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Apple Store / Apple news / How to Save Disk Space When Recording Videos on iPhone and iPad
24 May 2021

How to Save Disk Space When Recording Videos on iPhone and iPad

How you can save free disk space. Record videos on iPhone and iPad, so you still have free space

Anastasia Perekupko

Apple is constantly evolving, as can be judged by the quality of the video recording for each new iPhone or iPad model. This is good enough, as every owner would love to shoot high quality video. But then a surprise awaits: the better the video, the larger it is. And then the device may run out of space.

To avoid such problems, you need to take some steps. Let's consider how to save disk space when recording video on Apple gadgets.

General information

By default, the iPad or iPhone is set to capture 1080 HD video. In this case, the speed is 60 frames per second. Every 60 seconds a clip requires 100 MB of internal memory. Of course, this upsets users, since shooting is currently popular with owners of smartphones or tablets, but with such video quality, there will soon be no free space on the internal storage of devices. And do not forget about the updates that come regularly and also require space.

Strategy on how to save space on the iPhone \ iPad

The developers of the "apple" devices have provided the ability to change the frame rate and video resolution when shooting. Due to this, video files are compressed in size and save space on the internal drives of the iPhone or iPad.

To organize space-saving you will need:

  • Turn on the "apple" gadget
  • Open the device settings window
  • Move the cursor down and click on the camera shortcut
  • Select the option "Resolution and frame rate for video recording" and check the box on the required value

Experts recommend using 720p and 1080p resolutions at 30fps to save space. It is clear that 4K resolution provides an impressive file size containing video. After the settings, you must exit the window, and then the changes will be saved.

Owners of later versions of Apple gadgets can change the resolution and frame rate on the fly using the Camera pp app.

Save disk space

Another way to save space when recording video

When shooting a review at the top of the gadget on the strip next to the timer, the resolution and frame rate parameters separated by a dot are located.

Using these settings, you can change their values. This allows you to toggle the choice between 1080P and 4K, or between 1080P and 720P, depending on the desired result.

The frame rate also changes similarly. When recording video at 1080p, you can switch frames between 30 and 60 frames per second and vice versa. When recording a movie in 4K quality, the frequency can be changed in the ranges of 24, 30 and 60. Accordingly, at 720P - 30 frames maximum.

To save space, experts advise to record a less professional video, which can only be appreciated by those close to the owner of Apple gadgets. Due to this, a fairly solid supply of space will remain in the internal memory. These methods are not complicated, but they will help any user not to clog the disk space on the iPhone or iPad with large files.

Save disk space

Other methods to save space on iPhone / iPad

But not only by changing the camera settings, you can save free space when shooting video on Apple devices. There are several other ways you can reserve space for larger, more professional videos.

So, these ways are as follows:

Removing unwanted photos. They really eat up a significant chunk of internal memory that could be used to store quality video. Of course, a dozen photos do not matter, but when there are more than 1000 of them, and they are not very successful, it is better to delete them.

  • Upload photos and videos to the cloud service. You can do this when you don't want to compress photos or videos that are already on your devices. And thus, there will be more space. Although you will have to buy extra megabytes on the Apple cloud. But you can upload files to a cloud of another manufacturer, or even create your own personal cloud storage. Such a measure helps to free up several gigabytes of internal memory, which can be reserved for recording video on the iPhone / iPad.
  • Removing unnecessary applications. If the owner no longer uses the previously downloaded programs, then they can simply be erased, and then space will also be freed up. Interestingly, Apple gadgets also offer to download applications that have not been launched for a long time.
  • Remove music. Often, music tracks are recorded on the iPhone or iPad, but soon they also start a place that is so lacking for high-quality videos. Therefore, you can delete songs that are already boring to the owners. You can also turn off the automatic download of songs to gadgets. A more radical mean would be to go through the "Settings" menu in the "iPhone Storage" and delete all the melodies.

Save disk space

Clear the "Other" section. This is the largest section, which includes the cache, various spam and information transmitted from embedded applications. Initially, you need to see how much this entire "garbage" takes, and then delete. Often these are watched or downloaded videos on YouTube, movies in VLC format or iMovie projects.

It should be noted that such measures really work and can help free up significant space on the internal memory of Apple gadgets. Through such steps, you can remove unnecessary garbage for tens of gigabytes, and then use this space to record high-quality video. Moreover, such measures will help monitor the state of internal memory.

Summing up, we note that it is quite easy to save space when recording video on an iPhone or iPad. You need to either change the frame rate resolution settings in the two ways described above, or simply remove the files that the owners do not use for a long time.

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