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17 April 2021

Top applications for creating presentations on the iPhone

The main functions of a good program for creating presentations. A list of applications that will help create a quality project

Olha Litvinova

Presentations are something that numerous people need. Students, schoolchildren and business people are just a small part of the population who regularly face the need to make presentations. In order to do your job well and convey information as best you can, you should use visualization methods. In a quality presentation, all elements must be harmoniously connected with each other.

Recently, the classic utility for Microsoft PowerPoint presentations has a lot of analogues and competing programs. Users lack the features and functionality offered by the default program. A lot of people just got used to the installed package for creating presentations. Also, these people do not even suspect that the network has a fairly large list of programs for presentations on the iPhone, so they are usually limited to PowerPoint.

It takes a lot of time to create something visually appealing and modern in PowerPoint. However, you can save resources by downloading modern applications for presentations on the iPhone. Such programs have a wide range of tools to help make your presentation interactive and interesting. In this article, we will talk about applications for creating presentations on the iPhone, which will help get rid of low-quality designs.

Apps for presentations

The main functions of a good program for presentations

Today, one of the most important components of such applications is the ability to share your presentation not only in person but also on the Internet. Submitting a single link is much easier than attaching an entire file that will be stored among dozens of other documents and media. First, it is worth considering the main features that should be built into a modern program for creating presentations with good visuals:

Work in real time

This feature will be useful to anyone who needs to make presentations in a team today. The option is very useful both for groups of people in educational institutions and for colleagues who work together to create a new project. Working in real time avoids filling the memory with a bunch of unfinished layouts. Instead, users get the opportunity to work together, quickly share new ideas and designs, and easily discard unnecessary parts of the project.

Apps for presentations

Create presentations with iPhone

It is no secret that today the vast majority of people use smartphones more often than personal computers. Not so long ago, experts from We Are Social found that today about 70 percent of the globe owns smartphones. Based on this, the developers of presentation utilities took care of the ability to create and edit presentations using the iPhone. Because of this, numerous programs for working on a smartphone regularly appear on the market.

Ability to add audio

In modern presentations, it is important to properly combine the elements with which you want to convey information to listeners. A good visual component is not the only thing that affects the success of your presentation. Another important part is a quality audio track, which can make your presentation more professional, as well as allow listeners to better remember everything that was said.

Apps for presentations

Animation effects

Animations can significantly affect other people's impressions of your presentation. They make the picture dynamic, so the listener immediately becomes interested and begins to better monitor what is happening on his screen. You can combine interesting transitions between slides with dynamic animations to make the presentation more exciting. The main thing to remember is that in good work all the details must be harmoniously connected.

Online mode

It will be useful for those who regularly show their work to colleagues and are forced to allow them to edit the project in real time. Some companies ask you to publish your presentations on the Internet so as not to take up space on digital media. Because of this, it is important to choose those platforms for creating presentations on the iPhone that have access to the Internet.

Let's go to the direct list of the best applications for presentations on iOS, which will help you create an unforgettable and interesting design.

Google Slides

The most popular software for creating presentations, which is known to follow PowerPoint. In order to create a job here, you must first go through a simple registration. However, this step is not a problem if you already have a Google Drive account. With Google's success with millions of users around the world, it's no surprise that Google Slides is a fairly popular alternative to the default software. One of the significant benefits of the program is the ability to use its features simply by creating a Google account. This allows you to create modern presentations even when you do not have enough money for professional software.

Apps for presentations

Due to the fact that this utility uses cloud storage, it is a good choice for teamwork in real time. The service works on any device, so you can share your slideshows on tablets, personal computers and smartphones.

The utility offers a wide and functional toolkit, so you can easily create a quality project and demonstrate its features as clearly as possible. Another advantage of Google Slides is the ability to choose a special template with a modern design. After choosing the right design, you just need to edit what the informative part of the presentation looks like. This saves a lot of time, because you do not have to sit over the software for several hours to create a good slide show.

Apps for presentations


A set for creating presentations for owners of Apple equipment. This package is one of the components of iWork, so it is suitable for gadgets like iPhone, iPad, Mac and so on. Using a personal computer, you should create an account in the iCloud service. This will greatly facilitate the workflow and will not lose the newly created presentation. The utility can also be used by a whole team of users at the same time. This will facilitate the workflow and help to better organize the development of projects, layouts and so on.

This program has an intuitive interface, so even a beginner will keep the opportunity to create a good presentation that will be remembered by the audience. For those users who would like to learn a little more about the operation of the application, there are special courses and guides. They clearly describe all the options and capabilities of Keynote. If you have a problem with creating your own design, you can always refer to the section with templates. This way you can save your resources, but still get a good presentation with a modern visual component.

Apps for presentations


A good program with a wide range of functionality that allows you to create unique designs in presentations. Prezi differs from PowerPoint in that here the user gets the opportunity to edit not a slide, but the whole canvas. Due to its non-linearity, the program is suitable for less formal meetings that do not require professional and rigorous design. Zooming anywhere is just one of the many useful features of the utility. Users choose Prezi not only because of the wide field for creativity, but also because of direct access to the network. In this way, using the service, you get the opportunity to publish your work on the Internet and communicate with your colleagues, while working on a joint project.

Zoho Show

Functional service for creating presentations, which is part of Zoho Workplace. The latter platform contains not only packages for creating slide shows, but also e-mail, group chats, documents and many other things that help to better organize your work.

Zoho Show allows its users not only to create interesting designs, but also to share them with other people. This is necessary to make the editing of various projects more convenient for all members of the team or team. The service is well suited for those users who do not have a stable network connection. Thanks to its connection and synchronization with cloud services, your work is automatically stored in a safe place. Saving happens as soon as you connect to the Internet, so for those who have a rather weak connection, the application will definitely come in handy. This program is quite simple, but to discover the unfamiliar aspects of the functionality, you should take a course in a textbook from Envato Tuts +.

Apps for presentations


The platform is suitable for users who are tired of monotonous and boring presentations. With PowToon you can discover a whole new section in working with slide shows - animation. Moving images will not only make the development of your project more dynamic, but will also make your audience better focus on important information and remember it for a long time. Here you can create simple animated effects, as well as make dynamic infographics and charts. To make the presentation more visible, you can refer to the whole section, which offers a set of tracks and styles for the slide show. If you do not have enough ideas or time, the program has a category with templates, which will help create a good presentation in minutes. PowToon is generally free, but if you want to open special program options.

Apps for presentations


An application that should be in the arsenal of every marketer. This is where the functionality is best suited for creating presentations related to marketing. Thanks to synchronization with cloud services, your project will not be lost. As in all previous cases, the application supports collaboration on the presentation in real time. One of the useful features of CustomShow is the ability to create your own slide folder, which can be joined by any of your colleagues. Also, such a library can be easily customized to your needs. The interaction of the application with Salesforce will definitely not leave indifferent marketing professionals.

Apps for presentations


This tool will also be useful for those users who regularly meet the need to make presentations in the field of marketing. One of the significant advantages of the platform, which distinguishes it from alternative applications, is the ability to consult with professional designers. This option is available to users who have issued a premium subscription. After that, they have the opportunity to ask questions to leading experts who will explain in detail each aspect of individual design.

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