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Apple Store / Apple news / How to charge the iPhone for the first time? Recommendations to help extend battery life
08 February 2021

How to charge the iPhone for the first time? Recommendations to help extend battery life

The article describes: how to properly charge your smartphone.

Melnik Bogodar

Almost 90% of all users charge their phones randomly and incorrectly, all this leads to rapid wear of the charging battery and this applies not only to smartphones from Apple. Especially bad for the device, the so-called charging "on the go".

In addition, many leave the iPhone to charge at night for 7-8 hours. And this is not the best way to affect the gadget, according to many users.

There are a couple of interesting nuances that not every user knows about. But, it is thanks to the implementation of certain rules that you can protect your smartphone from future problems with the battery.

Properly charge the iPhone you need to start already after the purchase. The first charging process is also quite important.

The first charge of the iPhone, instructions

After purchasing a gadget, and especially from Apple, some users strive to maximize the operation of this device. And so they are looking for various instructions that are not always able to help extend the life of the gadget.

But, with regard to charging the device, there are still some rules that need to be taken into account. So, a new smartphone is needed:

1. Connect to the charger and connected to power.
2. You need to charge it for 12 hours.
3. The phone needs to be charged at 100% , and then it is recommended to completely discharge it before turning it off, and then connect it to the charging again.
4. Do not use your smartphone during a new charge.

It is recommended to do this sequence several times. And after that, work with the gadget in the normal mode.

Can I leave my iPhone charging at night?

To understand this issue in detail, you need to understand what happens to the smartphone after it is connected to the power supply. It should be noted that in the iPhone, the controller built into the gadget is responsible for charging.

This option prevents overcharging, and also aims to ensure that the device goes through this process as quickly as possible. An interesting fact is that the first 80% is typed quickly, but the next 20% is much slower.

After the phone is fully charged, the controller stops powering. And the gadget is currently starting to work offline.

And if the owner of the phone does not turn off the cable from the power supply, then nothing happens to the iPhone at this time. Therefore, it can be argued that the smartphone will not be able to charge more than it needs. It does not consume energy around the clock.

If everything was different, the battery could be subject to wear, and quickly lost its original mode of operation. But, as it turned out, this does not benefit anyone.

But, there is one more important fact. So each battery, provided that it is not connected to the power supply, has the property of self-charging. But this process occurs only with a significant loss of charge. So, all this is carried out if the battery is discharged and has an indicator of less than 2%. But, all this happens very rarely.

You can even say that leaving the phone on charge for a few weeks, it will not be anything. The battery will only be re-cycled 1-2 times.

Therefore, from all this it should be concluded that the iPhone can be left on charge and at night. It won't hurt him in any way.

How to choose the right power adapter?

The standard original 1A, 5W, 5V adapter can charge the device in 1 hour and 30 minutes. All of them charge the phone at a voltage of 5 volts, but have different amperage.

So, for example, if the user has a charger for another gadget of the company, for example, an iPad, then it can be applied to the iPhone. The company's website has information on this issue. It says that despite the fact that the power supply is designed for the iPad, it can also be used for the iPhone.

Some users are sure that this can not be done, as the action simply "dumps" the smartphone battery. But, this is not true, since the standard type adapter is not some kind of charging component, but an ordinary device.

The battery in the iPhone is presented in the form of a controller, located inside the smartphone. And it is this module that decides with what current to charge the gadget.

There is another untrue myth, according to which charging the iPhone with charging from the iPad, this process will be increased by 2 times. But, this is not quite true. Only starting with the sixth-generation gadgets, there is a possibility of fast charging, and then not twice. Other devices do not have this feature.

Will the Chinese adapter harm the smartphone?

Almost all chargers that were produced by Chinese companies are of questionable quality, so it is better to avoid using them. Preference should be given to the original devices, so the user will be completely calm for his smartphone and will not be able to worry.

Of course, whether to use these adapters or not is up to each user. But, if suddenly there is a situation that the smartphone starts to blow smoke or something like that, then the Chinese are unlikely to want to compensate for the cost of the smartphone. Therefore, it is better not to take any risks.

Using a non-original cable

Even if the cord is not original, it must have a special chip to authenticate the device. Without it, the iPhone will not accept the cable and charge accordingly.

Apple cooperates with several companies that specialize in the production of accessories for smartphones. And the products usually have a special MFI marking.

But, the Chinese also already know how to make fake chips and use these cords. They sell them at a low cost, the price in these online stores is $ 1, and sometimes even less.

It is best to purchase these cables at a more reasonable price. Do not trust the accessory cost of 1 dollar. It is not known how it will work, or whether it will perform the necessary functions at all.

It is worth noting that non-original accessories can and even should be used, but choose trusted manufacturers. Then you can safely charge your iPhone and not be afraid for it.

Car Battery Charger

It is not recommended to take risks and use cheap car charging from China, as there is a chance to spoil the charge controller, which is equipped with an iPhone.

All this is due to the fact that the power supply in the car does not always have a stable supply voltage. Cheap devices will not be able to protect your smartphone from power surges.

For example, if the user is faced with the fact that his smartphone does not charge, can not accept charging, or charges for too long, then most likely all this is due to a damaged controller.

In 90% of cases, the culprits of this problem are fake car chargers.

If the owner of the iPhone spends a lot of time in the car and he needs to recharge the gadget, it is better to overpay, but buy a high-quality device that will protect the smartphone.

How to extend the battery life?

There are no special rules regarding charging, but there are several recommendations that can be taken into account for a long service life of the gadget.

What tips does Apple give about saving the battery

Among the main recommendations are:

  • Constant software updates. Quite often, it has advanced technologies with regard to energy saving.
  • When charging the device, it is better to remove the case so that the smartphone does not overheat.
  • No need to overheat the device, and this also applies to tablets and laptops.
  • There are several ways to help extend your battery life without charging. One of them is the inclusion of automatic brightness control, so the gadget will independently adjust the lighting. You also do not need to turn off Wi-Fi because this method requires less power consumption.

The developers recommend paying special attention to the recommendation regarding overheating. So if the gadget exceeds 35°C, the battery may suffer. The optimum temperature is 16-23 °C.

How to save the battery if no one uses the smartphone?

If the iPhone needs to be put aside for storage and no one will use the gadget for a long time, then you need to consider the following recommendations:

  • it is necessary to charge the device by about 50%, if the battery has as much as 100%, then this can lead to the loss of the original type of battery capacity, if the opposite is true, then it can go into a state of deep discharge;
  • turn off the device;
  • store the smartphone in a completely dry place with a normal temperature regime that does not exceed 32 °C;
  • if the phone will be on the shelf for a long time, then you need to charge it at least 50% every six months.

There is no specific definition of how to charge the iPhone, as there is a special controller installed there, which helps to keep the battery in good condition for a long time.

And even if you pay attention to the advice from the company itself, all of them are only of a recommendation nature, so the owner of the iPhone can decide independently whether to use them or not.

So, for example, if the phone turns off the battery in the cold, it will not harm the battery in any way.

It is worth considering that the accompanying components play a big role, so it does not matter how to charge the gadget, the main thing is that all accessories are of high quality. It is better to overpay, but not to worry about the security of the smartphone. And you can ignore everything else.

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