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Apple Store / Apple news / iOS 14 Highlights and what to expect from iOS 15
08 February 2021

iOS 14 Highlights and what to expect from iOS 15

Major changes in iOS 14. Plans for iOS 15

Antonyuk Kateryna

In iOS 14, there are many features that were not previously available. The company has refined the operating system and added many new features and functions that you can use.

In addition, a few small details were added that not all users were able to notice. The most extensive changes occurred with widgets.
Nevertheless, the company has a lot to grow. There are many features that users would like to see in the new beta version. Some of them will be the development of current opportunities, while others will be fundamentally new.

Interesting features made possible by iOS 14

The mobile operating system from Apple has been available for a long time and all users can update the device.
Officially, the operating system appeared in the fall of 2020. In iOS 14, a new design was implemented, the voice control interface was redesigned, the split-screen function appeared, and much more.

The appearance of widgets on the smartphone screen

This moment can be considered a distinctive feature that can be seen with the naked eye. The presence of widgets helps you get all the necessary data without going to the app.

So, for example, without performing any actions, you can view information about the weather, find out currency rates, or select the necessary note and reminder. Widgets are available in three sizes at once: 4, 8, and 16.
All information about them is constantly updated. And the user can place them in any convenient place on the desktop.
All widgets in the new version can be placed directly between the application icons. They can now not just be placed in any part of the smartphone desktop, but also stretch to the entire screen. You can also place several pieces on the screen, and even one under the other.
Apple has also developed widgets that have several such add-ons at once. You can scroll through them in search of the necessary information.
To find this feature, you need to go to the icon management, which is located on the desktop. After that, you need to click on " + " and select the desired widget. Then make it the right size and place the widget on the desktop.

Sorting with the library

This is a completely new way to place an iPhone on your desktop. You can find it on the right side of the home screen. It allows you to find the app you need much faster by sorting them by topic.

There is also a new folder that will display new applications and those that have been updated.
To find this function, you need to scroll the screen to the space on the right, where the application library will be located.

New interface for Siri

The developers decided to completely redesign the Siri interface. After the update, the dialog with the voice assistant will no longer take up the entire screen and thus will not be able to prevent you from viewing other important information. All this is especially true for gadgets with large screens.

After opening or calling the assistant, it will be placed at the bottom of the display. And all the answers can appear in the form of cards.
To see the changes after the update, you just need to call the voice assistant with the phrase "Hello, Siri", and also click on the smartphone button.

Picture - in-picture function

Previously, this feature was only available on the iPad, but with the increase in the screen on the iPhone, it is now possible on the smartphone. The function allows you to work with one of the applications and at the same time, view a video clip. If you need to turn off all this, then just move it over the edge of the screen.

To use this feature, go to "Settings", then "General", and then select "Picture in picture". After that, the user will have the opportunity not only to perform actions in any of the applications, but also to view the video at the same time, pinning it in the same window.


The standard application "Translator" has been improved. So, today the program supports 11 languages at once. Among the main advantages of the updated version is the ability to translate text in offline mode, as well as automatic language detection.

In addition, all the work is done quickly. The user does not need to create an account, as the application works without it.
You can find the updated app using the Spotlight search.

Hidden Desktops and Apps

The new version of iOS 14 allows you to not only place and sort apps, but also hide programs and even desktops.

Unnecessary icons will no longer take up much space, but you can always find them if necessary. Also, the user gets the opportunity not only to hide all the applications one by one, but also to completely hide the desktop.
All this allows you to restore order on the desktop, and hide all applications that are rarely used.

New features in photo editing

The original photo editor has been seriously changed. So you no longer need to download apps in the new version in order to improve your photos.
You can use the new advanced editor not only for photos, but also for screenshots. And for more accurate work, it is now possible to use such a tool as a"Pipette".

There are also many more color options that are available when you select them in the dialog box. And now you can adjust the transparency of the color.

Updated messages

The company also did not forget to update the "Messages", group chats were completely improved.

Users have the opportunity to respond to specific messages and not be distracted by all the others. And the responses implemented in this way create a structure that makes viewing more convenient.
It is also possible to set up group chats in such a way that notifications come only if someone addresses this particular person.

CarKey function

The new version has a feature that allows you to turn your phone into real car keys. In order to activate this option, you need to register the car in the Wallet. After that, the car owner will be able to control the car, namely: open the doors to the car, start the engine, and control many other functions using the iPhone. But, the main disadvantage of this function is that it is able to control only the latest version of the BMW i5.

Apple also said that access to the car will be possible even to other users, if they are sent data on the Wallet application.

What features should appear in iOS 15

A new version of iOS 15 will be released this year. And today, many users can only guess about the new features of the smartphone, which will be available very soon.
One of the main improvements may be a complete reworking of the code to increase the battery life of the smartphone. Perhaps all this is due to the release of the latest line of iPhone 12, in which this time has not changed in comparison with smartphones of the 11th generation. Therefore, the developers will try to fix all this in the new version.

It is also known that there should be support for applications to create additional virtual reality. Perhaps all this is created for the LiDAR scanner, which is on the iPhone 12 Pro. But, and there is an assumption that the company is preparing to present virtual reality glasses Apple Glasses.
There is information that other applications will also improve, including "Music". This update will be available on smartphones starting from the 7th generation.
Some users claim that they will pick up the following chips in iOS 14, and they should definitely appear in the new version:

1. Automatically change the icons of installed apps. So if you look at the background of the icons, even with a dark theme, the color is white. And all this can not but confuse some users.

It is still possible to change the color of the icons, but all this is done manually. But, it would be much better if the smartphone automatically did it on its own.

2. Adding interactive elements to work with widgets. Today, they do not have interactive features. For example, the user cannot control button clicks without logging in to the app. Also, it is not possible to make changes in the lists.

3. The maintenance of the Apple Pencil for Notes and other applications. Almost all users who work constantly with this application are interested in why the iPhone does not support a branded pencil. With an established work with Apple Pencil, it would be much more comfortable to make changes in notes, create diagrams, and perform actions with any other visual materials.

4. Vertical split screen for apps. In version 14, it is already available to split the screen and view videos simultaneously while working in the same application. However, this feature is still not available for some applications.

5. Increase the list of applications to perform the default installation. In the active version, one of the most important changes was the ability to install applications by default. But, all this applies only to individual programs. So using other default options is still not possible.
It is not known what exactly will be offered by the developers in the next update. The presentation of the new version is scheduled to take place in June 2021, and i

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