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icoola.ua / Apple news / The best applications for musicians on the iPhone
20 April 2021

The best applications for musicians on the iPhone

Applications that will be useful to every musician. Tuners, metronomes and drum machines

Olha Litvinova

Listening to music has long been a regular part of our lives. We do it during walks and sports, go to concerts and enjoy quality sounds.

From the time when a person first decided to hit the skin stretched on a hollow convex object, thus creating probably the first musical instrument, the history of music began. From time immemorial, people have tried to understand the nature of music by experimenting with the sound of different objects and thus creating new and new instruments. Since then, music has started to appear more and more often in our lives. Music accompanied the banquets of kings, knightly tournaments, and was an integral part of the celebrations of ordinary people. However, not everyone could comprehend the nature of music, let alone the difficulty of obtaining a musical instrument. However, times are changing and now music is available to each of us, and headphones have become as familiar a part of our lives as TV or computer. We listen to music during walks and sports, we go to concerts and enjoy wonderful melodies whenever we want. However, music has become more accessible not only to listeners. Every year the availability of tools created for creating music grows.

The best applications for musicians

Today, almost everyone who has at least a minimum knowledge of music can easily create their own song or melody simply by installing the application on the phone. If you are already creating or just want to start creating your own music product, then you are at the right place, because we have prepared for you a selection of applications that will definitely come in handy for every musician.

iPhone tuners


Guitar tuner for those musicians who often have to tune their instrument. Usually you want to do this as quickly as possible to get a little faster from setting up but the most important process - the game itself. This app also has a built-in metronome and a chord library, so you can view what you've forgotten and even put it into practice. Due to its simplicity and accuracy, it is suitable for both beginners and professionals. There are also more than a hundred options for tuning your guitar, as well as the ability to customize the application and create a personalized set of outfits for playing the instrument. In the GuitarTuna program, you can tune not only a guitar to the iPhone, but even more than a dozen different instruments. For every good musician, an important point is the ability to catch the rhythm of the song.

The best applications for musicians

The application also has a special section where you can train your musical hearing by playing different rhythms. The chromatic tuner will help to adjust absolutely any tool. Using the sliders, where the values ​​are entered by the user manually, you can achieve the tone and the sound that you like.


The app, Cleartune, which is only available on the iOS operating system, is an assistant to many musicians around the world. Its main advantage over other tuners is the ability to fine tune not only the guitar but also the cello or piano. Here the user can adjust the smallest details of tempo and rhythm, as well as choose the desired tonal form.

Tuner - gStrings

This program is similar in functionality to the previous one. Tuner - gStrings is a good chromatic tuner that impresses with its versatility. It will help to configure almost any tool from this list:

  • violin
  • cello
  • bass
  • guitar
  • piano
  • wind instruments
  • own voice

The best applications for musicians

The application has several devices designed to help users with music, as well as the ability to customize your instrument to play in the orchestra. Tuner - gStrings offers the musician a long list of different temperatures. If you can not find what you need - create your own version, because the program also supports it.

HardWire HT-6 FastTune

Harman is known to many prominent musicians who have had to use the speakers of its production. This company has released its own application called HardWire HT-6 FastTune. The application is convenient for those who prefer to connect the guitar through the headphone jack than through the microphone.

Also, instead of one string, as in most other applications, here on the screen you can see the whole fingerboard. Instead of wasting a lot of time tuning each string individually, you're wasting those minutes for which you could already play something. Here you will see the condition of all the strings at once, which will significantly speed up the process of preparing the guitar for playing.

The best applications for musicians

The application uses both chromatic and polyphonic settings, automatically determining the mode that will be more convenient. You can download the app to your iPod, iPhone or iPad and enjoy the good sound of your guitar.

Tab and music apps for iPhone

Famous Riffs

This program is ideal for beginner guitarists who would like to learn the riffs of famous artists. Everyone will find something to their liking, because the list of artists is quite wide: Black Sabbath, AC / DC, Buddy Guy and John Lee Hooker - not all artists whose riffs are in use. Due to the simplicity of its design, beginners can easily learn different compositions and improve their game.

