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Apple Store / Apple news / A review of the Apple: a comparison of models of iPad 8 and iPad Air 4
09 February 2021

A review of the Apple: a comparison of models of iPad 8 and iPad Air 4

Which device is best for you iPad 8 or iPad Air 4

Natalia Deineko

The iPad began its journey on the market as an intermediate option between the MacBook laptop and the iPod Touch player. But the tablet quickly found its niche and became an indispensable device for many fans of Apple technology. After all, if you think about it, the iPad perfectly combines many functions, while being a light and portable device.
At the moment, the California brand has already released more than 20 different versions of this product. And most recently, in September last year, the company celebrated the 10th anniversary of the release of the first iPad.
Also in September 2020, the world saw two more variations of the legendary tablet-the iPad Air 4 and iPad 8. Today we will take a closer look at them.

The design of the devices

Even with a cursory glance at both models, the main differences in design immediately catch your eye. So, the iPad 8 looks very classic. The back panel of the device, the configuration and the main button with the scanner-everything seems painfully familiar.
But the Air 4 is already quite different. There is almost no frame visible around the display of the device, and the edges look flatter than the device slightly resembles the Pro version. The fingerprint scanner is located here in the power button. And the overall impression of the tablet is quite different, it looks more statuesque.
In the Air variation, the 10.9-inch display is based on the same matrix as in the iPad 8, but differs in the presence of two more interesting options — the expanded P3 color space and the True Tone color temperature adjustment technology. In addition to additional parameters, the Air display surpasses its competitor in size. After all, the iPad 8 generation has a smaller diagonal of 0.7 inches.
The performance of the devices
An important difference between the two models can be called the difference in performance, as the tablets are based on two different processors of the ARM architecture.
The iPad 8 has a built-in Apple A12 Bionic unit. It was he who successfully replaced the long-outdated A10 Fusion. In comparison with the previous generation of the tablet, the 8 generation significantly wins in speed and "thinks" faster. But it is better not to compare it with the Air version.
Thanks to the Apple A14 Bionic processor, which, by the way, is now the most energy-efficient and productive processor in the world, gives the iPad Air just incredible features. This tablet model works several times faster than the classic iPad.

Shooting options

The functionality of the iPad 8's 8-megapixel camera isn't too impressive. The photos are of very modest quality, so for high-end shooting, the device's camera is definitely not suitable. But in everyday use, it will be the best option.
As for the Air, there is already a built-in camera with a 12-megapixel matrix resolution and a wide-angle lens. Also available is an upgraded BS sensor, a hybrid infrared filter, an optical stabilizer, Smart HDR and Live Photos modes. In general, the difference is noticeable.
Multimedia and sensors
The sound parameters of the tablets are certainly at a high level. Stereo speakers are built into both versions of the device. The only difference is that one of the speakers in the Air tablet is ultrasonic. The iPad 8 Pro has, among other things, Touch ID sensors, a barometer, an accelerometer, a three-axis gyroscope, and a sensor for determining the level of ambient light.
The list of sensors in the Air version is even more serious. There is also Touch ID (integrated into the power button), a gyroscope also on three axes (with three degrees of freedom), an accelerometer, a barometer, an ambient light sensor, a Hall sensor responsible for the compass, and much more.

Support for original accessories

Let's start with the iPad Air – it supports all the newest and most up-to-date Apple accessories without any problems. Among the most advanced "lotions" supported by the device are:

  • Apple Pencil-a second-generation stylus that is magnetized to the tablet and self-charges;
  • Smart Keyboard-An advanced portable keyboard case

The classic 8th-generation iPad also supports most of the manufacturer's accessories. Only with the second-generation stylus, it is incompatible. He can only handle an earlier version – the first generation of Apple Pencil. This version of the stylus is charged when connected to the Lightning connector, and also does not work with gestures. In general, it is much less technologically advanced compared to the second generation.


Surprisingly, the two newest iPad tablet models have almost the same battery life in offline mode. More specifically, it can operate in standard use mode for up to 10 hours. The only difference is that the Air version has a slightly lower battery capacity than the iPad 8.
The higher battery power of the iPad 8 generation can be easily explained. All because in this tablet, the manufacturer used components inherited from the previous generation. Their difference is particularly high energy efficiency. That is why for their correct operation and required the installation of a more powerful battery.

Which option is better to choose

If you are a devoted fan of the products of the famous American company, you will definitely want to get one of the latest versions of the legendary iPad. Of course, it is not easy to decide on a choice. But here everything depends entirely on your needs and the purposes for which the gadget will be used.
Compared to the classic iPad 8, the Air version certainly looks much more interesting. But this is, as they say, more "heavy artillery". If your plans for using a tablet are just surfing the Internet, then the power of this variation of the iPad will not be very useful to you.
At the same time, the new generation processor, a good power reserve and support for the latest accessories from the manufacturer will keep this gadget in the top of relevance for at least several more years.

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