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Apple Store / Apple news / IPhones to envy - what changes await users in Android 12
26 March 2021

IPhones to envy - what changes await users in Android 12

Recently, screenshots of the Android 12 interface were merged into the network, but most of the innovative chips and new features were left out of the picture. Let's analyze everything in detail.

Oleg Volobuev

The first beta version of Android 12, aimed at developers, was released in early February. Currently, you can install the system on Google Pixel smartphones or using the Android Studio emulator. Of course, the first version of Developer Preview 1 is unstable, so it is not recommended for ordinary users. However, many Western media have already tested the system and based on this have compiled a list of updates and differences between the future version of the "operating system" from the current Android 11. What's new in Android 12 "Snow Cone", and whether Google has managed to make a breakthrough development of the platform, numo consider in detail.


Not so long ago, screenshots of the Android 12 interface were merged into the network, on which serious visual changes were noticeable. Many immediately began to make comparisons with iOS and the current Android 11, and as it turned out, the first beta version confirmed most of the chips present in the screenshots. Apparently, Google has finally taken a serious step and not only adds new features and optimizes the old ones, but also plans to significantly refresh the interface in the future release of its operating system. Some craftsmen were able to find in the materials of the description of the graphical interface the wording "path to Material NEXT", which indicates the upcoming transition to the well-known design concept from Google, called Material.

Android 12 review changes


A new mode is now available in the settings app, which simplifies one-handed operation. The mode is hidden by default, to activate it you need to enter a command via adb. After application, the interface becomes very similar to similar to Samsung and Huawei.

The application header has changed, now the search bar has become shorter, which allowed to separate the user icon from it.

In the new item "Safety and emergencies", the owner can fill out a medical card and include various functions in case of emergencies, such as calling an ambulance in case of an accident. In some countries, this feature will be inactive.

The accent colors have also changed, now when the light theme is set, the background of all settings has a light blue color instead of white.


Very inconspicuous for the average user update: the appearance of the grid mode of applications 4 by 5, the current version of the OS provides only 4 by 4. The layout of the icons has changed, which brought it closer to iOS. The "Styles and wallpapers" section is called by long pressing on the desktop.


When you open the message bar, you can immediately notice the use of other colors on a dark theme. Previously, deep black was used as the main color, but in Android "Snow Con" it changed to dark gray. The changes also affected the messages themselves, making the icons round and increasing the gaps between the cards. The postponement function has been brought to mind and made intuitive, now it is not necessary to swipe, because in the settings you can set a separate button for this.

Text information about the current application and output device was removed from the player, so it became larger, which enlarged the image with the cover of music albums. The user has the opportunity to select individual applications for which the media player will be used in quick settings, and for which - no.

Like most features in Android 12 Developer Preview 1, the updated UI was hidden, but still got to it. Changes in the lock screen interface confirm the redesign in the new system from Google. Most likely, the watch will increase in size, and a weather widget will appear next to it. The quick settings and notifications panel is also undergoing changes, but not as globally as judged by early network outflows. It is likely that the roundness of the panel itself will disappear, the brightness slider will be larger, and the background will be completely opaque.


The feature of long screenshots is hidden by default, due to the fact that it works unstable, but the fact that it was found, gives hope for the emergence of such a useful feature in the new version of the OS, even a little raw.

In Android, you can already draw in screenshots, but in the new version will be available to add text and emoji, you can do this with the editor, which opens the appropriate button, after taking a screenshot.

Rumors that Google plans to increase privacy in its system are confirmed, now in the quick settings panel there will be buttons that block applications from accessing the camera and microphone.

Minor changes

The new Android will be able to group different widgets, which can be useful to save free space on the desktop, a similar feature is already present in iOS.

The switches were redesigned, namely:

  • Increased size;
  • The form has changed;
  • Intuitive marks appear (check mark if the function is activated, minus sign if it is disabled).

Due to the fact that the redesigned elements are found only in some points, it may happen that they will not be included in the release version, or vice versa, all others will be replaced in a similar way.

In the current version of the operating system, to share a password from Wi-Fi you need to create a QR code, and then scan. In Android 12 everything will be much easier, now to transfer the password to any smartphone nearby, just use the service Nearby Share.

Application-specific messages will be populated with the new Automatic mode. From the name you can already guess that this mode will determine whether you want to make an audible alert for a particular message, or enough vibration.


In the current version, not all programs support inserting a picture or video from the clipboard using a move or keyboard. But in Android Snow Cone there will be a common interface that can accept content from any source. Especially this innovation will expand opportunities for developers, but ordinary users will receive user-friendly software that supports any method of content transfer.

HEVC videos are becoming more common, as they retain high image quality, but take up much less memory on the device. Unfortunately, many applications still do not support this format. The new system is able to automatically transcode the video to the desired codec for a particular program, the disadvantage of this feature is that it takes some time to perform.

In the current version of Android, there may be problems with gestures when opening the full-screen game, video or book, to perform the action have to do a few swipes. In the updated system, everything will work from the first time, like a trifle, but very nice.

Announced in Android 10 Project Mainline, which aims to solve the problem of updates, will finally be fully implemented in the system. This will update the Android RunTime application environment through the Play Store, so the user will be able to make various changes to settings such as performance improvements and memory management, without the need for a complete system upgrade.

Now Android 12 will have a tactile response, by converting the audio signal into a vibration, where its strength and frequency will be determined by audio traffic. In this way, developers will get new features, especially in games, because such a feature will diversify their interactive component. In addition, now the vibration will be supported on the gamepads, as evidenced by a separate item found in the settings.

When Android 12 comes out

The final release of Android 12, the release date of which is still set, will take place after the launch of the second, third and fourth versions of the OS for developers, which are scheduled for March, April and May, respectively. Already in June, Google plans to release a stable beta version, after reviewing which, we should expect the launch of Android 12 for public access. For now, we can only see the first version of the new system, but this does not mean that it will remain so, probably the developers are still revealing all the secrets, and the final version will have even greater changes compared to the current one.

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