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11 March 2021

Ranking of cities on air quality and air pollution

The environmental situation in Ukraine is gradually deteriorating. Air pollution is almost the main environmental problem

Volodymyr Poliarush

Cities ranking for air quality and air pollution

According to the Iqair portal (which monitors air pollution), Kiev has been in the TOP-20 cities with the dirtiest air for quite a long time. In early February, Kiev took 14th place in the ranking. At that time, the first place was taken by the city of Lahore, which is located in Pakistan.

Kiev entered the TOP-20 megalopolises with dirty air

For a long time, the level of air pollution in the capital of Ukraine has been characterized as unfavorable for hypersensitive groups of the population. With this level of pollution, vulnerable populations, especially people with respiratory diseases, must wear respirators at all times. And in the rooms where they are located, it is recommended to close the windows.

Earlier it was reported that at the end of January Kiev entered the TOP-20 cities around the world with the most polluted air. In the past few days, the air quality index has been around 90, while the norm is up to 50.
Air pollution in Ukraine

Research carried out on a regular basis has shown that in Ukraine there are very unfavorable circumstances associated with the problem of air pollution - in our country it is much worse than in other European countries.
Based on WHO, Ukraine is considered the country with the greatest impact of air pollution on the health of residents.
Ways to solve the problem of air pollution

Electricity is responsible for nearly a third of air pollution. Therefore, reducing emissions from power plants should be the first step on a long and difficult path to combat this hazard.

And the first person to respond to the problem is the country's leadership. Regardless of which path is chosen - reducing emissions from power plants or replacing their capacities, this path will be long and difficult. There is no more time to postpone solving the problem!

The state of atmospheric air in the world

Recent studies have shown that environmental problems are specific to each state. More and more pollution. Shanghai is one of the reasons. China makes money by producing a large number of equipment, parts, toys, clothing and other goods that are in demand all over the world. This is very beneficial for the country's economy, but smog is increasing even in megacities, it literally envelops skyscrapers and does not allow the population to breathe. The economy is developing, new industries are opening, and people start having problems not only with their lungs, but also with their hearts.

Most polluted countries:

  1. Argentina.
  2. India.
  3. France.
  4. USA.
  5. Russia.

This is not the entire list. It also includes Egypt, Turkey. The problem of air pollution is very acute. Traffic in large cities is quite intense, exhaust gases, smoke not only pollute the atmosphere, but also contribute to calm weather, absence of rain, because of which people suffer from headaches, and nature does not receive moisture. It is necessary to reduce the amount of industrial and household waste, the emission of nitrogen into the atmosphere in order to alleviate the current situation. Otherwise, the world will literally turn into a desert, and most of the population will die out.
What happens if you ignore air pollution?

According to current statistics, approximately seven million people around the world die from the poor state of nature and air every year. People breathe in toxins, which affects not only their lungs, but other systems as well. Problems with the body begin, fatigue and headache are constantly felt. This is a big threat not only to health, but also to life.
Infectious, heart, respiratory diseases occur precisely because of bad air. This results in asthma, lung failure, cancer, stroke and complications if the woman is pregnant. Few people think about how serious the environmental issue is. And this has not yet been mentioned natural disasters.

Now more than 150 states around the world have signed an international treaty and adopted laws aimed at preserving the environment, encouraging to take care of each other and to do everything to bring the atmosphere back to normal.
Experts say that around 800 people die every hour due to poor ecology.
Most vulnerable groups of the population:

  • elderly people;
  • children;
  • women;
  • the poor;
  • indigenous peoples;
  • minorities.

If people now do not actively act and continue to ignore this serious problem, then everything will end with the fact that by 2050 the death rate per year from bad air will not be seven million, but fourteen. The numbers may be higher if a man-made disaster begins on the planet. People cannot stop breathing dirty air, move to the forest, but it is possible to reduce the number of factories, stop using fuel and have a positive effect on the environment.

Now the world spends at least $ 5 trillion a year on industrial processes, power generation, and mining. Green fuels and production cuts can even save money.

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