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Apple Store / Apple news / How to Recover Notes on iPhone without iCloud?
06 September 2021

How to Recover Notes on iPhone without iCloud?

All about Sticky Notes on iPhone. How to take notes on iPhone correctly and can you update them without using iCloud

Anastasia Perekupko

Notes is the base application for Apple portable devices, including iPhones and iPads. You can find Notes on all versions of iOS software, which is found only on Apple Corporation devices.

What is the purpose of Notes if the user encounters such a program for the first time? Notes are used to compile lists, whether they relate to work or home, the formation of a work schedule. Notes are needed for scanning documents, storing personal information, creating sketches, and the like. And this is not a complete list of those tasks that Notes can handle.

The biggest advantage of using "overlays" is that the program is already on your phone or tablet and does not need to be downloaded. Notes are easy to use, therefore, to master the program, it is enough to open it in order to familiarize yourself with its capabilities on your own experience. In addition, an iPhone or iPad user does not have to pay for the program, since it is used on an ongoing basis for free.

iPhone Notes

If the Notes program is quite easy to master, however, recovering entries in deleted notes will be a little more difficult. So is it generally possible to recover Notes after they have been deleted?

The reasons for the disappearance of "marks" iPhone

Before proceeding to the recovery of notes, it will be advisable to learn more about the reasons for deleting them, because the notes cannot just disappear from the phone, right?

One of the reasons for the disappearance of notes from a portable device is the transition to a new device that runs on iOS. This happens due to the fact that Notes might not be in the list of those documents that are synchronized with your account. To restore “Notes”, you just need to make a new backup by enabling Notes to back up.

This rarely happens, but nevertheless, the owner of a portable device can delete the utility from the phone's memory, although, as you know, you rarely have to delete standard applications. But in this case, new Notes can be downloaded through the App Store. Will the user's personal data be saved there? Of course not.

iPhone Notes

Can Notes be deleted when it comes to software updates? Yes, indeed, such situations do happen, although in this case, the user's fault is not here. So what's the deal? Most likely, this could be due to a bug that was in the old version of the software. Along with the bug, the utility also disappears.

In the event of a portable device being broken, there is a need for repair. But after the service center, several programs may disappear. Therefore, when picking up the phone from the service center, you need to make sure that all programs are in place, including notes. You should promptly inform the employees of the service center about the changes made so that they do everything in their power to restore personal data. Quite a lot of Apple device users not only do not check for the presence of Notes on the device, but do not use them at all until there is an urgent need.

In addition, the notes could simply not be saved due to the fact that there was no place to create a Backup. If there is not enough space for backing up personal data, then there is a high probability that not only “Notes” will be saved, but also other data, including photos, videos.

iPhone Notes

Ways to Recover Sticky Notes on iPhone

The method for restoring Notes depends on how the application was removed from the portable device. So what do you do when you need to restore this standard iPhone application and its contents?

If you delete programs and documents, they do not disappear without a trace, but for about 30 days they are still stored in the phone's memory. You can find them in the "Trash", unless, of course, the user is not in the habit of immediately cleaning the "Trash". But be aware of the limitations on storing deleted files on your phone. You can also check the folder with recently deleted files. This is the easiest way to recover deleted "Notes" on iPhone.

Algorithm of actions if it is necessary to search for only deleted personal data in the Notes application? You need to go to the Notes program, go to the upper corner, where you can find the yellow arrow "Folder". It is in the "Folder" section that you can find Recently Deleted Files. When going to Recently Deleted Files, you can restore those notes that the user needs by submitting to the Move option.

iPhone Notes

It should be noted that this method of recovering personal data in Notes is relevant for those users of portable devices from the American company Apple who are allowed to synchronize their account with their phone.

In addition to the functionality of the Notes program, you can try to restore them through iTunes. This method will be relevant for those users who have refused to automatically save content on the phone, or have managed to delete all files in the "Trash". Well, you need to use iTunes, which is a prerequisite for this recovery method of personal data.

The user needs to open iTunes through a Mac or Windows computer, and prepare the USB wire. In this case, it is enough to find the Restore iPhone option. Please note that there are certain caveats related to the fact that after the restore, the data that was on the last Backup will be lost. Therefore, this method is suitable for those users who have stored in the Notes something really valuable, something more valuable than everything available on the phone.

If there is no sync with iCloud, which happens quite rarely with users of portable devices from Apple, you can use the functionality of third-party programs, namely Tenorshare. Tenorshare is a fairly simple and fast way to recover data that has ever been stored on a device. The program has an option “Recover” from iOS device.

Even if the user has lost his phone, you can use Tenorshare, but you should remember the password and Apple ID login, but here you also need iCloud synchronization.

Instead of Tenorshare, you can also take iPhone Data Recovery, which has similar functionality to Tenorshare.

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