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Apple Store / Apple news / Apple's victory over Nokia: how the iPhone took over the mobile industry
04 February 2021

Apple's victory over Nokia: how the iPhone took over the mobile industry

Apple has long earned credibility among users, and its most popular products have remained on the crest of popularity even despite the pandemic and economic crisis of 2020

Natalia Deineko

Apple has long earned credibility among users, and its most popular products have remained on the crest of popularity even despite the pandemic and economic crisis of 2020. Moreover, many new items of the past year “went in with a bang” and significantly raised the sales figures.

At the moment, the heights that the Apple brand and its most popular iPhone product have reached, unattainable for many competing companies. Just remember about Nokia, which was not so long ago a leader among manufacturers of mobile devices. However, the breakthrough of the American brand played an important role in the fact that Nokia went to the bottom.

A bit of history

The beginning of the end for the Finnish manufacturer was 2007. Recall that the first iPhone was released by Apple on January 9, 2007. And this is definitely not a coincidence. Until that year, the Nokia brand felt more than confident in the market. Sales of 250 million phones a year, and the company itself was estimated to be in excess of the cost of Toyota and Mercedes-Benz combined.

How Apple pushed Nokia into the abyss

And now the iPhone 1 enters the market, and the ratings of the Finnish brand go down sharply. Added company problems and release of several Android smartphones. But the main "nail in the coffin" of Nokia was still driven by Apple.

The rapid loss of a huge share of the mobile device market happened in just 5 years. Already at the end of 2012, out of 50%, Nokia had only 4% of the smartphone market in power. Most of the fans were taken from the Finnish company by the iPhone1 and its subsequent versions. An incredibly convenient operating system iOS played an important role here, which outperformed Nokia's Symbian in all respects. Android OS, following iOS, also bypassed the outdated Nokia operating system by 2010.

Rescue attempts

The legendary company tried to make rescue attempts. In 2010, it was headed by Stephen Elop, an anti-crisis manager at Microsoft. Many hopes were pinned on his management methods, but he took a rather unconventional path. It was with his light hand that Nokia smartphones switched to the Windows Phone operating system. So in 2011 the Lumia 800 appeared, but did not bring the expected success to its manufacturer. As a result, Nokia had to withdraw from the mobile phone market. In 2013, the Finns sold this line of their business to Microsoft. It was only in 2016 that the Nokia smartphone brand managed to regain independence and jump from the Windows Mobile operating system.

Meanwhile Apple ...

While Nokia was confidently moving towards inevitable collapse, new iPhones came out one after another, gathering more and more fans with each new version. The iPhone of the first generation was immediately followed by the version of iPhone 3G, which saw the world in 2008. The operating system here has been updated to iOS 2.0 and the App Store, which is well known to all lovers of Apple technology, has appeared. The company's developers were finally able to sell applications for the iPhone. By the way, today their number has exceeded 2 million. The iPhone 3GS, which regularly appeared in 2009, showed fans of Apple products that the company plans to regularly release new versions, update the design and functionality of devices. It even added some excitement. It was already difficult for the fans of the brand to “jump off” from their favorite gadget. I also wanted to keep up with the times and purchase a new product with each update.

Every year, releasing a new version of its product, Apple has improved more and more and put millions, if not billions of customers on their gadgets. Nokia products, with their outdated views on mobile technology, are far behind.

After revival

After HMD Global started releasing smartphones under the Nokia brand again, it turned out that the Finnish company had not yet been forgotten and were ready to buy phones of the famous brand. There was a small jump in sales, and for a while the company was selling about 5 million smartphones every quarter. But already in 2019, sales of Nokia smartphones again rushed down. By the end of the year, only 2.8 million were left of the previous success gadgets quarter.

Nokia in 2020

It is not surprising that last year did not bring much success and promotion to the well-known brand. In the first three months of 2020, sales were only 1.7 million devices. In this connection, Nokia took 13th place in the rating of the largest smartphone manufacturers, owning less than 1% of the market. And sales of ordinary mobile phones of the Finnish brand and completely halved. Now Nokia is stuck at 0.69% of the smartphone market and the failed five-camera Nokia 9 PureView.

