images to its screen almost instantly. Of course, there are times when a feature may not work properly or slow down, but this usually happens with older devices that have compatibility issues.

The stability and high reliability of the MacBook is ensured by the fact that the developer pays special attention to optimizing its software for the components used in the devices. This has a positive effect on overall performance and minimizes system failures. It is believed that Apple uses a somewhat outdated hardware, and in a sense it is even so, for example, MacBook may not use the latest processor, but this is more than offset by the amount of RAM and one of the fastest SSDs. Successful combination of components and optimization of software for a specific system allow the computer after years of operation to demonstrate the same performance as on the first day after purchase.


Reasons to buy a Mac for some it may be the high quality of the screen, because if your daily tasks involve reading texts, editing photos or editing videos, the display, called Retina, will allow you to do so with maximum comfort. In fact, this is familiar to many IPS matrixes, but it is characterized by high pixel density, which is almost invisible to the naked eye. Other advantages of the MacBook screen are high contrast and the most accurate color display.

The MacBook has a Retina display

Apple engineers pay special attention to the quality of the fonts used in their products, for example, since the MacBook Pro 2016, a special technology has been used that preserves excellent font detail regardless of the set screen resolution.

People who spend a lot of time at the computer screen will benefit from features such as Night Shift - a built-in blue filter, which, according to experts, protects the eyes from the negative effects of radiation. Also, the MacBook screen adapts to ambient lighting and can automatically set the optimal brightness.

Control devices and system versatility

Most users who have even a little experience using Apple laptops will not dispute that the keyboard and trackpad of these devices are the best of those currently on the market. The keyboard is equipped with adjustable backlight, which, like the display, can automatically change the brightness depending on the level of ambient light. Comfortable keystrokes and a reliable typing mechanism allow you to demonstrate high speed typing, which was especially noticeable after the introduction of the latest generations of MacBook technology Butterfly, which has reduced the already short keystroke.

The touchpad "trackpad" is significantly different from standard touchpads, which are equipped with laptops from other manufacturers, it supports a huge number of different gestures, which greatly simplifies the use of a computer without a single mouse. Therefore, if you often have to use the device in portable mode, the answer to the question whether to buy an Apple MacBook Air becomes very obvious. In the updated line of MacBook, the area of ​​the working space of the touch panel was further increased, which made the use of the laptop even more convenient.

Trackpad touchpad on Mac

The following feature is less important for the average user, but will be a significant advantage for most professionals. Despite the obvious focus on their own platform, devices running macOS have the necessary functionality to install Windows. In addition, this can be done in several ways, for example, using the built-in utility "Boot Camp Assistant" to install a full-fledged Windows system previously downloaded from the official Microsoft website. And the installation itself will be performed in semi-automatic mode. It is also worth noting that the reverse action, that is, to install macOS on Windows will be much more difficult, due to insufficient functionality for such an operation by Microsoft.

Which MacBook to choose in 2021

First, the choice should be made based on the tasks that you will perform on the laptop. For example, a MacBook Air 2020 equipped with a Core-i3 processor will be the best solution for working with documents, typing, basic photo processing tasks and writing software code. More complex tasks: working with 3D graphics, video editing, require a more powerful system, which has a Pro version.

MacBook Air with Core-i3 processor

You also need to consider portability, so if it is a priority for you, it is recommended to choose a MacBook with a 13-inch screen. An alternative solution may be to purchase past versions of Apple devices that were already in use, but because the price of even such products is falling quite slowly, it is difficult to say whether this solution will be correct.

MacBook - is it worth the money? Many users of other notebook companies claim that their devices have more powerful hardware, and are cheaper, in fact, and there is, but the software optimization and fine-tuned operation of the OS, which were mentioned above, mostly nullify the actual difference in these aspects.

MacBook is the best choice

MacBook is not particularly suitable for gaming, because developers do not always release a version of their product for the macOS system, and there are special gaming laptops that better cope with such tasks. If you still want to use an Apple device for video games, it is recommended to choose the most powerful version of the MacBook Pro, the characteristics of which are not inferior to competitors. But it should be emphasized that the MacBook is first stability of work, reliability and comfort of use, it is one of the best tools for work and daily tasks.

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