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28 January 2021

The most interesting facts about the company Apple's, which you don't know

Today, the company does not stop working on the new gadget s. But, there are quite a few points that even fans of this brand do not know about.

Катерина Антонюк

The most interesting facts about the company Apple's, which you might not know

Company Apple has made some adjustments in the field of mobile telephony. It completely changed the world by making smartphones easier to use.

Today, the company does not stop working on the new gadget s. But, there are quite a few points that even fans of this brand do not know about.

The first company logo featured Isaac Newton

Today, almost everyone recognizes Apple products by the logo, which depicts a bitten apple, but this was not always the case.

The very first logo of the company featured Isaac Newton sitting under an apple tree. This image was created by one of the founders - Ronald Wein. And you can immediately highlight another significant fact.

first logo Apple

The first Apple founder sold his shares to Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak for just $ 800, and today they could have brought him over $ 20 billion. After leaving the company, Ronald had no professional success. And until 2011, he did not use any released gadgets from Apple.

The Newton logo didn't last long. The thing is that in a small form it did not look so good, as in the picture, due to the fact that there were a lot of small details.

second logo Apple

In 1976, it was replaced by a rainbow apple, which was practically a picture that every user can see today on gadgets. The official change of the logo to a modern sample took place only in 1998.

logo Apple

Difficult before to put on new gadgets Isaac Newton's image as a logo. But, until a certain period, everything was exactly like that.

The demonstration of the first iPhone miraculously did not fail due to the inoperative state of the gadget

In 2007, at the presentation, which was made by Steve Jobs, the smartphone was at the prototype stage and therefore, its work was far from ideal.

The engineers of the company themselves were surprised how it happened that the presentation went like clockwork. The phone had problems with Wi-Fi and many other flaws.

Over the next 5 months after all this, the developers still had to work very hard to improve the gadget. Therefore, a phone appeared on the market that was radically different from the one announced by Jobs at the presentation of the device.

Jobs with iPhone

In addition, it is worth considering that the first smartphone was created from plastic, but after numerous tests, it was decided to use only glass. Steve Jobs noticed that with constant use the gadget would be prone to scratches, so the material was changed.

In order to raise money for the production of the company's products, the founder had to sell an engineering calculator

Steve Wozniak was one of the founders of the company. At the time, he worked for HP and managed to settle accounts with the engineers with a Hewlett-Packard 65 calculator.

In turn, in order to find money to implement his ideas, Steve Jobs had to sell the van at one time.

Calculators today don't cost a lot of money, but things were different in the distant 70s. The engineering models were especially valuable. In terms of cost, it was practically equal to a laptop.

Wozniak managed to make good enough money on it. At that time, the new device cost about $ 800. But Steve's copy was pretty worn. Nevertheless, today this subject can be considered historical.

The images of all gadgets from the company have the same time

The given time is 9:41 and these are the numbers that are displayed on all devices of the company, and all this is not without reason. This rule even applies to the printing of advertisements on television.

All this is related to the time allotted for the presentation. The standard representation gadget lasts 40 minutes, so, when the phone appears on the slide, then it coincides with the fact, that of the audience.

Presentation Apple

Until 2010, it was indicated 1 minute more (9:42). Company representatives explained that they can not invest s camping in the allotted time, so decided to change it to depict one minute less.

It is also worth considering that the iPhone after the presentation in 2007 became the most profitable product of the company.

Without the appearance of the iPhone, there would be no success of the Android operating system

As strange as it may sound, it is true. In 2007, Apple was able to completely change the way phones are viewed. If not all this, it is not known how the development of the telephone sphere would continue.

So, before this period, Google planned to produce a whole series of push-button smartphones. It was after the presentation that the priorities and ideas about portable technology changed dramatically.

Apple vs Android

Some experts argue that if there had not been a change in the views of the leading companies with regards to modern companies, then Android could become one of the alternative operating systems along with Windows Mobile and Symbian.

Apple and Samsung collaboration

These two companies are competitors in the market, but, nevertheless, they have been partners for some time. Samsung develops processors for iPhones. But, Apple tried in every possible way to reduce this cooperation. Therefore, I switched to production from TSMC.

But, there is information that in the production of the iPhone 13, the companies will again cooperate. So Apple plans to improve the camera of the gadget. A Korean company will help develop a periscope camera.

Apple vs Samsung

Apple is interested in working with South Korean experts who specialize in the development of periscope lenses. Perhaps completely different developers will become partners . But, it is Samsung who is the specialist in 100x zoom in a smartphone.

Not so long ago, it was reported that the Korean company acquired Corephotonis. Developers, that just specialize in zooming. The company has even previously filed a lawsuit against Apple and Samsung. But, after the takeover, it was automatically canceled. 

Apple never pays to use iPhones in films

Quite often in American films and TV series, the main characters use Apple technology, but it is interesting that the company never paid money for this.

Apple in movies

Movie advertising is known to be quite expensive, but reps say they never paid a single cent for all of this. However, the company is ready to give away its products. Therefore, one could argue, that this advertising is not already free.

iPhone started out as an iPad project

Today everyone knows that the iPhone was first presented, and only a few years later the world saw the first iPad. But, first, as head of Steve Jobs had the idea to create a tablet, which can be printed without a special keypad, but still decided to postpone the development of the invention of the device. Only a few years later, the gadget was improved and presented to customers.

iPad Apple

It is worth noting, that iPhone was not the first phone released by Steve Jobs. Two years earlier, Apple partnered with Motorola to release a device called the Rokr E1, which was powered by iTunes. Then the key product of the company itself, which was in development, was a tablet. But after the decision to focus his attention on those phones, Jobs realized that the Rokr E1 would become a serious competitor. However, the first attempt was a failure, so it did not stop making a splash at the presentation in 2007.

sport and apple

It is also worth considering the fact that the name iPhone was previously used by Cisco as the name for wireless phones. But, in 2007, Apple managed to get the rights to this name.

Apple believes in happy clothing

At all presentations, Jobs wore the same outfit. Namely, he was wearing Levi's jeans, a black turtleneck, and sneakers. All this with what is known as "costume" recognizable.

jobs apple levi's

Even after Steve's death, this tradition was not ignored. So Jonathan wears a T-shirt of a similar style, moreover, even from the same manufacturer, when presenting products. For over 10 years, he has starred in all commercials wearing the same style T-shirt.

Steve Jobs hated white

Jobs wanted all of the company's technology to look stylish and beautiful. He dreamed that the owners were proud of the device, and they were pleased to look at their phones and computers. He gave John Ive full carte blanche to implement his decisions. Steve was comfortable with everything except the color, so he preferred to use other shades. This is how gadgets of gray or space color appeared. But Jobs did not like this option either. Therefore, a little later, they began to produce white gadgets.

фішки епл

Today, white is Apple's trademark.

Compared to users of smartphones from other manufacturers, the iPhone is more loyal. Studies have shown that often enough the new Android - devices do not hurry to acquire, but the iPhone has always buy tons of the latest version.

At the same time, many have a negative concern and to own an iPhone, even if you have never seen them, let alone use them. First of all, people wonder, how can purchase an expensive gadget, if there are analogs with the presence of many essential functions much lower cost.

But, nevertheless, during the existence of the company she was able to sell the iPhones 2.2 billion dollars. These data were recorded in November 2018. After that, the company announced that it would no longer publish such information, and not only with regards to sales of smartphones but also other equipment.

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