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icoola.ua / Apple news / GTasks Review. Can I download the GTasks app today?
02 April 2021

GTasks Review. Can I download the GTasks app today?

An overview of the GTasks application. Your own glider in your phone. Creation of a day plan. Travel and shopping planning.

Anastasia Perekupko

In June 2015, Microsoft acquired the GTasks service, which was used by 13 million people at that time. However, just 2 years later, it was announced that the application would be closed, and users were offered a new version of the task manager - Microsoft To-Do. And already in May 2020, the company implemented its plan - since then you can download the Microsoft application, but it will not be synchronized. However, we will still conduct a small review of this program and find out all its advantages and possible disadvantages that numerous users have noted.

GTasks is a service that helps you solve many complex tasks, simplify important things, make shopping lists, and plan your trip. The organizer accommodates both personal and general projects, makes it possible to share material with other participants in the system, break down large projects into smaller lists and link them with common goals. Here you can attach presentations, files, pictures, add reminders and set deadlines. The app also has a search.

Program features

  1. Create a to-do list.
  2. Set due date as well as reminder.
  3. Adding sub-items to tasks, as well as comments, files and notes.
  4. Dividing lists into folders.
  5. Sending the list to another user for the purpose of collaboration.

It is worth noting that GTasks is a free program, however, the developer will still offer a Pro version of the application, which is distinguished by the absence of restrictions on the use of all the utility's capabilities. However, for a small project, the free version is enough.

Application features

This service is supported by such platforms:

  • iOS;
  • Windows;
  • "Android";

There is also a web version available on the official GTasks resource. The platform allows you to study information in different languages, including Russian.

To use the service, you need to register an account on the main page of the site. You can provide email, or use your Microsoft, Google, or Facebook account. Through the account, the user gets full synchronization on their devices where this application is installed.

How lists work

Why do I need to share lists? This is one of the most effective ways to collaborate with family members, friends, or colleagues. Anyone included in the general list can not only view the information, but also check it, edit, comment, attach the necessary files and disable tasks.

To provide access to any user in the list, you must enter his email address and save. The recipient will receive a notification in the application and a letter, where he can accept the offer or refuse it. If the recipient is not registered in the program, an application will be sent to him to create an account in order to have access to the program and view the list.

Writing comments

Using this function, you can leave feedback, be the first to start a conversation, add information, ask a question online. The timestamp is saved in the comment, which becomes available to other participants immediately after submission. To mention a specific participant from the list, add the @ sign and the username without a space before the message. This person will receive a corresponding notification.

When another member adds a comment to the public list, you will receive a notification through the activity center or through notifications, if they were enabled in the settings.

Create folders

As already mentioned, lists can be combined into small folders according to common goals. The action is performed by dragging one list with the cursor to another. After entering the name of the newly created folder, the action is confirmed with the Enter button.

You can ungroup a folder or rename it by clicking on the 3 dots on the right, where it is proposed to select the desired action. If some folders are no longer needed, but you do not want to delete them, you can create an archive folder and place everything that is not relevant at the moment there.

Other GTasks features


It is easy to make it a task to receive an email. It is enough just to forward the selected letter to the official address, after which you can find a new item in the "Inbox". In this case, the name of the task will be the subject of the letter, and its body will be displayed in the notes for a specific task.


You can filter your tasks by small lists using hashtags. You can mark cases after clicking on the hashtag itself, after which the program will display the corresponding items.

Can I still use the premium version of GTasks

Initially, the service in the application was free, but over time, a paid Pro service appeared. After the program was closed, only the free version remained in it, which, however, retained all the Pro options. Today, when the utility is no longer being updated, Microsoft has stopped invoicing for services rendered to development users.

Benefits noted by users

Everyone who managed to download the GTasks application and try it out noted the simple application, the intuitive interface and the uncluttered menu that allows you to start working immediately after creating your account.

Initially, lists are created for specific tasks, which are then grouped into folders. This includes lists of household jobs, purchases, and travel planning. Such objects can be grouped into one folder and named "Household". When setting up a user account, the system itself offers lists that you can use - "Personal", "Family", "Movies".

Each element has its own name, the due date, important subtasks, a reminder, as well as attachments, necessary comments and the recipient are indicated for it. You can also add an asterisk to tasks that indicates importance and priority. With the help of a special filter, you can quickly find tasks marked with an asterisk.

The benefits of GTasks were highlighted by people who use the application as a whole family. The program has become especially useful for compiling a list of products that can be quickly shared.

Users check the natural language option, which makes it easy to specify due dates - for example, "today" or "tomorrow". But as soon as the program understands what the user meant, it will underline the desired word and show a small animation. This will mean that the word is now saved.

In addition, many people liked the ability to tag their tasks. In the name of the task, you should put the # symbol, and the job is done. It is worth noting that all these functions are not striking, but they are useful and convenient, since they allow you to use the GTasks application as efficiently as possible to manage your tasks.

Another plus is the smooth interface, which allows easy drag and drop of various elements. An important point is the ability to conduct a dialogue between employees within a specific list. Typically, this option is in demand in more advanced tools for handling tasks.

For some, the main feature has become the support of cooperation. The application allows you to invite other people to one of the lists you have created. As soon as the user joins, it will be possible to assign him this or that task. By the way, the invited participant can also assign tasks to others, including you. If you do not want to cooperate with someone in this format, you can send a list of tasks to this person by e-mail.

Users who managed to download the GTasks app tend to advertise cross-platform support for the program as one of the main advantages. The development contains numerous proposals for devices such as Android, Chromebook, MacOS, Amazon Fire, iOS, Phone, Windows. In addition, it is possible to connect the Safari module as well as Chrome. There is even a classic web application.

Basically, applications function without problems and visible failures, and it does not matter if the program is online or offline. But, it is worth noting that there is also a weak link - the web version, since in it, in the absence of the Internet, it is problematic to edit the name of the task. The rest of the application performed pretty well.

Let's sum up

Despite the fact that the application is no longer updated, it is a fairly practical program that allows the user to manage their time wisely, completing the scheduled tasks and not forgetting about the little things.

The advantages include:

  1. Versatility - the versions are suitable for almost all devices.
  2. No overloading of functions.
  3. Free version with huge potential.
  4. The ability to share lists, start working on various projects together.
  5. Instant synchronization with all devices where the program is installed.

Unfortunately, Microsoft decided to close the project and created a completely different To-Do service, which, by the way, is used by a large number of users. All functions of the GTasks application can be transferred to a new development. It is worth noting that in addition to these two, there are also a great many similar programs that greatly facilitate the life of a modern person.

This review shows that it is possible and necessary to use such applications, because for this purpose computer technologies are developing in order to firmly enter our life.

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