Apple's last year's rush

The Californian brand's success last year owes much to the underlying, yet very successful, iPhone 11. It was its sales in early 2020 that broke all records, especially when compared to less successful products like the iPhone XR or XS. And with the release of the new iPhone 12, the previous model has become even more affordable and salable.

In addition, over the course of the year, the company simply surpassed itself and released as many as 5 flagships. In the spring, the SE 2020 model appeared, which in design strongly resembles the iPhone 8. And in October, 4 more novelties saw the world: two variations of the iPhone 12 with different screen diagonals, by the way at a very affordable price - a worthy replacement for the iPhone 11; iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max, in two screen sizes 6.7 and 6.1, which were intended to adequately replace
their predecessors - iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max.

The company is now slightly behind Samsung and Huawei in terms of the number of smartphones sold, staying steadily in third place. But, you see, in comparison with the 13th position of Nokia, this is more than a decent result. Especially considering that it was the iPhones that once drowned the Finnish mobile giant.

Comparison of flagships

Together with you, we decided to take a closer look at the flagships of Apple and Nokia, evaluate advantages and secrets of success.

IPhone 12 and 12 Pro

These models have already had a lot of fans, but there are also enough critics. Someone admires innovations, while others criticize for oddities. Let's take a closer look at this controversial novelty.

Protection and reliability

By this parameter, the gadget has several obvious advantages:

  • new protective glass, thanks to which the risk of damaging the screen has decreased by 4 times;
  • metal body in the Pro version;
  • the phone is protected from immersion in water within 6 m;
  • the screen is still flat, without any curvatures.

Face recognition system

Apple designers now rely heavily on Face ID rather than fingerprints. Moreover, this function for the iPhone works an order of magnitude better than that of competitors. And all thanks to the presence of several sensors that form a three-dimensional image of the face. Accordingly, your iPhone cannot be fooled.

Video recording

On this point, you can also indicate several advantages of the new model:

  • software and optical stabilization;
  • the ability to shoot video in Dolby Vision HDR format, which can be characterized by richer color gamut and cinematic effect;
  • stereo sound recording option;
  • the capabilities of the front camera are as close as possible to the capabilities of the main one.

A14 processor

A powerful processor is an indisputable advantage of the new iPhone models. Compared to its predecessor, the A12, it is 40% faster. And in the aspect of working with graphics - it overtakes the A12 in speed by 30%.

LiDAR sensor

Only the Pro version is equipped with it. This sensor is responsible for measuring the distance from the device camera to a specific object. And this option also speeds up camera focusing several times.

Nokia 9 PureView

The smartphone impressed many with its unusual "pentacamera". But this gadget still has many amazing features and chips. Let's figure it out.


The smartphone is equipped with an OLED display with QHD + resolution, which creates a clear and rich picture and a wide-angle view. The color contrast does not change when the device moves, which is an obvious plus.


The flagship is powered by the Snapdragon 845 processor. A bit of a strange choice, since the manufacturer has already presented a new version of the Snapdragon 855. Nevertheless, the processor is fast enough, although of course it cannot be compared with the A14 in the iPhone 12 Pro. Its only problem is that it slows down a bit on the Google Photos app when processing large images.


The five-camera, despite the improved quality of photos, complicates the work of the smartphone a little. Capturing an order of magnitude more data, cameras add work to the processor, which has to simultaneously process 240 megapixels. At the same time, the DSP noise reduction module works, and a special graphics chip controls the 1200-layer image depth map.


The function of unlocking the smartphone with a fingerprint of this model is very flimsy and is an obvious disadvantage of this option. After the release of the model, a video even appeared on the network how the phone can be unlocked with a chewing gum with a fingerprint.


Over the years of the history of both companies, we have seen both failures and unsuccessful projects and ups. Only one thing is absolutely clear - the high-tech industry is constantly moving forward. It is necessary to gape a little and the competitor will bypass you in no time. The way it happened and the former and current leader of the mobile industry Nokia and Apple. And if you're wondering what cool features the Apple Watch has that you may not know about, read this article.

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