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Apple Store / Apple news / Samsung began production of 120Hz displays for the iPhone 13 Pro
10 June 2021

Samsung began production of 120Hz displays for the iPhone 13 Pro

New Samsung display. Display Features for iPhone 13 Pro. Overview of the main advantages and disadvantages

Anastasia Perekupko

Apple is preparing the next generation of the IPhone, which is due out in September this year. However, even earlier, the world's leading tech giants began producing the most important components for the American smartphone.

The first company that attracted attention with the release of new components was the Korean company Samsung Display. It launched displays with LTPO technology and 120Hz refresh rate. Such monitors will be designed for the new iPhones, which will have a 13 Pro set-top box.

According to specialized Korean media, LG has begun to prepare a similar display for the next generation of the IPhone 13 Pro.

General information about LTPO screen

LTPO stands for Low Temperature Crystalline Oxide and was first developed by LG and Apple a few years ago. The main advantage of this innovation is considered to be economical energy consumption, in contrast to the already popular LTPS technology.

Apple developers first applied LTPO to iPad Pro and Apple Watch. But the Koreans from LG have not been able to create a display with this technology for the iPhone.

In fact, the new technology does not affect the always-on display option, but due to its economy, such a system will save battery power in these conditions. But the procedure for making such a screen is complicated and not cheap.

Samsung Display

Is there a need for a frequency of 120 Hz

Experts believe that this innovation is rather controversial. The 120 Hz refresh rate results in smoother and more natural images when scrolling the display, but not everyone can see it.

But through an experiment, experts were able to prove that there is an effect of such technology. Users who are accustomed to such a monitor update instantly reacted to a decrease in the frequency level, which made it uncomfortable for them to watch videos or photos.

Is it worth paying for such a display

The increased screen frequency provides smoother and more pliable animation. Compared to 120 Hz screens, the 60 Hz display shows choppy pictures, which looks rather poor.

As for gaming applications, they need to be adapted for a specific gadget. If this is not done, then 120 Hz mode will not be available.

Samsung Display


There is a possibility that the new iPhone may go on sale with OLED screens in the following sizes: 5.4, 6, 1 and 6.7 inches.

That is, in fact, the dimensions of the display will not change, but the American developers decided to increase the screen refresh rate to 120 Hz. Interestingly, these are the displays that the South Korean giants Samsung and LG began to prepare for release.

According to insider Ming-Chi, the iPhone 13 Pro will be given a special innovation, due to which the display will not consume a lot of energy. It is possible that the new gadget from Apple will receive a screen that will be constantly activated, and on it you can see the clock and the battery level, and system notifications will be shown from below.

Image features

Recently, images of the new IPhone 13 Pro were circulated on the network, showing the appearance of the display that the gadget will receive from Samsung or LG. Most likely, a notch will be left in the center of the upper part of the display, but the area of ​​the bangs will become smaller. This hole will house a speaker and camera slot, which can be used to work with Face ID technology.

The display bezels on the new generation of the iPhone will be narrowed, but the device will still be endowed with a fingerprint sensor, which will be located above the screen. Samsung's new panels will support 120Hz refresh rates. But you can also switch the frequency depending on the content you are watching. This will save battery power.

Samsung Display

Cooperation between Apple and Samsung

Both giants are essentially competitors and constantly monitor each other's products. The case even came to court proceedings. But on some nuances, tech companies even collaborate. Even more: Apple is the most optimal partner for Samsung, bringing considerable financial benefits to the latter.

Interestingly, only the most expensive iPhones will receive a 120 Hz screen with the implemented LTPO technology. But this news has already excited the fans of "apple" products, who believe that it would be worthwhile to purchase several panels from the Koreans and equip all iPhones with them. But the Yabloko players have shown themselves to be greedy, therefore, there will be no cool monitor in simple configurations.

There are also many doubts that both companies will be able to release enough displays for the iPhone in the current one due to unfavorable conditions. In fact, you need about 70 million screens at 6.1 and 6.7 inches. Usually, such components begin to be prepared from the beginning of May, but the Korean company announced the production of OLED displays back in April. Therefore, it is possible that soon we will see the new IPhone 13 Pro on the market with a cool energy-saving display.

Under To summarize, we note that the appearance of the new iPhone 13 Pro with a 120 Hz LPTO display from Samsung is undoubtedly a progress not only in the technological sense, but also in relations between the companies. In fact, the delivery of innovative iPhone screens will be a new opportunity for an all-encompassing collaboration. But considering that such screens will come only on premium versions of gadgets, you should remember the price.

We do not exclude that Samsung will receive exclusive rights to supply displays for the products of the "apple" giant, bypassing the aforementioned LG in this respect. Roughly speaking, Samsung will be the sole supplier of 120Hz LPTO displays for the latest generation of the thirteenth iPhone. And this circumstance will only give the device a number of advantages, making it even more stylish and less energy-intensive. We believe that this year, too, the cooperation between the two tech giants will be fruitful.

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