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07 April 2021

5 tips for cleaning your device from digital debris

The ecological situation on our planet worsens every day. Digital cleaning has a positive effect on our environment.

Olha Litvinova

Each new era brings both positive and negative changes. The same thing happened with the advent of modern technology in our lives. With the help of a single smartphone, you can communicate with people around the world, navigate in unfamiliar cities with the help of GPS and greatly facilitate your existence. However, most of our planet does not even think about the negative things that have appeared in our daily lives recently. Gadgets, which were created to significantly facilitate work and entertainment processes, gradually began to capture the lives of individuals. Some social networks have completely absorbed someone's identity and such people now do not imagine their lives outside of Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. Due to the abuse of modern technology, users around the world find themselves in situations that ten years ago no one could have imagined.

Ecological relaxation

However, we will not demonize modern technology. Despite the negative factors, digital progress has brought us a lot of useful things, so in fact this era has significant advantages. In regular interaction with smartphones and personal computers, it is very important to draw a clear line between the real and virtual world.

Why fight digital pollution?

The formation of digital pollution has a negative impact not only on our accounts and gadgets, but also on the environment. Most people have no idea what harm unnecessary information does to nature. Due to inactive profiles and tons of unnecessary folders with photos, the amount of carbon dioxide is released, which can damage the park. At iCOOLA ECO, we care about the planet we live on, so we want it to stay in the best possible condition. We recommend those readers who would like to know a little more about the environmental situation in Ukraine rating of cities on air quality and air pollution.


As with any other job, we sometimes need to organize the space we work with almost every day. To do this, we suggest you read the tips for cleaning digital trash on iPhone and other devices. This will help you to significantly unload your devices and make their operation more conscious.

Sort all media files stored on your devices.

Usually, most people decide to take a few photos while shooting to choose the best ones in the future and delete the bad ones. Unfortunately, some people forget about it and just download them to laptops or other devices to leave more memory on the smartphone. As a result, the memory on the other device runs out even faster, and the number of frames you take emits as much carbon dioxide as the car when traveling in the city.


Unsubscribe from unnecessary mailings

CO2 emissions are affected not only by photos taken on your phone, but also by e-mails that you receive regularly. Most users are unaware of this, so just ignore all the mailings that appear in their inbox. In such cases, you should get rid of e-scrap by unsubscribing from all unnecessary resources.


Restore accounts you no longer use

The amount of digital garbage that significantly affects the environment often accumulates in abandoned e-mail addresses and other services. It is also important to get rid of residual files in cloud services. This will benefit not only the environment but also your security and privacy.

Uninstall programs you no longer need.

Quite often, many users download disposable applications to their smartphones, but then forget to delete them. By getting rid of this digital scrap, you will not only free up memory space, but also extend the life cycle of your device.

Ecological situation

View the downloads' folder.

Sometimes we can't even imagine how many unnecessary documents can be hidden on our smartphones and personal computers. In order to increase the efficiency of your devices, we recommend digital cleaning in similar folders. This will help prevent the accumulation of unnecessary files.

Fortunately, today we have the opportunity to learn about digital literacy, which helps us optimize the workspace. Now we have the opportunity to regularly arrange digital cleaning, which in essence is almost no different from the usual. In order to better focus on work, you should from time to time organize your space in the virtual world. In order to effectively get rid of all the factors that negatively affect your productivity, you should determine for yourself what and how it affects your energy. Analyze which applications or files give it and which take it away.


How to facilitate the process of virtual cleaning?

It is also worth remembering that the digital cleaning process is extremely individual. A desktop cluttered with shortcuts can be terribly annoying to one, but pleasing to another. Because of this, you need to realize that all the garbage will have to be separated on their own. Of course, getting acquainted with various expert opinions on this issue will not be superfluous, but you must remember that the result of virtual cleaning depends solely on your needs.

Sort out your habits so that it is easier to understand which things in the workplace fill you with energy and which devastate you. This will greatly facilitate further optimization of your device.


Do not immerse yourself in digital reality. Even if you had a hard day at work after it is over, you shouldn't hang around on your phone thoughtlessly. A much better solution would be physical rest, which will help unload your head.

It is also important to get rid of physical scrap. These include phones, smartphones and laptops that you no longer use. However, find out before disposal  why you can't throw a broken smartphone in the trash. So getting rid of scrap will definitely be a fresh breath of air for the environment.

If you want to further influence the improvement of the environmental situation in the country, you should learn about 10 products that will help preserve the environment.

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