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Apple Store / Apple news / What is Apple One, what it is for, and how it can save you money
11 May 2021

What is Apple One, what it is for, and how it can save you money

As part of the iPad Air presentation, Apple announced a single subscription to all of the company's services. They provide a more favorable cost, as opposed to subscribing to each service separately. These subscriptions allow you to enjoy all the services in full and not worry about interruptions in work.

Volodymyr Hupchakevich

What is a bundle subscription and what features does it offer

Every month, users spend a lot of money just for the operation of services. It is possible to reduce their cost only by giving up one or another resource. It cannot be explained to the creators of subscriptions that the services for watching movies and music are one and the same resource, which in fact can be combined into one package. Therefore, users have to pay for each of the options separately, which significantly hits the pocket.

Apple has combined all of its packages into one and is going to charge a single payment for everything. This subscription is called Apple One. It will include several types of the company's services, the payment for which the user can regulate independently.

This choice will be ensured through the use of several tariff plans. They will include a diverse set of subscriptions. Accordingly, their price range will also vary.

  1. Only Apple Music and Apple TV + will be available in this package. These services are perfect for those who only care about listening to music and watching your favorite movies in good quality. This combination is based on the fact that these subscriptions are the most popular in the company.
  2. In a more advanced version, users gain access to an additional Apple Arcade service.
  3. Another option will add a subscription to Apple News +. As a result, it will contain four main working services at once.
  4. The most expensive option will add the fifth iCloud item. It will provide the ability to save the necessary files, data, images and other important information in the cloud.

By announcing the Apple One package, the corporation pursued certain goals. She wants to give users the opportunity to significantly save money.

At the moment, if a user has a subscription to all services, then his average monthly payment can exceed $ 40 per month. These rates are for the United States. In the CIS countries, due to the adaptation of the cost, the payment is made at a smaller amount, but the amount is still not small. Also, this amount is affected by the lack of access to the Apple News + service, since it only shows the news feed in America.

By deciding to create a single package, subscriptions will save between $ 2 and $ 5 per month.

In Ukraine, a subscription to Apple One will cost about 130 hryvnia per month. In the US, exactly the same tariff plan will cost $ 15.

Should you subscribe to Apple One

Everything will depend on what services the client uses. Taking into account the cost for each subscription and having information about the cost of the package, you can draw conclusions through simple calculations. For those who take advantage of all the options, the benefits are clear.

Some Apple customers say that it would be possible to create not single package plans, but to organize a kind of constructor. They want to be able to issue only those subscriptions that they see fit.

In the near future, such a turn of events should not be expected. By announcing the Apple One option, the corporation is making a kind of marketing ploy, moving up the popularity ladder for services that are most often abandoned.

Also, the corporation will receive a stable income opportunity by combining all subscriptions into one package. Even if this allows you to reduce costs for users, the company itself will remain only in profit.

Also, to promote the package, the company organized a free trial version. It will be active for a month and will include all available services. This mainly concerns those options that the user does not pay for or does not use the trial version of the subscription.

You can connect a subscription to Apple One in the smartphone settings themselves. To do this, go to the "Subscriptions" section and select the required tariff plan. You can also change it at the request of the client or completely disable the package, replacing it with the services of your choice. You can also select a single package in the App Store app.

What additional savings can Apple offer to its customers

The corporation will not stop only with the introduction of the Apple One subscription. All her actions were and will be aimed at popularizing and increasing the number of users around the world.

The company has decided to expand its gift subscription program. For example, when buying a gadget, the buyer receives a free month of subscription to the service as a gift. Today it is Apple TV +.

In the future, it is possible to expand the options for gifts or provide trial subscriptions to choose from. However, no such decisions have been made yet.

The first in line to promote and provide a free month is Apple Arcade. This service is not popular and there is very little demand for it. When it was created, the company assumed a wider audience.

What customers say about a single subscription

Users were enthusiastic about the news of its creation. A large number of people signed up for Apple One in the first months of its introduction.

However, opinions were divided and mixed. Someone says that they do not receive any savings, while others argue about undeniable advantages.

In any case, the marketing ploy and promotion of services is gaining momentum and even unpopular subscriptions begin to operate, and not be covered with dust. How long this package will last is not known. Taking into account the company's love for new products, we can expect the announcement of a new, more economical option.

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