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13 January 2021

Apple Pay application guide

Explore a world of incredibly fast, contactless payment with Apple Pay. No bills and coins in your pockets. No risks when registering bank cards on websites and no confusion between them. Clarity, simplicity, and nothing more.

Eleonora Rusanovska

It's no secret that Apple products are loved and chosen all over the world. It seems that all the subtleties of use have been studied, and the devices are being operated at full capacity. However, no matter how many Apple users there are in the world, there are still those who still do not use Apple Pay . There are many reasons. ICOOLA decided to figure out what was going on and released a complete application guide for both new users and experienced ones.

Introducing Apple Pay

Apple Pay is a super-fast, contactless payment system that requires at least one Apple gadget. This could be your iPhone, for example iPhone 7 Plus, Apple Watch, iPad, or even a Macbook that was released in 2012 or later. The main thing is that the device supports Touch ID or Face ID. Thanks to them, the system recognizes the owner and carries out identification.

For a simple explanation of what Apple Pay is, let 's use a comparison in which the device is the equivalent of a “standard” wallet, and the data on the payment cards of the Apple device holder is traditional cash. As a result, when shopping, you don't have to take your wallet out of your pocket and money out of it. You just take out the device, unblock Apple Pay and move the equipment to the terminal. The end, done, paid.

With the help of the system, the user can pay for his order on the marketplace , travel in some of the modes of transport, pay for purchases in the application or in any place where there is an ATM. An additional plus is the ability to make regular payments and pay for subscriptions.

In the US, Apple Pay is widely used to transfer funds between individuals and create a dialogue between customers and business pages in the iMessage app.

Apple Pay works with the Wallet app. It can also store different cards, coupons, tickets. Simply put, the entire wallet is in your smartphone.

Apple Pay security

Apple Pay uses a short-range wireless technology called NFC. Payment is made by reading and transferring data into a special, secure code. It turns out that the seller does not "remember" the information from your card, and when deleted, he loses it altogether.

And all this without entering data from the map into a separate source each time. That is, your data will be stored exclusively on your device. Even if you have 2 paired Apple devices, the system will still ask you to enter the card number on the second gadget again to further protect you.

And in order to dispel all doubts, let's add - if the device is lost, the system is deleted from any other device via Find My iPhone.

Apple Pay connection

The increase in the number of people who want to pay by phone instead of using a payment card is influenced by periodically appearing promotions, in which you can usually get cashback , as well as ease of use. Under pressure from customers, the number of banks offering Apple Pay is growing . Those who prefer mobile payments will be pleased with the fact that the system has more partners every year.

You can add a map to your iPhone in a couple of simple steps:

  • Step 1 - go to the built-in Wallet app and scan the card. If you already have one, then you can add another one in the upper right corner of the screen by clicking on the plus sign;
  • Step 2 - Then follow the instructions that appear - enter the name and surname of the cardholder, its expiration date and the three-digit CVV / CVC number indicated on the back of the "plastic";
  • Step 3 - Accept the terms of use;
  • Step 4 - Enter the authorization code received from the bank via SMS to the phone number that you specified when concluding the agreement.

After this operation, you will be able to use Apple Pay .

This authorization method is secure. If someone found your card on the street, he would not be able to add it, since he would not receive a verification SMS.

Adding Apple Pay to iPad is slightly different

First you need to go to "Settings" on your device. Available items include Wallet and Apple Pay . In the next step, select "Add Credit / Debit Card" and follow the instructions that appear. The procedure ends with a message that the added card has been verified.

You can add Apple Pay to Apple Watch through your iPhone. Open the Apple Watch app and go to the My Watch tab. Select the ones to which you want to add "plastic". Select the Wallet & Apple Pay option and click Add Credit / Debit Card. Follow the instructions on the screen. 

Add a map on Mac

Recall that adding maps on Mac laptops is possible if Touch ID is installed on them . Make sure it is present, and then select "System Preferences", then " Wallet and Apple Pay ". The next step is to click on the "Add Map" icon. Then follow the instructions that appear.

Don't be discouraged if your Mac doesn't have Touch ID. You can go to the settings of your iPhone, again find " Wallet and Apple Pay " and enable "Pay on Mac ".

In the Wallet application, you can see the transactions made by the card by simply clicking on it. And in the settings and the " Wallet and Apple Pay " tab , delete a specific card or replace the default one. Problems can arise if the card is attached to a subscription or other standing order. In this case, the removal of the card is possible only by replacing it with another.

Technology, as a tool for payment, should not surprise anyone. It's simple and convenient. All use is quite intuitive and should not be difficult. We hope that we have answered your questions, and Apple Pay will become a reliable guide between you and the desired acquisition. Finally, if you have problems with Apple Pay, you can contact our Apple service center.

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