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Apple Store / Apple news / iPhone apps are not removed - what to do
18 April 2021

iPhone apps are not removed - what to do

When it comes to removing it from the phone, some users face an obvious problem: the application cannot be removed - what to do?

Volodymyr Gybchakevich

After downloading an unnecessary application, users eventually delete it. It can be a game that is already tired, a technical application that eventually becomes obsolete and becomes unnecessary. When it comes to removing it from the phone, some users face an obvious problem: the application cannot be removed. Could it be that by installing the game for a short period of time, it will remain in the phone's memory forever?

Of course not. Sometimes users forbid removing apps with their own hands without even knowing it. For example, recently there was a story that resulted in hundreds of thousands of users of Apple products being trapped.

Competing companies often throw in fake news to tarnish Apple's image. So, in early 2021, suddenly the news appeared on the network that the manufacturer of world-famous phones and MacBook will remove the Telegram application from users' devices.

logo apps

The reason for such news was completely different events, they were attributed political connotations, users were motivated to delete the application themselves. A few days later, bloggers, users with an active audience on social networks, as well as large telegram channels began to distribute detailed instructions. It outlined the steps to be taken to save the messenger from Apple's fake attacks.

Unfortunately, many users became interested in this topic and thought that it was really possible. Hundreds, thousands of people downloaded the same instruction and followed all its instructions, believing that they now fully protect their smartphones from the influence of the parent company.

As expected, all this instruction is fake. Apple is the largest corporation that produces a line of mobile and premium computer equipment. Their products are sold in many European countries and are very popular in America. They would not damage their reputation and suffer millions in losses by penetrating customers' personal devices without perfect reasons.

It turns out that users themselves have complicated their lives and their own hands have banned the removal of applications on personal devices.

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Instructions for iPhone protection

The step-by-step guide on how to protect your phone and all the information in it from the "evil hands" of a large corporation was as follows:

iphone in hand

  • it was necessary to go to the settings;
  • select "screen time";
  • hereinafter "content and confidentiality";
  • "shopping";
  • "Removal of applications";
  • check the box next to "no".

A very large number of users followed these instructions, thinking that after that their phones became protected, and the applications are not threatened. However, this is not entirely true. This sequence of actions is intended to prohibit the removal of applications by the user, but not the manufacturer.

Assign an option

This feature was conceived by Apple as a parental control tool. The option helps to keep track of which add-ons your child has installed on their gadget, as they will not be able to remove them after installation.

Most users did not understand this topic, just blindly followed the instructions. After the discussion of the topic stopped, and it became irrelevant, everyone forgot about the manipulations, almost no one thought about returning all the settings back.

This has led to mass complaints from customers about the inability to remove old or unnecessary applications from the phone. People began to turn to Apple technical support, to ask for clarification, and all received the same response that came from different consultants and service center specialists.

how delete

It was easy to guess that you need to once again perform all the points specified in the instructions, only this time in the last paragraph to select "yes", i.e. to allow the removal of applications and remove restrictions on their uninstallation. After that, the settings returned to the weekend, and customers could again use all the functionality of their iPhone.

Always remember exactly what manipulations you performed with your smartphone, and if any options stop working in it, try to return to the default settings.

If you do not remove the applications from your phone, be sure to adjust the settings, check them according to the instructions described above.

Can the company control the removal of applications?

There is no exact answer to this question, because such a large corporation can really have tools for remote control of iPhones and other products in its line. However, in the entire period of Apple's existence, they have never been applied to customers.

Managers and moderators have the ability to remove add-ons from the App Store, which they have repeatedly done. There can be several reasons:

  • developers have launched an application that does not have a license;
  • fraudulent schemes are used;
  • viruses spread;
  • the program does not correspond to the stated description;
  • Apple could terminate the agreements with the developers or their expiration date;
  • violated the rules according to which the marketplace operates;
  • violated the laws on the protection of personal data of users.

In this case, if the application stops working, it may actually stop working on your device, because the servers are blocked or disconnected. However, only a person can delete files from the phone manually.


If applications are not removed from your device in the standard way, you need to carefully study the settings. Try resetting to default. This will throw the system back in time, it will reboot and will work "from scratch". If any manipulations do not help to eliminate the problem, contact the service center or software specialists who will understand the root cause of the error.

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