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21 April 2021

Apps for designers on the iPhone: a list of programs for the interior

List of the most convenient programs for the development of digital designs. Create your own layouts and space planning

Olha Litvinova

Designers are creators who constantly need to generate new ideas and be inspired by the work of their colleagues. Sometimes it is difficult to find such inspiration at work, because the search takes a lot of time. Creating a unique design in the interior - hard work, during which you do not want to think about unnecessary things, but definitely want to design something wonderful.

If you often work with the interior, make grand renovations or just want to see what a new sofa will look like in the room, we suggest you read the list of applications for planning rooms for the iPhone. Some of these programs will come in handy if you prefer to work with a personal computer, and others if you always keep your iPhone with you.

Apps for interior design

Today you do not need to draw all the details of the future interior with a large piece of paper and pencil: just download the application, which will be your best friend in the planning of the premises. All of these programs have obvious benefits for both designers and their clients. Customers can view perfect layouts without the remnants of worn parts, and craftsmen have access to countless tools designed to help create a modern and aesthetic design. In this way you can visualize the entire interior to the smallest detail and leave your customer satisfied.

All these things can be easily realized by knowing the list of programs for interior design on the iPhone. We have prepared an article for you, in which we will tell you which applications for designers should be downloaded to the iPhone.


Convenient planning program that will help you develop your own repair drawings for future housing.

The design of projects in the form of working drawings - what distinguishes the application from its counterparts. To get acquainted with the details of the project, you are given access to 16 sheets of information.

Apps for interior design

Here is everything that workers need to know to properly perform their work: the number, type and location of sockets, their output and so on. The position of the new walls is indicated directly on the installation plan. There are also characteristics of the walls such as material and size, which also greatly facilitates the work with the layout.

Here are some more features of Remplanner on iOS:

  • visualization of layouts in 3D
  • convert to PDF file and print layout files
  • detailed calculation of the volume of work
  • approximate calculation of materials that will be needed to implement the repair
  • creating multiple plans at once

Sweet Home 3D

This application will suit ordinary users much more than professionals. There is a very convenient and intuitive interface, as well as the ability to add furniture to the interior plan.

Apps for interior design

The free application allows you to create design projects without any effort. In addition, your work will be done in volume. One of the disadvantages is the ability to use only those items of furniture that are built into the program. Accessories, shape and size - what is missing from the regular version, but everything that you lack, you can download on the official website by selecting the desired directory.

IKEA Home Planner

Ikea is a company that is famous for its home goods all over the world. The IKEA Home Planner application was developed specifically for the company's customers and clients in order to make creating their own designs more accessible. As IKEA Home Planner is created especially for buyers of this network, in the catalog you will find only IKEA products. Because of this, the freedom of choice is a bit limited, but you still have the opportunity to create your own design and even calculate how much it will cost.

3D interior design

Extensive application tools will allow you to plan in detail the repair and design of your home. In the wide catalog you can find a large list of furniture elements and more than a hundred design options for colors, walls and floors.

Apps for interior design

The demo version of the application is free, but has limited functionality. If after using the application you want to discover a wider range of tools, you will have to purchase a licensed version.

You can use only those elements that are built into the 3D Interior Design. However, it should be noted that the available material can also work and change almost all its characteristics. There is also an option that allows you to arrange a virtual tour of the apartment.


The application will be useful for professional architects and designers. A set of all possible options required for design development will allow you to create everything from planning entire floors to construction documentation.

The free period of operation of the program is one month, after which you will need to purchase a license. This purchase must be made in order to freely use all the functionality of the application.

Apps for interior design

Unfortunately, the program does not support creating projects in several variations and working with complex geometry. However, there are advantages: all parts of your layout are interconnected. That is, if you edit an element in one step, it will affect all components of the layout.

Google Sketchup

This program is suitable for beginners who are just beginning to discover the field of design. Both free and paid versions of the program are available to users. The latter, of course, will have larger and more functional tools. However, it is not necessary to subscribe if you have enough of the features offered by the free version. Creating an interesting 3D design with changing color, layout, size and furniture characteristics is not all that Google Sketchup allows.

There are a limited number of objects in the free application, but additional materials are easily downloaded from the network. Work with fairly simple shapes and shapes is available, but they can accidentally turn into three-dimensional ones.

The advantage of Google Sketchup is adding special markup to pre-created objects. Also, with the help of the application you can design not only housing, but also objects from the list:

  • car
  • furniture
  • landscaping
  • airplane
  • the street

Apps for interior design

In general, the functionality allows you to create almost any object in three-dimensional format.

FloorPlan 3D

Suitable for professionals who have long worked with the creation of designs and interior planning of any type. Also, the capabilities of this application allow you to arrange virtual walks through your rooms. In order to better consider the project, you can use a special function designed to rotate the room in any direction. Materials for walls, floors, ceilings, doors and windows can be selected individually.

There are interesting tools for creating layouts of objects of individual parts of the house, namely:

  • terrace
  • gate
  • attic
  • tracks
  • fences
  • fences
  • balconies

Apps for interior design

FloorPlan 3D is a free utility, but after some time of its operation you will have to purchase a licensed version. Incredible realistic layouts, wide functionality and ease of use - that's what FloorPlan 3D offers its users. It is possible to take a ready-made layout, edit it and bring it to the desired state.


A service that helps to create both living room designs and ordinary furniture elements. The application can be used by both professionals and beginners, as the interface here is simple and clear. The PRO100 license is not so expensive, but you can use the free version if you have enough tools. The program tends to distort textures on its own, but it is still usable. For a better overview, you can expand the layout and easily move objects on it. In the large library you will find interior templates if you have difficulty creating your own designs.

Home Plan Pro

Modifications of all parts of the project allow you to create a sketch of any room, house, office, window and many other decorative and construction objects. There are a variety of designs available, which users design with a wide range of functionality.

Apps for interior design

Due to its ease of use, the application is more suitable for beginners. You can send the finished project by e-mail or print it directly from the application.


An online platform that will help you create your own design with the help of 3D modeling. A whole list of different objects will allow you to create your own interesting designs. If you do not have enough ideas to implement projects, you can always find templates, editing which you will receive your product. You can send the layout specification to your colleagues or customers by e-mail.

Apps for interior design

After completing the development of the drawing, you can take a walk on your creation. Furniture and all decor items are taken from the network, so they will always be relevant. Due to this, the possibility of design and decoration of the premises is significantly expanded. If you are planning to redevelop your home, the application will help. Here you can not only change the interior elements, but also calculate the cost of future repairs.


A service that will be your best friend when creating interiors. One of the undoubted advantages of this application is that it contains real furniture, not those created by programmers. On the background that you can create from your own apartment, you can easily apply the elements you need. Planning can be very diverse: from template to original designs.

Apps for interior design

Using objects, you can change almost all their characteristics: opacity, gloss, texture, color and so on. The platform works only online, but is full of real objects, so the picture quality is excellent.

Download apps for designers on iOS are worth it if you are a professional interior designer or just want to do the remodeling of the room yourself. We hope that this article was useful, and now you will know the list of applications that will be useful to designers in any field.

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