Guitar Pro

A very useful program that any musician will need to work with tabs. Usage is very simple: first you need to find the tab on the network, and then download it to Guitar Pro. The versatility of the application allows you to easily teach compositions and even take notes during the learning process. Also, a wide range of tools allows you to record your song directly in the program, and then listen to what you managed to create.


If your workplace is constantly cluttered with notebooks and sheet music, you can easily unload the workspace with forScore. The application allows you to save all the necessary music on the iPad in PDF format. The convenient library allows you to quickly navigate through all the saved files, and the functionality of the program allows you to take notes immediately in the documents.

Ultimate Guitar: Chords & Tabs

The program is designed for those musicians who do not like to spend time searching for tabs online. Ultimate Guitar: Chords & Tabs will be useful not only for guitarists, but also for many other musicians due to a wide selection of tabs for various instruments.

The best applications for musicians

In general, the application is free, but there are additional paid services. For example, if necessary, you can find the official tab or play with your favorite artists using the backing track.


Multifunctional application in the form of a book with records. To start using MuseScore, you must first create an account and then upload the song to your profile.

Metronomes that can be downloaded to iOS

Metronome - perfect tempo and rhythm

The most popular application among musicians with the function of a metronome. A very user-friendly and easy-to-use application that allows you to enter beats and intervals on your own.

Metronome from Soundbrenner

In addition to using the program as a regular metronome, you can use several useful features offered by the developer. Synchronization allows you to switch between several different devices. This feature is very handy if you, for example, play in a band and you all need to play in one measure.

The best applications for musicians

You can also use the usual tapping to set the tempo at which the metronome will continue to operate.

iPhone drum machines


iPad drum machine with intuitive interface and many useful features. Even if you have no experience of playing drums before, the operation of the application will still not be a problem for you. Here you can create your own tracks and bits, adding to them various effects and special presets offered by the program. Once you've created a track, you can immediately publish it to SoundCloud.

Drum Machine

A good app for musicians who have only recently started working with drama machines. Bits can be created here without any effort, mixing ready-made presets. However, the downside of the application is the small number of sounds and pads, which makes it difficult to write a full track.


This application contains numerous drum parts, under which you can easily play another instrument. Sometimes musicians say that they are tired of constantly working with the metronome, so the developers of Loopz decided to offer an alternative in the form of a drum set.

The best applications for musicians

One of the interesting features of the application is the ability to select the genre of music to which the bit will be associated. Thus, it becomes much more fun and enjoyable to do.

Other applications for musicians on the iPhone


A powerful application, the tools of which are used by musicians around the world. Due to its functionality, GarageBand is suitable both for creating small pieces of music and for recording full-fledged tracks. You can use both electronic and conventional instruments to increase the sound capabilities of your songs. After recording individual tracks, you can compile your track on devices such as iMac and MacBook.


A useful application for guitarists that can be used as a metronome, tuner and chord collection. It is also possible to collect a simple bit with built-in samples, if you are tired of the usual metronome.

Absolute pitch

An application that will be useful for beginners for fast and effective hearing development.

The best applications for musicians

The free version of the program contains exercises with which you can improve the perception of chords, intervals and scales. Here you can also train your sense of rhythm and do tasks aimed at developing hearing.

Here you can not only practice, but also read the theoretical part of the material you need. The application is free, but contains paid options that open access to even more different exercises.

Lick of the Day

If you do not want to deal with musical compositions on your own, then this application can offer you master classes by professional performers. After purchasing a subscription, you will have access to detailed analysis of the parties.


A service that has long been the best friend of many musicians. New artists do not have to pay producers and run in search of a studio, because thanks to the Internet, all users of the SoundCloud platform have the opportunity to publish their own track.

The best applications for musicians

The variety of audio content on this service is simply amazing: there is everything from interesting podcasts and radio programs to new albums by popular artists. SoundCloud will be the best friend of young artists who do not want to spend a lot of resources on publishing their songs.

We hope you found this article useful and now you know which apps for musicians to download to your iPhone.

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