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07 April 2021

Relaxation with the help of techniques: applications for meditation on the iPhone

A list of applications that will help you relax and cope with anxiety. Meditation with the help of modern technologies.

Olha Litvinova

Meditation is a very important part of modern life. Sometimes we immerse ourselves in everyday affairs: study, work and constant contact with our gadgets. An important part of every day is the time when you give yourself and your brain a rest, avoiding any load. The meaning of meditation is to unload your thinking and release all the negativity that accumulates in you during the day.

Why do we need meditation?

Meditation is designed to effectively unload your brain and body as a whole. Changes that occur during meditative practices:

  • you become happier, all negative emotions gradually disappear
  • the level of stress decreases
  • emotional health is treated
  • there is an opportunity to reduce memory loss that occurs with age
  • sleep improves and pain processes are better controlled
  • the skill of self-control is trained


This is not a complete list of those positive traits that will come into your life with the beginning of meditation. In order to find out what changes this lesson specifically in your case, you should try to practice for a few days. In a short period of time you will see changes both physically and mentally.

Today, meditation practices can be monitored and conducted with a smartphone, which greatly facilitates the process of learning about them if you are new to this field. We have prepared for you several applications for meditation on the iPhone, which contain all the necessary tools for comfortable meditation practice.


Almost the most popular application for meditation on iOS, which is actively used by people abroad. Due to the fact that the demand for the application is formed through foreign users, the interface is available exclusively in English. The voices here were voiced by Andy Paddicombe, a former monk who is the developer of HeadSpace.


HeadSpace is suitable for almost everyone who practices meditation. Both beginners and people who have been doing this for more than a year will find the program especially for themselves, because there is an opportunity to choose your own level of training. If you have a goal - you can specify it in a few clicks. This will help the application choose a program that will focus on improving sleep, focus, inner peace or stress reduction.

In the basic course you will receive ten free classes. You will have to pay extra for continuing the practice. Thanks to the free period, you will be able to get acquainted with the application and decide whether to continue using it and buy additional courses.

Stop, Breathe & Think

Sometimes modern people lack three simple things: to stop, to breathe and to think. It was with this idea that the Stop, Breathe & Think application was created. With an option that allows you to control your breathing and a special timer for meditation, you can fully relax and clear your head of unnecessary thoughts.


In Stop, Breathe & Think you can find more than three dozen courses, which are supported by clear instructions and are aimed at achieving the goal. The application also has a special section to monitor the emotional state of the user. This control occurs at the very beginning of the practice and helps to make the relaxation process much more effective.

Meditation Music

This application is more suitable for those who have long been engaged in practice and know how they are arranged. In the application, unlike the previous one, there are no courses. Only the sounds and music that can accompany your lesson are downloaded here, making abstraction from the outside world more comfortable.

All sounds can be chosen personally, because their name fully corresponds to the content of the audio file. If sometimes you are too immersed in meditation and forget to count down the time, you can use a timer with the sound of a gong, which will remind you of the end of the session.

If you are not satisfied with the amount of music that is provided by applications for meditation we recommend you to check our article on applications for downloading music on iPhone.



The trial period in this application is free: as soon as you log in to your account, the user gets access to all the content of the application, which will not be blocked for one week. As soon as seven days pass, some features will be paid, but the application can still be used. A free list of audio files and workshops will remain available in the free version of Calm to help you maintain meditative practices and stay relaxed.

The design of the program is fully consistent with its content, because on the main screen we are greeted by visually pleasing pictures, namely: images of mountains, lakes and other parts of nature. All these pictures are accompanied by soothing sounds of nature, which will help to better conduct meditative practice. Also, here you can turn on the audio called "fairy tale at night", with which you can not only meditate well, but also improve your knowledge of a foreign language, because the interface in the application is available only in English. As for master classes, here the developers offer a list of various lectures on self-development and health maintenance, developed by leading psychologists.


Smiling Mind

The application is suitable for users of any age, because there is a special distribution of meditation programs, starting from the age of seven. If you have a goal or just a topic that interests you, you can always choose something from the list offered by the program. In this way, your classes will become even more personalized depending on what you want to get from the practices: good sleep, meditation in the workplace, maintaining health or improving concentration.

One of the benefits of the program is the ability to create accounts that can be used by several people at the same time and that are easily synchronized with other devices. There is also a separate section for those who are interested in teaching meditation in groups. Usually Smiling Mind helps its users to cope with a whole list of everyday problems, normalize high blood pressure, as well as train their stress resistance.


Insight Timer

The application interface is not available in Ukrainian, but you can choose Russian if you wish. Usually the practice of meditation is aimed at knowing one's own "I" and solitude, but like any person with some enthusiasm, they want to share it with their like-minded people. Here you can find topics that interest you and communicate about them with people from all over the world. You can also add other users as friends, so you don't lose touch with the people you like. Insight Timer is free, but for an additional fee you can buy audio courses from specialists in medicine and psychology, which will last for ten days.

The program has a feature that allows you to see users who use this application for meditation from around the world. Also, if you are not interested in communication or viewing the world map, you can use one of the ten thousand free meditation programs offered by the application.



Often in everyday affairs we do not even notice how our consciousness goes into autopilot mode. Zenify is an application that is designed to train your attention and help you spend your day consciously. There are situations when you don't even think about the causes and consequences of our days for a while. The program aims to correct this feature through special tasks. These tasks regularly come directly to the application, where you can already choose one of ten levels of difficulty.

Classes at the first level are free, but you will have to pay extra for further training of your own consciousness. The tasks that users have to deal with can vary by topic. For example, your task may involve emotional intelligence, meditative practices, personal relationships with friends and family, childhood memories, romantic relationships, and so on. If you sometimes forget to exercise regularly, you can set up notifications in the program that will come during the day.


Mo: meditation and sleep

This application will help you maintain a state of harmony throughout the day. Nice design and intuitive interface will be your guides to the world of peaceful healthy sleep and meditation. The program library has more than a hundred meditation courses, converted into audio files. Suitable for those users who have problems falling asleep, because there is a special feature where you listen to audio, the text of which becomes quieter and more boring, which helps to make the process of falling asleep much faster and more enjoyable. In addition, the app provides courses that significantly reduce stress and anxiety and increase overall happiness. Of all the apps on our list, Mo: Meditation and Sleep is the best for those users who can't sleep for a long time.



A program with a nice interface that will help relieve the stress that has accumulated over the day. This application has about 20 million users, most of whom are completely satisfied with the functionality of the application. One of the significant advantages of the application is the ability to download courses in audio format to your gadget. This allows you to play them even when you do not have a permanent stable Internet connection. The rich functionality of the application will definitely come in handy and will help to overcome the excitement at least a little.



An application for users who like to practice meditation with music. Meditation practices here will not be monotonous, because every day the application itself generates a new unique lesson that lasts three minutes. The developers, who themselves are meditation teachers, regularly update the content of the application, as they want to keep up with their users. Because of this, new topics often appear in the program, which make practices much more enjoyable.

Those readers who prefer other types of relaxation we recommend to check our article on the applications in which you can download music on iPhone.

If in the future you want to download meditation applications on the iPhone, we hope that our article will be useful to you.

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