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30 December 2020

10 great apps for your new iPhone in 2021

You were given a new iPhone, but you have no idea what programs should be installed in the first place? In this article you will learn about the top 10 most useful applications for iOS

Volodymyr Gubchakevich

If you're lucky enough to receive a new iPhone this year as a holiday gift, you'll probably want to install some software you need on it. Luckily, we're here to help you with tips.

We've included in our list some great programs that are generally useful to have on your phone, as well as programs that should be downloaded to replace the standard ones supplied by Apple. We have selected the most popular programs for iPhone. Check out our selection of iPhone apps below.


With iOS 14, Apple has made it easier to customize the look and feel of your iPhone by offering new widgets and easy methods for setting your own app icons. One of the biggest widgets on the iPhone is Widgetsmith, which allows users to add photos, text, quotes, and the like. Pair it with some clever pictogram exchanges (now easier than ever in the latest iOS update) and the right wallpaper and you've got the personalized iPhone of your dreams.


Getting to libraries right now is difficult, but if you have a smartphone, you can go to the library on your iPhone: Libby lets you read books and listen to audiobooks from your local library for free, right from your phone. In addition, the program itself is a great digital reading utility, so you can enjoy your books even without a special device.


TikTok's popularity has skyrocketed in 2020. Social the network has become one of the largest on the planet, including everything related to memes on the Internet, comedy sketches and even the full-fledged musical Ratatouille. In other words, this is the most interesting place on the Internet right now. Add an algorithm that almost magically shows you videos perfectly tailored to your interests, and you have almost endless video content.


Twitter is not the best way to spend time on the Internet these days, but if you (like me) can't get away from social media, you will want Tweetbot, which will actually make using Twitter much easier. Tweetbot shows you tweets from people you follow, in the order in which they wrote them. There are no advertisements or promoted tweets and no notifications that constantly require you to return to the program.


The cameras on the new iPhones are better than ever, thanks in large part to useful AI-powered algorithms that work to enhance your shots. If you have a little more photographic know-how, you may need a program like Halide, which is designed to let you push the boundaries of your camera to the limit. This iPhone app also supports all of Apple's latest iPhone features, including ProRAW for iPhone 12 Pro. It's perfect for taking your photography to the next level.


Of course, photography is only half the job. Editing is just as important (if not more so), and Darkroom is one of the best iPhone apps that supports RAW and ProRAW photos, as well as the ability to edit photos in batches. The program is free, although there is also the option of monthly subscriptions for additional features.


Safety time! Are you protecting your internet accounts with two-factor authentication? If so, great; Authy is the program that you will want to use for authentication codes. If not, set up two-factor authentication now! And when you do, use Authy, which is better at storing and tracking all these authentication codes than other programs like Google Authenticator.


Speaking of internet security, you should start using a password manager rather than just typing the same password for all your accounts. LastPass and 1Password are the two best options, each with different pros or cons. Setting up a new phone is the perfect time to set up additional security.


Apple's default email program is still bad. The user interface is cumbersome and Gmail support is lacking. Instead, you should install another electronic iPhone application. Outlook on iOS is still one of the best options, with useful features, a fast interface and Microsoft support, which means it will be relevant for years to come.


Apple cards aren't bad these days, in truth. But it does not matter. There is a chance that you will still move them to the zip folder and use Google Maps, because you are a person who does not like to get lost on the road wherever you go. Sometimes it is simply impossible to make the best of what is now. Thank you for choosing the ICOOLA site!

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