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Apple Store / Apple news / How to buy a quality used iPhone?
05 October 2020

How to buy a quality used iPhone?

Today, many people who choose a smartphone to buy, think which is better: a brand new gadget or perhaps better to save and choose a used iPhone? Of course, there are many risks when buying used equipment, which we will now discuss in more detail.

Kresan Yurii

What should you look for when choosing a used iPhone online store?

Pay attention to the warranty first. If a company provides a free warranty for its goods for a period of six months or a year, then it is confident in the quality of its products. When buying a smartphone, you do not have to pay extra money for a guarantee. 

No prepayment required. Recently we noticed that many "good" online stores, when buying any used equipment, ask to pay part of the funds in advance for their goods or for delivery. This is terrible! Many questions immediately arise: "Why should I pay for what I have not seen?", "And if I pay, and the product turns out to be bad?" ... Of course, you can get low-quality products and lose money that you paid in advance, especially when it comes to buying a used iPhone. We do not recommend using the services of such online stores. A good and reliable online marketplace that is confident in the quality of its gadgets will never ask you for money in advance, even for delivery.   

Does the company have its own service center? If you nevertheless decide to purchase something, then ask the seller if this company has its own service center and specialists who repair equipment? If not, then it would be logical to think, if something happens to your used iPhone, then who will repair it? This is already a sign that you should not use an online or offline store without your own service. In the event of a breakdown under warranty, such companies or look for a reason not to take your iPhone for repair or to repair it poorly and for a very long time.

What are the nuances of used iPhones to look out for when buying?

When buying a refurbished or used iPhone, you need to be extremely careful. Now you will learn a few of the main aspects that we advise you to pay attention to when buying used equipment:

  • Battery - If you are buying a used Apple iPhone, find out which battery is there and which is its serviceability. As a rule, the health of the battery should be at least 87%;   
  • Face ID is another important nuance that you need to ask about. If you choose a model from X and above, then ask if the Face ID security system works ;  
  • Neverlock - for example, you can buy a used gadget, but it will not work on Ukrainian mobile operators. It is extremely important to find out if the device is available for all operators in Ukraine; 
  • iCloud - It is imperative that you purchase a device with clean iCloud. If you have been sold a smartphone that has someone else's password to iCloud, it will be almost impossible to remove it;    
  • Package contents - check what is included in the package, whether you will have a warranty card, charger, etc.;  

Of course, there are many more nuances that you should pay attention to when buying used equipment, for example, check the screen for dead pixels, test the conversational and auditory dynamics, open the camera (front and main), but these are only the main points of what need to look first.

What is the best used iPhone to buy in 2021? 

It all depends on what you want to buy a refurbished iPhone for. If the owner wants to use it mostly for listening to music and wants a compact size, it will be enough to choose one of the 7/8 models. Although these are quite old phones, they are still very popular. 

For average quality of pictures, games, applications and work - the X / XR model is quite suitable. Here and protection from water and dust, and a powerful processor that will definitely not let you down under any load.

And if you want to take cool photos and shoot high-quality videos - choose something from the 11/12 series. It was in these models that the camera made a truly revolutionary change. However, in this case, you will have to fork out for a large amount.

What should you not tell the service center if your iPhone is broken?

Now, a pretty interesting topic. We will name two main things that should not be called service centers if you want to hand over the device for warranty repair: 

  1. Do not say that you fell. If you say that the phone started to work poorly after a fall, then automatically relieve yourself of the free warranty; 
  2. Ingress of moisture. Quite often, customers ask for repair services and claim that their smartphone does not work well after they have used it in the bathroom or got caught in the rain. This information will also save you free warranty repairs.  

Why should you contact only trusted and reliable service centers?

We, as a company that has been on the market for many years, know that there are thousands of smartphone repair centers in Ukraine, however, be very careful when contacting any of them for the first time. Why is that? There are a number of good reasons for this, and so:  

  • Suppose your iPhone fell and stopped turning on. You take it to a service center, where you are told with a sad face about the cosmic cost of repairs. They talk about the motherboard, soldering, and a dozen more scary words that are going to do with your smartphone. In fact, your battery has gone away, and it takes a few minutes to attach it in place.   
  • For example, your iPhone stopped charging. Again, you classify the device as a "specialist" who advises you to replace the entire charging socket. At that time, they will only clean the charging socket and everything will work, however, you will pay a huge amount for repairs;  
  • There were many cases when substandard service centers even replaced original parts for iPhone owners. For example, you want to replace the battery, however, if you turn to an unscrupulous master, he can easily replace original spare parts with fakes;
  • Passwords. Very often your personal data is stored on smartphones, and for verification, the service center often asks for a password from the screen. If your phone falls into the wrong hands, your personal information can be at risk.

Choosing a service for the repair of Apple equipment is as difficult as choosing, for example, a good car service. However, we, as ICOOLA, sincerely believe that high-quality repairs and reliable service are the key to success, therefore we want to convey to every owner of apple products that it is better to send a smartphone for repair by mail to another city than to hand it over to the nearest one, but unreliable service. Take care of your gadgets and know that you can always entrust them to us. Best regards, site team - icoola.ua

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