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09 June 2021

How industrialization has affected climate change

How industry contributed to the planet's rapid decline and what can be done about it

Olha Muntean

Any adult knows that industrial production is a prerequisite for a comfortable modern life in society. However, due to the massive emergence and formation of the industry, for a long time no one paid attention to its impact on the environment. And now humanity must pay the bills for its negligence, because we received from nature exactly what was taken from it - the flora and fauna in the vast world territories simply disappears. So at the moment we have a huge priority in ensuring maximum protection of the environment from industrialization processes and its facilities, because they absorb a huge amount of natural resources, polluting it at the same time.

How industrialization affects nature

To talk about any effective action to protect nature, it is first important to clarify the relationship between ecology and industry. So, any actions of mankind in the 20th and 21st centuries significantly influenced the formation of a modern ecological catastrophe. Consequently, the protection of nature has become a global goal, not a local one, as it was a century ago. Thus, the market economy set its own conditions for entrepreneurs, so they never cared about protecting the environment. Of course, a lot of money is needed for clean ecological production, and this will lead to higher prices for products, which means that profit can not be expected, because the population is unlikely to be interested in expensive goods.

industrialization has affected

Over the course of a century, the number of large enterprises only grew, and their production acquired an ever larger scale. So, by now we have received an environmental crisis in some specific areas around the world. In fact, the ecological crisis began to worsen already in the 60s, as evidenced by the apparent decrease in the self-purification of the biosphere. Since that time, it has been unable to cope with the waste that was thrown away by businesses and people. Today mankind has chosen the direction of environmental protection - to do everything possible to maintain natural balance and ensure the natural connections of ecosystems. If we talk about the impact of industrialization on climate and nature, we can highlight the following:

  • Air emissions, environmental pollution;
  • The furious use of natural resources, which led to their reduction;
  • Irrational use of resources of any kind;
  • Unreasonable production and problems with mass consumption of goods and services;
  • Lack of environmental education;
  • Discharge of toxins into the world's waters;

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The connection of industrialization with nature

The connection between industrialization and ecology can be considered as a single mechanism, because these two elements are social. Production has been and will be the main component of mass character; it is also a social institution of states, which is characterized by all social problems. That is, the relationship between industry and ecology can be called an element of the ecosystem.

industrialization with nature

Climatic disasters are relevant both for individual industrial enterprises and for large complexes in terms of the entire planet. It is impossible to deny the importance of the role of industry, because its development is a natural result of technical progress and production activities of mankind. However, one should also not forget about the opposite side, because industry is the main consumer of natural resources, and as we know, the consequences of this are critical for the planet. So we have a powerful source of pollution, from which in the near future it will not be possible to get rid of by any means. Of course, many companies are now trying to do everything possible to ensure that their industry does as little harm to the environment as possible, but so far this is not enough.

At this time, industry only increases the capacity of enterprises, because mass consumption is growing, as is the production of necessary goods. This, in turn, leads to an increase in consumed resources, that is, increases harmful emissions into nature. If we talk about the activities of environmental defenders, then we cannot fail to mention the Green Party and the public organization Greenpeace. They seek purity and virginity of nature, but in our realities this is simply impossible. The protection of nature and the technological progress that humanity needs are those things that are very unlikely to be able to coexist with each other. That is, the development of any civilization will lead to the destruction of nature and ecology, just as the predominance of the purity of nature will lead society to prehistoric times without elementary conveniences and means of communication.

You can also talk about the possible work of enterprises to the detriment of nature and climate disaster. That is, this is when large enterprises refuse any evidence and facts of environmental problems. This direction is clearly wrong, since it is a direct road to climate disaster. In general, these paths exist by getting rid of one of the elements of the ecosystem.

elements of the ecosystem

The third way is the optimal solution, since it combines the combination of the work of the industry with the maximum support and ensuring the safety of the environment. Thus, if humanity reduces production to that reasonable and necessary limit of sufficiency, it will be able to optimize and protect the environment. The planet needs a scientific approach.

How industrialization and nature interact

The process of interaction between nature and industry at the moment has some contradictions from the environmental side. We can say that these contradictions are not antagonistic, but general, internal and basic. They are internal because of changes within ecosystems, common because of the same characteristics of ecosystems, and basic because of the expression of the essence of constant interactions. They also cannot be called antagonistic, because a person is still able to fight them.

The process of interaction begins from the moment the number of industrial territories is counted, and what volumes of pollution they give to natural systems. In doing so, it is also necessary to take into account the type of contamination. Any production has its own capacity, so you can calculate the amount of consumed resources. You should also pay attention to the number of employees and the amount of waste received. The environmental awareness of workers in industrial enterprises also depends on the state of the environment. It is also important what technological processes and what level of any kind of radiation the enterprise uses in relation to the environment.

The golden mean between industry and ecology

If we develop industry in the right environmental direction, then we can achieve the optimal combination of industrialization and clean ecology. The development of science and new technologies can provide the key to solving an ecological disaster. We still have the opportunity to fix everything, to turn optimal scenarios into reality with the right approach. Humanity must renew harmonious relations with the planet and its habitat, adopting all natural processes and protecting them from the actions of industry.

golden mean

Anyone who thinks about it will understand that future progress in science and technology is extremely important for a comfortable human life. However, not everyone will think about the fact that environmental protection also needs to be alongside progress. And nature and its protection must be taken as the basis for any development and further work. Our priority is nature, not man, because if the ecology is in order, then everything will be fine with man. Any ecosystem assumes one single correct model of behavior, where a person, as an active element, must by all means protect nature from destruction and global environmental disasters. Responsibility in any case falls on the shoulders of humanity.

At the moment, any industry should exist only in the presence of ecological support of the latest environmental technologies, which will also take care of the conservation of natural resources. That is, industrialization in its modern form must have the latest wastewater treatment system, safe containers for the collection and storage of hazardous substances, a control system for emissions into the environment, be it emissions into water bodies or soils. Large enterprises are obliged to ensure the purification of industrial gases before emissions into the atmosphere, and also to use resources only for their intended purpose in the required amount, no more, no less.

How industrialization protects the environment

To ensure safe production, industrialists take technical measures, where they carefully think over and design an ecological building. But this is not all, because at the same time, the business is also obliged to maintain equipment and systems in good working order during operation, to protect the environment from possible harmful emissions into the atmosphere. Enterprises in the modern sense are obliged to ensure control of systems for the treatment of toxic emissions, as well as provide only modern and safe equipment that uses renewable natural sources. At the same time, it is important not to forget about the human factor, so it is worth conducting campaigning work in the direction of an ecological lifestyle among workers. It is important to prepare employees to deal with environmental emissions.

ecology life

However, at the moment, all those measures to ensure the safety of the environment are purely passive, because for the active fight against pollution from industry it is necessary to use only the massive introduction of modern technologies based on a minimum of waste and preservation of natural resources. Of course, it is very difficult to carry out such actions, and this requires a lot of time and high scientific potential, however, it will no longer be possible to postpone the protection of nature from industrialization.

Ecology and industry are proportional and inseparable elements at the expense of which humanity can build a modern civilization. With a population of seven billion, our planet simply won't stand further neglect. Therefore, it is important to introduce into the minds of people the rules of ecological life, because everyone wants to live with clean air and a minimum of disease. The future of humanity depends on our actions in the present, therefore, any industrialist must take into account the factor of nature, and take the responsibility to preserve it.

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